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the streets of Lost Angels

the streets of Lost Angels


The following is a scene that played out just a few days ago.  There are three characters in this scene, Demon X, SR, and myself.  SR is from what I can gather a new player or relatively new because of what she was doing from the very beginning of this scene, metagamingMetagaming is when you use any sort of information that was gained OOC (Out of Character) to use IC (In Character).  An example would be someone you just met using the name above your head without ever having met you or having been told of you.  This is widely frowned on by the role playing community because in real life, you would not know someone’s name having met them the first time. When we are in Second Life we have our name above our heads at all times.  In our role play sim, we have out meters which detect damage, show status, and level.  We also may have, as I do, other descriptive text above our heads but solely for reference purposes only.  My friend Demon X wears a tail but is otherwise human in appearance and I am completely human in appearance yet carry the title of incubus above my head.  With this in mind read on.


The scene is as follows:  DemonX and I are standing on a rooftop looking over the city when a human appearing female, SR, climbs up and joins us.  Neither of us had ever seen or addressed her before.