Roleplay Sims

Updated November 15, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

Key: Sim     –     Combat Meter     –     Description     –     Website

Venexia RP sim

Venexia RP sim

City of Lost Angels and surrounding sims

City of Lost Angels – CCS – Cyberpunk/Goth/Post-Apocalyptic – Website

-Little China – Website // -South Gate // -Lost Wastelands // -Lost Beach // -Cape Cola //

-North Gate // -Pasademon Point // -North Holly Bay // -Damnation // -Vampire’s Asylum //

-Lost Vegas South // -Lost Vegas Casino District // -Panic Palisades //-Malice Beach //

-Fear Valley //-Kindred Bay // –Blood Beach // -Saint Monicas District //

Legacies 1891

Legacies 1891

Dark RP Sims

Bloody Mary – CCS – Cyberpunk/Goth

Capistrano Bay – CCS – Urban/Dark/Post War

Chamber City – DCS2 – Urban/Dark/Post War – Chamber City Website

Crack Den – CD Titler – Urban/Punk/Grunge – Crack Den Wiki

Crossroads – CCS – Dark/Gothic/Steampunk – Crossroads Website

Danger Point – CCS – Cyberpunk/Urban/Post War

Dia De Los Muertos – CCS – Dark/Urban

Fanta – CCS – Medieval/Cyberpunk/Punk/

Hangars Liquides – unknown – Cyberpunk (Under Construction) – HL website

Insilico -DCS2 – Cyberpunk/Dark futuristic/Urban/Dystopian – Insilico website

Jewel’s Isle – CCS – Dark RP/Fantasy

KD Island – CCS – Dark RP/Jungle

Lake Forest District – CCS – Dark RP

Lycans Asylum – CCS – Dark RP/Jungle

Mauna Loa – CCS – Dark RP/Pirate

Midian City – None – Cyberpunk/Dark futuristic/Urban/Dystopian – Midian City website

New Delphi – CCS – Cyberpunk/Urban/Dark Futuristic

Nexus Prime – unknown – Cyberpunk/Urban – Nexus Prime wiki

Psycho Misfits – DCS & Luna HUD – Classic Horror RP

Ravenhurst – unknown – Dark RP/ – Ravenhurst website

Sabaoh – CCS – Dark RP/Japanese/Fantasy

Salvation City – CCS – Dark RP/Urban/

Sanctuary – CCS – Dark RP/Fantasy – Sanctuary website

Suffugium -unknown – Cyberpunk/Urban/Dystopian – Suffugium Blog

Syn – Osiris – Dark/Urban/Nature

The Fallen – The City of Charm –  none – Dark/Urban – Flickr – Website

Toxian City -DCS2 – Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Goth/Post-Apocalyptic – Toxian City website

Twilight Zone – CCS – Dark RP/Beachside Resort

Ulthar Woods – CCS – Neko Sim/Dark RP

Vampire City – CCS – Dark RP/Vampire/Goth

Venexia – SGS – Dark RP/Vampire/Goth – Website



GOR RP Sims- role play based on the science fiction novels by John Norman

AR GOR Hispano – Gorean Meter – Spanish Gorean role play

Cardonicus – Gorean Meter

Concordia Isla – Gorean Meter

TORBURG – Gorean Meter – German/deutsch Gorean role play

Medieval & Fantasy

Darkmoon Isle – LARPS – Medieval/Fantasy – Website

The Grand Duchy of Chanwood – Spellfire/Omega – Medieval/Fantasy – Website – Pictures – Interview

The High Kingdom of Arerin – Medieval Fantasy – WebsitePictures

Isle Of Dee – meter optional – Medieval/Fantasy – Blog

Golgothica – SGS – Medieval/Gothic Victorian/BDSM/Capture RP – Website

Gulltown and the Vale – GCM – Medieval/Fantasy – Game of Thrones role play

Isle of Wyrms -IC OOC Titler – Dragon/Medieval – Wiki – Council of Wyrns

Realm of Mystara – none – fantasy – BlogWebsite

Stone Keep – Spellfire – Dragon/Medieval

The Torgan Empire – Spellfire – Medieval

Tressadovia Village – none – Fantasy


Aftermath 2 – Unknown – Role play based on Superman/Superboy/Supergirl comic book series

Beta Quadrant – Unkown – Role play based on Green Lantern comic book series

Gateway’s Dark City – N/A – Superhero and Villain role play

Gotham City – DCS2 – Role play based on Batman comic book series

Hero Universe HQ – N/A – DC and Marvel Comics Superhero/Villain role play central

Metropia – Unknown – City of superheroes

Superheroines in Peril – Unkown – Superheroines roleplay

Science Fiction

B5IV – Babylon 5 Season IV RP – titler/rp tool optional – based upon the Babylon 5 TV series by JMS and its fandom, set in the 2270s

Dark Eden – Spellfire & Osiris – based on the Warhammer 40K universe

Dr. Who – unknown – based on Dr. Who TV series – website – blog

Gianfar Peaks – none – sim based on the Anne McCaffrey book Dragonriders of Pem – website

Gomorrah – LARPS – Shadowrun roleplay – website – blog

ShipYard – unkown – sim based on the Star Trek franchise – Star Trek website

New Eden – none – Shadowrun based sim – website

S.I.C49 -unknown – Japanese/Futuristic – S.I.C49 website

Sentai Rangers / Kentai Rider – none – fandom of Power Rangers, Tokusatsu Heroes, featuring Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, and others

Star Wars -DCS – Dark sim based on the Star Wars franchise – Star Wars wiki

Steampunk & Victorian

Caledon – unknown – steampunk

Legacies 1891 – LaRPS – Dark Victorian – Legacies website   2nd Website

NeoVictoria/NewLondon – CCS – Dark Steampunk – NeoVictoria website

Steelhead Port Harbor – unknown – Steampunk

Hanzai Corrections Institution

Hanzai Corrections Institution

Other RP

1920s Berlin – n/a – based on Berlin, Germany in the 1920s – Website

Alura Hills – none – human role play with twist of mystery, fashion, and art in the style of David Lynch – Review Here – Website

Bleach Reborn – DCS2 –  based on the Bleach anime series – Website

Hanzai Corrections Institution – none – male and female prison RP – Website

Hogwarts: Your Story – none – Harry Potter books/movies lore – WebsitePictures

Mugen Kuppuku Academy – unknown – yaoi-based – Website

ROMA SPQR – none – Based on life in ancient Rome – Website

Tombstone Arizona – Mad Thunder HUD – Western/Wild West – Website

Alura Hills RP sim

Alura Hills RP sim

more sims to come, watch for updates!

  1. Reina B says:

    I didn’t realize that there were so many dark rp sims out there.

    There are two Harry Potter Role Playing sims too if you’re still building your list.

    • Salvatore Otoro says:

      Oh there are endless rp sims in Second Life. My list is unfinished and I will be adding more as I make time to visit, photograph, and get SLURLs for the numerous rp sims in existence. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll try to locate them. If you know the name of the sims that would help me out immensely.

    • Bimbofun Gigamon says:

      There are numerous Spellfire sims, mostly catering to the medieval/fantasy/Tolkien theme. Sharindlar is one of them, similar to Torgan Empire. Please come visit!

  2. chris says:

    Vilamoura is a marvel RP sim 😉

  3. Emma Holliday says:

    Carthage CCS sim is a great palce to RP

  4. buy_vigrxplus says:

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  5. LnddMiles says:

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  6. I just wanted to add another rp sim to your list!

    “Upper Kingdoms” sim..located at parcel “Tranquility”.

    Ancient Egyptian and Nubian RP…its great!

  7. Desperately Seeking ... says:

    Does anyone know of any urban sims for decent ‘adult’ roleplay? That is to say no grunge or cyber punk involvement at all? Anyplace but Mascouten, Santa Carla, and Missing Mile.
    I am desperate to find some normal, every day city life roleplay.

    • There is the Crack Den. It is an urban roleplay sim based on drugs, crime, murder, etc. It is however punk and grunge. Gotham City has everyday city life of course with the Batman story line but I know they are seeking role players to audition for different parts such as citizens, cops, mob members, etc. I hope that helps.

      • Desperately Seeking ... says:

        Ah! Thank you, friend. I’ve tried Crack Den last year but there doesn’t seem to be a healthy balance for folks wanting to just live out a life in a normal sense. I will definitely be visiting Gotham City though, and thank you again for the tips!!

      • I found another place with good, normal, every day, city life role play. Check out Obscure Reality. The link and the website are listed above in my list. It is very different to other sims because it’s in black and white. Take a look at it. It may just be what you’re looking for.

  8. Elphaba says:

    Add “Stellaris” and GODS – Gathering of Dark Souls CCS SIMs to your list!

  9. Elphaba says:

    and Moonlight CCS sim.

  10. Chamber City is a roleplay sim. There are several factions in the sim starting with The Phantoms a mixed race group made up of demons and vampires, its lead by the delicatable Morticia a vampire herself. Then we have the Pack of Morder a pack of werewolfs who at present are allied with the Black Veil another group of vampires lead by the lovely Eingana.

    Some of the other Factions are: Realm of the Arcane, confederates of chaos, The Corporation, A.R.M.O.R., Faceless Assassains, and two others coming for the dragons and mermaids.

    In terms of races we also have nekos, supernaturals, dragons, mermaids, angels, cybers, vampires, werewolfs, and demons.

    Full information is availble in the Welcome area on all the factions and races within the sim, there you will also find a map of the city and a count down to the next full moon for all you werewolfs out there.

    The sim is a DCS combat sim and theres plenty to explore. So where is this sim? Well below you’ll find a SURL which you can use to TP to the sim, if you want to have a look round:…If%20you%20dare%21%21%21

    Not sure about jumping straight into the action? Well no problems theres an observer tag you can pick up for free from the Welcome area, which you can wear so people will know your just looking and you’ll be left as a fly on the wall.

    If you have any questions when you get in the sim I’m sure there’ll be someone around whom you can IM and have a chat to.

  11. micael says:

    Kaaos Effect is Roleplay?

  12. Core says:

    Mayday – XRPS – Mystery/Survival

    A new roleplay sim opened barely a few weeks ago: Mayday Island.

    Somewhere, in the Bermuda Triangle, a rather paradisal looking tropical island. Beautiful beaches, coconuts, and the rocky formation of a sleeping volcano… if it wasn’t for the dozens of wrecks dotting the shores and the underwater landscape of the area.

    This island is like a spider web in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, a magnet for disasters. It is directly responsible for the abnormally high rate of unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft. Indeed, ships have been crashing on or around the island for centuries, aircraft for decades. Sometimes survivors make it… sometimes they don’t. While the origin of this unique phenomenom is unknown, a community of survivors has started to develop on the island. Oddly, nobody ever made it out alive. No radio transmission either…

    Welcome to Mayday Island. You will never leave again

  13. Luecosia Trallis says:

    If anyone is looking for a starting sim, and looking to get involved in something big to come, Look into New Delphi. The staff is great, and the sim is in need of top quality and new RPers.

    If you have any questions, feel free to stop by, join our group and ask any questions you’d like!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  16. Lorgenz aldrin says:

    you should add these sims:
    the wilds- a 1600’s rp island rp sim
    lismore-fantasy sim centered around a port city called lismore
    black gazza-a scifi prison sim

    a note most of these have a high population of furry players.

  17. RPGal says:

    Are there any roleplay sims inside SL that does not require a DCS/CCS hud but, instead uses titlers and such? I’m looking for strictly RP only city, not interested in combat that’s what my Xbox 360 is for. I was kinda hoping there were more options other than Crack Den and Missing Mile.

  18. Kayleigh Balut says:

    Two new-ish, connected Roleplay sims: Sinners Rest and Sinners Bay. Both are adult immersive RP sims. No meters, pure RP. Human avi’s only please, we try to keep it somewhat realistic.

    Sinners Rest – realistic urban RP
    Sinners Bay – a former seaside resort, now a bit run down, like a lady past her prime. The Bay hosts the Sinners Prison, the largest employer in town.

  19. Allen Qarnac says:

    Being a huge fan of urban style roleplay, decided to launch with my close second life friends The Rivers Roleplay Island, aiming for the Urban/Grunge type roleplay with Emergency services, crimes, drugs and many other things that would take place in a city that everyone struggles to make a name for themselves while attempting to stay alive! (Some of the content requires us to be an Adult Sim)

    Opening date is scheduled for Friday, March 24th, 2010..

    Your support will be greatly appreciated, drop by to fill out an application or just come see the sim and say hello!

    (I just realised that there are many more RP sims left for me to visit.. You just have to love second life!

  20. Allen Qarnac says:

    Oh guys, hereis the SLurl thingy, makes finding it easier ~.^

  21. Clio Anatine says:

    Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy Roleplaying in an original setting.

    DCS based, and phenomenal RP’ers, especially for Second Life.

  22. Moana says:

    If you are interested, there is a regularly updated list of all CCS enabled sims at There are 177 sims on the list as of today.

    Some of these sims are combat oriented, but many are RP focused.

    Anyway, hopefully a useful tool for those seeking out new places to role-play,

  23. Lyonee Locke says:

    Just a minor correction Midian City is not really a MCS sim, our combat is all role-played out and generally thought of as writers working together to tell a story. Not so much competitive gaming.

    Drop by for a visit 😉

  24. Zippy says:

    Why isnt Norsim in here? I cant remember the sim name off the top of my heard, but just do a search for NorSim and itl be there. Thats my rp’ing zone…

  25. Ames says:

    The Midian website and forums have moved:

  26. One of the newest Spellfire sims around is The Grand Duchy of Chanwood (secondlife://Chanwood/126/116). It is a wild forest being civilized slowly from the harbor. The buildings are beginning to spread out, the tavern and weapons forge being two of the latest additions. Medieval themed with fantasy characters welcome. Come have some Buck Brew!! See photos on Flickr:

  27. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    Major upgrade for Hosoi Cluster
    We are very happy to announce that after a week of hard work our Hosoi Cluster is polished and shining like the sun again. We have updated scenery throughout all islands to be sure the environment looks and feels more realistic.

    Japan Kanto and Hosoi Ichiba
    One of the major changes is the Hosoi Ichiba on Japan Kanto. This island and especially the market were the very first themed environments in our cluster and to be honest looked very outdated and non Japanese. We gave the Hosoi Ichiba a complete makeover with a new Royal Gate and walls. Inside the Ichiba there have been a lot of changes to the garden, tea house and tai chi area. The surroundings on the island are updated also with better looking ground cover, paths and water features.

    Japan Kansai and Hosoi Mura
    Anyone that ever visited our Hosoi Mura can tell you what a wonderfull authentic place this Edo Period Town is. Well, we made it even better for you. We decided to “downgrade” the heart of the town. Next time you visit this town make sure to wear extra high geta for the town is a very muddy place now;-) We also upgraded the overall scenery with better textures, better ground cover, better paths and water features. Put on your platform shoes and come over!

    Japan Chubu and the Lotus Farm
    The Lotus Farm on the castle grounds is transformed in a stunning romantic place. We redesigned the complete pond and ricefields. Like on the other islands we also did a lot of upgrading on the roads, paths, the ground cover and water features. Japan Chubu is ready for the future!

    Viewing the scenery
    Note, we are not finished with upgrading our islands. Maintaining and managing islands and scenery is an ongoing task and we will continue tweaking to bring you the very best in SL. All our regions are best viewed with Windlight settings “Foggy” and “Enviroment editor set to 6.00 AM”. Please try to explore our environmets on foot for the best experience.


  28. Hi

    A new medieval fantasy sim, with a steampunk twist has just opened. It is called Tanagier and is well worth a visit. It has most of the usual fantasy races, though they are named differently as the sim has it’s own unique concept. The sims use the RPS meter, which includes both combat and dice style play.

    Make sure to teleport down to the roleplay sims themselves, as the build is truely awe-inspiring. And check out the tavern, which resides inside an incredible dragon styled airship! Please bear in mind the sims are in their early days and so some things are under construction.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  29. Frackin' Vampire says:

    Ravenhurst should be added to this.

  30. Merry says:

    Sylvhara is the light to the Kingdom of Torgan’s Shadow. The Great Alliance / Shadow sims are something to look into. We RP across sim borders, battle and have a great time! They are ALL (total of 10 sims so far) Spellfire/Omega metered sims.

  31. Would it be alright if Mugen Kuppuku Academy is added to the list? It is a yaoi-based RP sim located on River Harbour. In-character, it is a remote island off the coast of Japan which houses a school and a village. We accept both human and less than human characters.

    Here’s a link to the SLurl:

    And here is where our forums are located:

    All yaoi lovers are welcome!

  32. 1920sberlin says:

    1920s Berlin project

  33. Uncle says:

    We opened Venexia 3 weeks ago. Feel free to check that out.


    Our New SGS Vampire role play Sim Called “Venexia” is now open.
    The sim is a gothic interpretation of Venice Italy built with Vampires in mind.
    We have a Unique Vampire Clan based Storyline, offering many new types of character possibilities
    As usual with SGS sims there is plenty to explore and do.
    This opening also coincides with the release of SGS game system version 3, which contains many new features including a graded Magic system with visual effects.
    We hope you have time to come and take a look and maybe join the many Covens already formed.

    Here is the SURL and Landmark.

    SGS website:

  34. Dmx Hykova says:

    Please add The Realm of Mystara, it is more of an fantasy sim and does not allow nudity, it allows people to RP kids and is a fun meter less sim.

    Here is the sim’s website for more info :

  35. Varian says:

    Can I ask for my own Gianfar Peaks to be added to your list? We’re off-canon, 4-sim Dragonriders of Pern roleplay (usually classed as ‘mediaeval/fantasy’ although technically we’re set in the far future and there’s no magic), and we’re in the unusual position of operating within the author’s stated rules for off-canon RP in her own universe. (So, barring a change in the rules if the on-again off-again movie goes into production, we should be safe from the legal issues that the Battlestar Galactica sims, for example, got tangled up in.) You can find our website at

    Also, I teach a basic, non-sim-specific Roleplay class for New Citizens Inc. (, the inworld, resident-run help group. Classes are free, and cover basic emoting, posing, terminology and types of roleplay (check the website, the SL Events listings or the schedules posted at every NCI location for times, currently 11am Sun & 7pm Tue, SLT). Help (or criticism) from experienced players is welcomed!

  36. Tatiana says:

    Please add New Eden RP. Here is their official website:

    It is a Shadowrun based sim.

  37. Keliah says:

    Ravenhurst’s website got hacked and so a new one was erected. Could you please change the website for Ravenhurst to:

  38. isleofdee says:

    Please add the Isle of Dee- It is fully immersive RP sim since 2010.
    Theme: Medieval/ Fantasy
    Isle Of Dee – True Medieval Celtic Roleplay, Meter optional
    SLURL :

  39. Madcap Catnap says:

    Can you please add the Fantasy Role Play Sim – Tressadovia Village to your list. This si an adult sim and the SLURL is

    Tressadovia Village is a town on a new continent of a distant world where humans, elves, and all sorts of creatures gather. However this is not a world of native creatures. The planet is colonized by the displaced over thousands of years. Where are the displaced coming from? They come from the water, boats having traveled through storms and mist arriving on this planet without knowledge of their displacement. That is until technology stops working or they land.

    The planet is far from explored. Even with many generations now living here there is no evidence of life having lived here before the offworlders arriving.

    This city is just starting. The wilderness unexplored and who knows what is lurking in the forest. A foreign kingdom having laid claim to the land and now the exploring starts. A tavern and a government building is all that is here after the initial landing party leaves. Now it is time for the explorers to come, explore, live, and make their fortunes.

    RP (Role play), combat, and capture are normal events in the Sim. This is an adult sim, if you are easily offended by mature themes, then this Sim may not be for you. Absolutely no child avatars and all visitors must be over 18.

  40. Steve Decker says:

    Hello I just wanted to add my link, called Pirate Realsm, MY site was build just for the pirate collaboration in Second life, there are large to medium sims that we role play and ship to ship mayhem.

    The 4 collaborating estates that came together as one united are Ocean realms/ Fair Winds/ Blake Sea/ and recently add Jolie Rouge. These four realm came together to insure fairness in the battles plus we work under a really nice calendar that ensures a continues flow of event for the players without over running each others schedule.

    Great community to join. And the continental and Royal navy are looking for new members to join to increases there numbers to battle against the Pirates, buccaneers and to enforce their laws to attempt to stop all smuggling operations and other in worldly activates . but the continental navy also have their battles with the British Empire Navy as well.

    Joint in and we will take care of you, not Esperance necessary plus the navy hands out free uniforms to new member if year want to be a pirate we hand you rags arrrrrr.
    Want to a mermaid no problem we also have free mermaid avatars and the new SPD-j battle meter come with a swim and battle hud.

    Bust anybody who wishes to join in please visit go to the welcome section and post what si in your interest.

    Oh btw people whole would like to role play in the time period of 1800 century are more than welcome. There are people being sent to jail that could use some representation and so much more available.

    New blood are welcomed we teach year what you need to know but where not going to tie year shooes

  41. I have two more great sims

    Dead End
    City Of Concord

  42. Morrgan Mistwalker says:

    Please add Briarhaven to the list, it’s a medi-fantasy sim, currently unmetered as it is transitioning from Azora to Spellfire.

  43. ntdc says:

    Cadair Braeden /Evora sim are a very active medieval fantasy roleplay-sim in Second Life, if you´d want to add to your list. There is a lot of info here: and we have a Flickr too now for a visual impression: and of course the usual HUB for in-world info with teleporter to the roleplay-area.

    And nice and useful site, I´ve been browsing a bit, hope you still update it.

  44. Gehenna Crossing Historical Roleplay set in Wyoming in the late 19th century – railroad, ranchers, all that conflict.

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