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Gotham City - Wayne Enterprises

Gotham City, a long time Batman superhero role play sim is looking for players.  Posted below is the actual notecard you can get at the landing point that explains what roles they are seeking to fill.  As always you can create your own character instead.  If you have any questions you can always IM a GM about it. (more…)

Ophidia and Domino spar

Ophidia and Domino spar

Any type of role play can eventually lead to conflict that will be not neccesarily be IC but OOC.  Learning how to (more…)

Fantasy Faire 2012 is still going strong and it all ends this Sunday.  Not only are you donating to a great cause with every purchase of a donation item but there are events, a hunt, and other activities around the nine sims. Today  (more…)