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Fantasy Faire 2012 is still going strong and it all ends this Sunday.  Not only are you donating to a great cause with every purchase of a donation item but there are events, a hunt, and other activities around the nine sims. Today  (more…)

Stretching Out At the Mayan temple

Stretching Out At the Mayan temple

Fantasy Faire 2012 started with a bang, literally.  Before it had opened it had already raised over 1 Million L$.  That is the power of (more…)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some role play fashions and items that would give you the look you need for your game.


Im very honored to have the chance to write a blogentry on secondliferoleplay. My nick is Dagmar Haiku and Im a roleplayer and a fashionblogger. Normaly I blog for Eclectic Equations a blog which is mainly about second life fashion. As Salvatore asked me for a crosspost I hope you enjoy. (more…)