Roleplay Shopping

Updated August 22, 2011 @ 1556 CDST

Harry Potter role play items

Bother.Store  – Deatheater masks – SLurlBlog  – Marketplace

Claven’s Wands & Supplies – Wands – SLurl

digital girl designs – clothing – SLurlMarketplace

HopScotch – Poses /Pose props (just released broom ones and more coming) SLurl – Blog – Marketplace

Klamotte – socks – SLurlBlog

!Ohmai – Pygmy Puff Pets – SLurlBlog

Prickle Poses – Poses (broomstick and wand poses) SLurlBlog – Marketplace

Sn@tch – clothing and accesories (punk, urban, club, goth, neko) SLurl –  website

Tarnished – shirts and ties – SLurl – Blog – Marketplace

The Lemondrop Shoppe – clothing and accessories – SLurl – Blog

Medieval role play

Stone Keep (Various) – clothing, weapons, furniture, and accesories (medieval,spellfire, safe zone)

Superhero role play

Jiminy Cricket’s AV Store (Drake Pendragon) – superhero and other avatars

Mall of Heroes (Shan Warrior) – skins, AOs, clothing, shoes, superhero avatars

Other role play items

[42] (Imandra Wycliffe) – clothing, skins for neko, aliens, and cyborgs, shapes

Bare Rose (Various) – clothing, hair, skins, tatoos, furniture, accesories, and animations (Website)

Blood & Scars (Linda Poplin) – scars and injuries

Collisions (Guenevere DeCuir) – tattoos and accessories (website)

Costumes Convoites (Ondeline Pera) – costumes, gowns, outfits

CuPpYCaKeUmS! (Kioko  Kumaki) – skins, outfits, clothing

Dark Delights (Various) – skins, shapes, outfits, accessories

Demented Flair Tattoo (Damien Furse) – tattoos (website)

Devil Made Me Do It (Charissa Korvin) – shoes, jewelry, accessories, and weapons (website)

FallnAngel Creations (Various) – Clothing, jewelry, accesories, skins, furniture, homes, and poses

Harbinger & Stormie Designs -GM, GLM, HCS, DCS2, CCS, Spellfire and Gor weapons, clothing, skins, and accesories

Jaqueline Fashion (Various) – skins, shapes, clothing, shoes, gowns, furniture

NSFW (Stormy Wilde) – clothing and tatoos (website)

Retox (Roblem Hogarth) – clothing and accesories (punk, steampunk, cyberpunk, RP, mutant)

Role Play Market (Various) – one stop shopping for role play items of all genres (website)

Sensations (Various) – skins, shapes, bdsm furniture and accesories

Sensual Stoneworks (Various) – clothing, skins, weapons, bdsm furniture and accessories

SISU (Niemack Saarinen) – clothing  and gear (grunge, neko, military)

Tacky Star Productions (Aura Falta) – Skins and poses (website)

Twisted Orchid (Various) – Fetish clothing, jewelry,shoes, skins, and accesories

Weapons Store (Various) – CCS, DCS.2 weapons, skins, shapes, AOs, and clothing

more stores to come…watch for updates!

  1. Tocy says:

    You should add Kobold Studios to this list. They have a multitude of avatars for RP.

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