Vampire Roleplay

Abbey - Vampire's Asylum sim

Abbey - Vampire's Asylum sim

[21:20]  RD nods to him lightly as the smallest yawn escapes her mouth ” ohh pardon me I seem to be a bit more tired than I thought” .. “where this happened .. ” she pulls her hand away from her cheek ” in some city called the “city of lost angels” she chortles at the name a moment

[21:20]  ES watches her breathing, noticing the rise and fall of her breasts and the look of her eyes as the wine moves within her. Trying to fill her mind with a sense of peace He reaches out and begins to dominate her thinking, letting his will spread within her mind, touching those parts that desire rest and sleep, enforcing her feeling of safety and security

[21:21]  ES: I have heard of such a place…it is said to have its share of roughians and hoodlums. Obviously not people of honor to have harmed one a beautiful as You.

[21:22]  ES looks up as the stranger enters and smiles. “Greetings friend. Enter and enjoy”

[21:23]  Salvatore Otoro walks in spotting some people sitting by the fire “Greetings and thanks”

[21:23]  RD tips her head down obviously blushing by now as a giggle leaves her mouth “very kind of you to say ” she was horrified at the appearance of her cheek now but thought of it quite quickly and forgot it as soon as it hit her thoughts looking to him as she hears his words to another turning her head “good evening Sir”

[21:23]  You: Good evening

[21:23]  ES smiles at her with nothing but warmth in His face and eyes….

[21:24]  ES: would You care for another wine, or would you care to see a room for the evening

[21:24]  Salvatore Otoro turns to them “do you mind if I sit here by the fire? I hope I’m not interrupting.”

[21:25]  RD tips the glass back into her mouth finishing off the last bit of cool crimson liquid looking to him ” actually I would love a place to lay my head for the night .. my travelling today seems to have made me quite tired”

[21:25]  ES: Feel free My good man, warm yourself. There is still roast that is warm by the kitchen and I have just opened a barrel of wine behind the bar

[21:25]  ES: Very good Milady

[21:26]  ES: If You will excuse Me Sir I will show this lady to her room

[21:26]  Salvatore Otoro nods

[21:26]  ES stepping forward He holds out his hand to help her to her feet

[21:26]  RD pushes herself gently from the couch as she tips her head to the man on the other ” enjoy your evening Sir .. the food is good”

[21:27]  RD takes his hand lightly blushing not used to such attention as she moves with grace near his side

[21:27]  You: thank you for your hospitality….I hope you enjoy your rest

[21:27]  ES takes the wine glass from her and sits it on the table, then turning holds out his hand for her and leads her to the stairs

[21:28]  RD tips her head over her shoulder seemingly lost in the trance of her new friend “thank you Sir” she follows behind the man swiftly

[21:28]  Salvatore Otoro eyes the lady in white as she climbs the stairs

[21:28]  ES smiles as he takes a set of keys and selecting one unlocks the door in front of her

[21:29]  ES taking the key from the ring He walks closer to her and hands it to her, though not letting go of it…He looks into her eyes

[21:29]  RD looks around the room barely noticing the critter on the floor as her eyes settle to the bed quickly only seeing the softness of the pillow

[21:29]  ES: the key to your room and the lock to your door

[21:30]  RD moves her hand to take the key looking back to his eyes warmly not able to speak a word as she just looks into his eyes

[21:31]  ES looks deep into her eyes and with His full will now He begins to press His dominion of his mind upon her, a soft smile upon His lips His eyes seem to be alive now…fully trying to consumer her as He is so close, His body almost touching her, eyes seeming to be wells for her to sink into

[21:32]  Salvatore Otoro looks around what appears to be an olden inn and takes in the atmosphere thinking this will be a good place to begin his work

[21:33]  ES reaches out gently with His free hand and touches her unharmed cheek, with the touch of His fingers His mind reaches hers and presses weariness and near exhaustion upon her, His body and energy so close,,, but forces her to almost pass out and want to fall upon the bed

[21:33]  RD begins to open her mouth in thanks as she only returns his smile feeling her heart beat faster as her mind spins

[21:34]  RD looks to him nearly losing her balance “ohhh my forgive me .. I seem to be alot wearier then I thought too” as her body moves forward stumbling “orr I had too much wine already .. I am very sorry to be such bad company so early”

[21:34]  ES gently touches her cheek, his fingers brushing her skin and sliding down her neck just enough to feel the pulse of her throat, the beating of her heart through the skin and the sense of her life, so close and near

[21:35]  ES catches her gently and almost lifts her as she stumbles into Him

[21:35]  ES: Not a worry My Lady, let Me help You to the bed

[21:36]  ES slipping an arm around her waist he now steers her slowly towards the bed, His hands are firm and strong upon her, guiding her with infinite care

[21:36]  RD nods to him as her head spins from her seeming weariness ” thank you so much .. you are a pure gentleman” she falls into his arms fully as he moves with her

[21:36]  ES smiles at her compliment and guides her to the bed

[21:38]  ES lays her gently upon the bed and pulls a sheet up to cover her, sitting down on the side of the bed He gazes down into her eyes, looking deep into her soul and letting His mind move her

[21:40]  ES reaches out and touches her cheek again, this time with fingers that touch and caress, the warmth of them seeming to flow into her as His eyes never leave hers

[21:44]  ES leans closer, body almost touching her now, laying almost upon the bed with her as His hand gently caresses the soft skin of her neck, His face close to hers as His very being seems to radiate peace to her

[21:44]  ES begins to whisper softly to her, rest Milady, rest in safety, you are safe here with Me

[21:45]  RD scoots over slightly so he can sit closer to her feeling as if he is her only protection from the nights creatures ” will you stay with me until I fall asleep” she whispers to him slowly

[21:45]  ES leans down and gently kisses her throat, ever so softly, lips just touching her skin, then looking back into her eyes, pressing His will upon her, not releasing her

[21:45]  ES: I will, to keep you safe

[21:46]  ES moves slowly upon the bed and gently folds himself to her, offering her protection and comfort, kissing her neck softly yet again

[21:46]  RD leans her head back as a quiet moan escapes her lips lost in the moment as if time stood still not aware of anything else now but his touch

[21:47]  RD curls up into his body, not something she ever did, naturally as if it was the way it was always, she gets lost in him, seemingly mesmerized by his strength

[21:48]  ES leans down and kisses Her neck again, this time the lips open and teeth gently touching her flesh, seeming to gently nibble at her neck, lips hot and soft against her

[21:49]  ES presses harder with His mind, forcing her into an even more safe and relaxed state

[21:49]  RD arches her neck a bit as she closes her eyes feeling his mouth move across her skin lightly as her very core eases into his grip of control

[21:50]  ES smiles as He raises His head and opens His mouth in a toothy smile,

[21:51]  RD looks to him a moment as she returns his smile noticing the shine from his mouth as it warms her thoughts to think he takes such good care of his dental work

[21:52]  ES lowers His mouth to her neck and with one gentle bite slides His long teeth gently into her neck, opening the vein gently, just enough to allow a small flow of blood and begins to drink of her, His lips moving unpon her as his mouth begins to suck the hot blood from the tiny holes

[21:53]  ES: sheath blade

[21:53]  ES: sheath blade

[21:53]  RD lets out a small moan as she feels his teeth sink into her neck, nearly bringing her pain but she is so comforted that she only slides her neck more giving him more access as she is wrapped in his spell lost in the moment

[21:54]  CCS – v0.4.8-11 – METER: ES uses Feed on RD.

[21:54]  ES pressing His hand to her waist he pulls her tight against her as His mouth begins to suck harder upon her but still slowly drains her, His mind forcing calm upon her,

[21:55]  RD takes in a gasping breath as he bites harder, her mind spinning as she continues to feel her heart pound, her calm keeping her from movement .. she closes her eyes moaning at his touch

[21:56]  ES keeps his mouth to her neck and His other hand gently supports her head, cradling her as His mouth, hot upon her neck as His body becomes alive and his breathing growing more and more excited as His feels her blood move into him

[21:56]  CCS – v0.4.8-11 – METER: ES uses Feed on RD.

[21:57]  ES gently kisses her neck as He begins to feel His hunger diminishing, the warmth of His body radiating to her

[21:59]  ES reluctantly releases His kiss upon her neck, licking the wound gently till it seals itself and then lays her upon her back so He can look deep into her eyes

[22:00]  ES looks deep into her eyes and begins to stroke her cheek with almost hypnotic slowness, His voice soft and slow, breathing slowly and relaxed as His mine presses hard into hers, taking full control of her

[22:00]  RD feels light as a feather as he scoops her back around looking back to him bewildered at his touch, her eyes a bit wider as she draws her hand up wondering what he is, gazing back into his eyes

[22:01]  ES begins to speak softly to her, His voice soft and gentle as a lover, full or warmth and power

[22:01]  ES: You are very tired. It has been a long day.

[22:01]  ES with each sentence he strokes her cheek and keeps her eyes locked on his

[22:01]  RD murmurs a small and gentle “mmm hmm yes I …. am”

[22:02]  ES: you were attacked by a creature but bravely fought it off and got ways

[22:02]  ES forces His will to almost scalpel sharpness now as He begins to change their thoughts

[22:02]  RD eyes fluttering a moment as she tries to remain awake “yesss… yes I did …. ”

[22:03]  ES: You came to this inn, and met a man who was kind to you, and fed You. You had a pleasant evening and then were shown to your room

[22:03]  ES forces His dominion upon her with iron control, forcing her mind to hear and see what he wants at this moment

[22:03]  RD nods her head slowly just listening to the melodic sound of his deep voice

[22:04]  ES: He brought you in and you would have fallen but He helped you to bed and you fell asleep peacefully with the key to the door in your hands

[22:04]  ES kissing Her forehead He forces her down towards sleep, His voice so hypnotic and gently

[22:05]  RD clenches the key in her hands nodding to him as her head becomes heavy whispering “yessssss”

[22:05]  ES: You are safe, nothing happened, your dreams were just dreams, no one can hurt you and you are safe

[22:05]  ES: the memories of the man with you were just desires of your dreams, You are safe…..

[22:06]  RD repeats barely audible in one long syllable “saffffffffe”

[22:06]  ES presses hard and forces her to sleep as His gently kisses her one more time and with a last push of his will, forces her mind to obey his will and forget their kiss

[22:07]  ES cradles her and holds her close till her breathing slows and she sleeps

[22:07]  RD lays her head down fully as her breathing slows drifting off into a deep sleep fully as she turns her body over slowly


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