The Drunken Girl

[17:22]  PL stops dead in her tracks and takes another sip from her bottle. She grins goofily before face planting into the cement

[17:22]  DS wonders if the drunk girl wants some candy

[17:22]  PL stumbles around a bit

[17:22]  BV wonders if the drunk girl wants something else

[17:23]  DS hold out some candy

[17:23]  DS: Come here darling

[17:23]  PL looks over to the woman with a half an eye open, “I’m.. not.. durhlin…” she growls as she tries to take another swig and completely misses her mouth.

[17:24]  DS laughs and walks over to the drunk girl

[17:24]  Sal: hey what’s your poison?

[17:24]  DS sticks her long demon tongue out at the girls and licks her cheek

[17:24]  PL swings the bottle around and giggles, “whiskey.. you want some?”

[17:25]  Sal: sure

[17:25]  DS (in Brood): Sorgh’dah shuukah rathuul’ne Ic’tine

[17:25]  DS said: she tastes good

[17:25]  PL turns around in a full circle not exactly sure where the lick came from…..”Nooo bad… my cheek.. no licking me.. I taste like ballz anyway” she growls

[17:25]  STFY pokes the lush “Hey, your taxi is here” *points to Sloan McCary*

[17:26]  Sal said: I want to put something special in her flask

[17:26]  Sal(in Brood): Kruth’nuul syrn lorh’chaka Kruth’nuul

[17:26]  DS laughs

[17:26]  Sal: I thought you were going to share your drink with me

[17:26]  DS rubs her thighs and licks the girls breasts with her tongue

[17:27]  PL sits her ass down on some nice comfy snow and passes the fuck out.

[17:27]  PL: passes*

[17:28]  Sal grabs the flask from the snow “wow…some powerful stuff here” as he walks away with it

[17:28]  DS grabs the passed out girls leg and drags her closer to George

[17:28]  FV chuckles “it’s a mix of both”

[17:28]  STFY watches as George drools on the girl

[17:28]  DS (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ thu rathuul’ne Gruuth’neeah

[17:28]  DS said: I love when random girls pass out in the snow

[17:28]  FV: So where’s everybody? This place is always full

[17:28]  STFY laughs

[17:28]  FV: with hot chicks and stuff

[17:28]  PL groans a little as she is dragged but merely rolls over and acts like the road is the comfiest bed she’s ever been in.

[17:28]  BV(in Brood): Kruth’nuul thu morh’thuul Kruth’nuul

[17:28]  BV said: you and me both

[17:29]  Sal passes the flask back to the drunk girl “here you go”

[17:29]  DS picks up the drunk girl and drags her now standing and puts her in front of George

[17:29]  PL: ((eep I didnt mean to stand 😛 ))

[17:30]  PL: ((whos george?))

[17:30]  EC: ((sloan McCarey))

[17:30]  DS: ((He’s my pet, our Knight gave him to me))

[17:31]  PL lands with a soft thud. She flutters her eyes open for a moment and giggles as something is flying above her head… she murmurs, “Ooo pweeetyy” before closing her eyes again.

[17:31]  Sal(in Brood): Karmon’geaah thu morh’thuul Karmon’geaah

[17:31]  Sal said: can’t wait till she tastes her new poison – what a blast

[17:31]  DS laughs at Sal

[17:31]  CCS – v0.4.7 – METER whispers: Sal has leveled up!

[17:31]  DS lets the girl fall back down

[17:31]  STFY (in Brood): Ju’taka thu nyar’lah Ju’taka

[17:31]  DS: ((grats Sal))

[17:31]  STFY said: That is so evil Sal…hahaha

[17:31]  MS: ((Congrats!))

[17:31]  SN watches the group silently, curious.

[17:31]  BV: (congrats)

[17:31]  STFY: ((wtg Sal))

[17:31]  Sloan McCarey: CONGRST))

[17:32]  MA: ((gratz))

[17:32]  LD: (thanks)

[17:32]  Sal: ((thnks…brb))

[17:32]  STFY: ((wb Spawn))

[17:32]  RC: ((gratz))

[17:32]  PL jolts up all at once the cold of the snow getting to her. She hears some strange tounge, and in her drunken stupor she demands, “ENLGIHS SPEAK FREAKING ENGLISH PEOPLE!”

[17:32]  DS kneels in front of the girl and lets her tongue lick all over her

[17:32]  DS chuckles

[17:32]  PL wiggles around a little bit and purrs, “Ermmm licking.. ”

[17:33]  STFY: “I made a hand puppet from an english teacher, does that count?”

[17:33]  DS lets her tongue un button the girls shirt and then pulls it off

[17:33]  PL giggles and points to STFY, “Fuck yes it does!”

[17:34]  STFY grins at PL

[17:34]  PL purrs again softly rolling around in the snow, the tongue tickling her and delighting her.. and molesting her all at once.

[17:34]   SN shifts a little, uneasy.

[17:34]  PL: delighting her*

[17:35]  DS throws the girls shirt over to BV

[17:35]  PL curls up and sits on the ground, only really semi aware that she is partial nude.. and certainly not the least bit phased by it

[17:35]  BV sniffs it then grins a lil bit, “niceeee”

[17:35]  DS tongue traces over the girls breasts and then up to her neck

[17:36]  LD: it’s good to see ya again angel.

[17:36]  LD smiles

[17:36]  PL swats at the tongue but misses by a long shot, her nipples now fully erect from the cold, and from the licking, she looks around for a moment, her vision in the doubles now… “Where the hell am I?”

[17:36]  CCS – v0.4.7 – METER: STFY uses Heal-3 on Sal

[17:36]  Broken Puppet peeks over the edge wondering why there is  a woman on the ground

[17:38]  DS slowly licks the girls breasts again gently flicking her nipples and then she moves to her stomach

[17:38]  CCS – v0.4.7 – METER: STFY uses Clarity-1 on Sal.

[17:38]  Sal watches the events with curiosity

[17:39]  CCS – v0.4.7 – METER: STFY uses Heal-3 on Sal.

[17:39]  DS (in Brood): Ju’taka syrn nyar’lah Gruuth’neeah

[17:39]  DS said: what should I do to her now

[17:39]  PL moans again softly, placing both of her hands on the snow. She finally registers the cold slushy substance and realizes she must be sitting in snow. She wiggles about a bit, being extraordinarily ticklish and stumbles to pick herself back up again.

[17:39]  LD grins widely “yes, let’s see what kind of meal we can turn up tonight..”

[17:40]  CCS – v0.4.7 – METER: STFY uses Clarity-1 on Sal.

[17:40]  Sal(in Brood): Ju’taka cha’pakazuul rathuul’ne Karmon’geaah

[17:40]  Sal said: let’s take her somewhere a bit more private for some fun

[17:40]  BV(in Brood): Ic’tine syrn lorh’chaka Un’thaneah’

[17:40]  BV said: I was just thinking the same thing

[17:40]  Sal(in Brood): Ic’tine cha’pakazuul morh’thuul Sorgh’dah

[17:40]  Sal said: great minds think alike

[17:40]  DS grabs the girls arms and pulls her over her shoulder bringing her somewhere else

[17:40]  STFY (in Brood): Ic’tine cha’pakazuul morh’thuul Un’thaneah’

[17:40]  STFY said: “Help her up boys”

[17:41]  PL stamps her foot and basically has a tantrum and whines, “I can’t freaking understand you dudes”

[17:41]  DS (in Brood): Sorgh’dah shuukah morh’thuul Kruth’nuul

[17:41]  DS said: someone lead on

[17:41]  Sal grabs one of her arms and helps her up

[17:41]  DS looks at the girl over her shoulder and carries her, following Sal

[17:41]  DS: ((PL your on my shoulder))

[17:41]  Sal said: the cafe upstairs is best

[17:41]  Sal(in Brood): Ic’tine cha’pakazuul morh’thuul Sorgh’dah

[17:41]  PL kicks her legs and squeals, “Hey put me down…. ”

[17:41]  SN grits his teeth a little, then follows after them.

[17:42]  STFY (in Brood): Sorgh’dah r’lyeh nyar’lah Ic’tine

[17:42]  PL screams, “Heeeeeelllllp!!”

[17:42]  DS: ((upstairs PL))

[17:43]  BV: (over here PL)

[17:43]  BV: (in the shop

[17:43]  XH: hmmm… party?

[17:44]  XH: I guess the new ones are mute these days *shrugs*

[17:44]  GW looks around, “Damn.. Did anyone see a girl run by here, screaming?”

[17:44]  DS yells for XH to come upstairs

[17:44]  PL: oh for petes sake..

[17:44]  Sal: XH….come on up

[17:44]  LD: (i don’t see many around except for that cluster back there)

[17:44]  DS: ((welcome up PL))

[17:44]  DS: ((lol))

[17:45]  Sal: who are you?

[17:45]  XH: whats up?

[17:45]  GW growls, not getting a response and turns to keep looking on his own

[17:45]  PL: ((ha ha thanks))

[17:45]  DS (in Brood): Gruuth’neeah cha’pakazuul lorh’chaka Un’thaneah’

[17:45]  DS said: we found her drunk on the ground

[17:45]  MS: Hey!

[17:45]  SN glares at the man, then pushes past him to find the girl that was taken.

[17:45]  XH (in Brood): Sorgh’dah naar’kuul nyar’lah Karmon’geaah

[17:45]  MS looks to AH with a slightly desperate look on his face, “They have PL!”

[17:45]  XH said: and she was brought up here why?

[17:45]  AH: who?

[17:46]  Sal(in Brood): Un’thaneah’ syrn nyar’lah Ic’tine

[17:46]  Sal said: someone invite this other one here

[17:46]  DS (in Brood): Sorgh’dah syrn morh’thuul Kruth’nuul

[17:46]  DS said: so we could have fun

[17:46]  SN: ‘scuse me folks, but I think she wants to leave the party.

[17:46]  MS: Not sure, some weird chick took off with ‘er in that cafe over yonder.

[17:46]  XH (in Brood): Gruuth’neeah r’lyeh lorh’chaka Gruuth’neeah

[17:46]  XH said: you realize this is a place of business.. Take her round to the confession booths

[17:46]  PL screams at the top of her lungs….. “Put me down you crazy lady….” kicking and screaming the whole way

[17:46]  DS looks at SN

[17:46]  DS: I think you should just leave

[17:47]  DS puts the drunk girl on the couch and tells her to hush

[17:47]  Sal grabs the girl and drags her to the booth

[17:47]  SN glances around the room. He knew he was outnumbered, but he couldn’t do nothing.

[17:47]  DS: So how can I help you

[17:47]  SN: Why don’t you just let her go and we’ll be good?

[17:47]  Sal puts her in the booth and closes the door

[17:47]  MS stumbles up the stairs looking around, “Would this happen ‘ta be th’ book store?”

[17:48]  EC yawns as she walks upstairs, her eyes scan the room, and she remains silent.

[17:48]  PL leans over and tries to bite the guys hand, “stooop your hurting me” she slurs as she tries to fight back.

[17:48]  Sal throws her in and locks the door “hush or things will get worse for you”

[17:49]  PL hits the back of the booth with a thud.

[17:49]  MS looks over and sees PL, his eyes lighting up, “Weeeeeeeeeeell there she is!”

[17:49]   SN looks around, unable to understand the language.

[17:49]  PL starts throwing a fit kick and screaming not even sure if she could be heard outside of the box

[17:49]  DS: ((look at all the heros))

[17:50]  MS looks to Sal, “Howdy partner, I’ll be needin’ that girl, she’s mentally ill… and she has rabies.”

[17:50]  Sal: what? mentally ill? possibly

[17:50]  Sal(in Brood): Un’thaneah’ naar’kuul morh’thuul Sorgh’dah

[17:50]  Sal said: how many in the room?

[17:50]  XH: come to find a book sir? *looks at SN*

[17:50]  Sal: what girl are we talking about?

[17:51]  MS nods his head knowingly, “You bet ‘yer hide she is! I think she might have a touch o’ the herpes too.”

[17:51]   SN gives XH a look “Not quite.”

[17:51]  EC sighs to herself, and she watches everyone upstairs, paying particular attention to MS.

[17:51]  MS: She’s got pigtails, ratty clothes, usually drunk.

[17:51]  XH: no?

[17:51]  Sal: you guys are looking for a drunk up here? we sell books

[17:52]  DS looks to Bird, “Hello sir”

[17:52]  XH: indeed we sell books.. Perhaps the bar is you will find this “drunk?”

[17:52]  MS nods his head again, “This particular drunk happens ‘ta like books too, go figure.”

[17:52]  SN wheels around, hearing Sal “yeah, you rape people up here too?”

[17:52]  XH: we do?

[17:52]  Sal: we don’t allow people here that are not going to buy the books

[17:53]  XH: that’s a pretty heavy accusation sir

[17:53]  EC yawns, and she leans on the wall, still silent.

[17:53]  Sal: especially drunks…’s hard to find help to keep this place clean

[17:53]  IM: DS: Get her out of here

[17:53]  IM: DS: We will go to the water plant in south gate

[17:53]  SN grits his teeth a little “If the shoe fits…”

[17:54]  IM: DS: ok

[17:54]  MS looks around the book store and back to Salvatore, “Ya’ll happen ‘ta got erotic material? I fancy me a porno mag.”

[17:54]  XH: if you are going to be insulting I would ask you to leave

[17:54]  Sal: pornos are around the back part

[17:54]  SN walks away from him, scanning the room “That’s nice.”

[17:55]  MS looks over to the confessional booth in the back, “What’s that over there?”

[17:55]  PL keeps kicking away at the door, tying not to hurt herself in the process

[17:55]  Sal: is this the person you’re looking for? Looks like she can’t stand

[17:55]  XH: AH?

[17:55]  XH: been a while

[17:55]  Sal extends a hand and leads her out

[17:55]  MS looks at the girl in the booth and nods knowingly, “I reckon that is, looks like she done gone an’ locked herself in yer booth.”

[17:55]  PL grabs his hand and groans.

[17:55]  AH smiles, “do you have the girl or not, everybody’s getting all wierd”

[17:55]  SN narrows his eyes, watching him closely.

[17:56]  SN: Where’s her shirt?

[17:56]  XH: what girl??? What are you talking about?

[17:56]  PL is actually scared for once. She finally looks down and realizes she is naked and folds her arms trying to cover up her boobies

[17:56]  Sal: I don’t see it in the booth….

[17:56]  AH: purple hair, not particularly attractive

[17:56]  XH: I just got up here myself

[17:56]  AH: **AH keys her mic and murmurs**

[17:56]  Sal: well she is all yours

[17:57]  MS looks at PL and squints his eyes at her, “Now what have you gone an’ done with ‘yer shirt girl? What did I tell ya ’bout runnin’ through these parts naked?”

[17:57]  SN takes off his shirts, and tosses PL his undershirt.

[17:57]  XH: and.. why would you think that I would hold somebody against their will?

[17:57]  DS is Online

[17:57]  PL: takes it gratefully and clumsily puts it on

[17:58]  AH: **AH keys her mic and murmurs**

[17:58]  LD smiles warmly

[17:58]  AH: coffee shop, things are pretty under control, right now

[17:59]  XH sighs

[17:59]  SN looks over to MS “You got it from here?”

[17:59]  PL looks around the room completely disoriented not even really sure whats going on.

[17:59]  XH: I’ve been away for an age and this is the greeting I get.. well it seems things have changed for sure

[17:59]  MS walks up and takes PL by the arm, looking back to SN with a nod, “I reckon I can get her to a safe places ta sober up.”

[17:59]  SN nods, and heads downstairs.

[17:59]  EC yawns lightly through her mask, and cracks her neck idly.

[18:00]  PL focuses her eyes on MS and yanks her arm away… and mutters, “I can do it myself!”

[18:00]  AH frowns “you shouldn’t be pickin on the girls, and if it ain’t you, I expect you to discipline whoever was”

[18:00]  XH: indeed

[18:00]  MS: C’mon girl, you need ‘ta stop bein’ such a booze hound, yer gonna wind up dead in a gutter like that!

[18:00]  XH notices the girl now

[18:00]  XH: who the hell is that?

[18:00]  PL sucffs her feet and mutters something rude under her breath

[18:01]  AH: MS, please take her somewhere other than here”

[18:01]  MS looks to the three in the room, “I really am sorry ‘fer her bargin up here like that an’ causin’ you all a heap o’ trouble, that seems ‘ta be what she does best.”

[18:01]  PL looks over at XH and drunkenly stammers, “I’m PL.. who the hell are YOU!” as she stumbles out the door

[18:01]  XH: She wreaks of booze.. for fuck sakes this isn’t a rehab center

[18:01]  MS nods to AHette and heads downstairs.

[18:01]  MS: C’mon girl!

[18:01]  AH facepalms.

[18:01]  XH: that girl AH?

[18:02]  AH nods, “that’d be her”

[18:02]  XH: I assure you I knew nothing of her…. fuck .. why do they come here to be drunk

[18:07]  AH sighs “nevermind, i see how its gonna be”

[18:07]  DS: ((cried I can’t see anything))

[18:07]  Delia Kohnke helps him up and shakes her head. “Yeh know, gettin’ drunk, an LA…an’ specially fay angel boi’s…” she shakes her head. “Com’on, lets git yeh somewhere dry at least…less yeh wan’ter stay on yer behind, ya.”

[18:07]  XH: AH really my hands are tied here I don’t know what you expect

[18:08]  AH: I expect you to conduct an investigation and find out why that girl wound up shirtless and locked up in your bookstore

[18:08]  DS nods to XH and AHette

[18:08]  XH: that sort of thing doesn’t concern us.. that she is gone now is all that matters

[18:09]  XH: I mean really.. If we traced down the reason and origins of every lunatic that showed up in here would we be able to run the place?

[18:09]  IM: EC: sacrifice your firstborn to the blood god

[18:09]  AH: so if it happens again in an hour, or tomorrow, or next week, it’ll be ok then I assume

[18:09]  XH: ((wow spell idot lol))

[18:09]  Rowan Valentine makes a low growl at the mention of vampric activity but otherwise stays silent

[18:09]  DS: ((That’s ok, I have total brain fart today))

[18:10]  AH: ((<constant brainfart))

[18:10]  XH: if I am here in an hour or a week.. When I am HERE it will be dealt with.. Again I didn’t know she was here

[18:11]  DS specks quietly, “Ma’am, she was drunk on the street and topless, I could not let her sit there”

[18:11]  DS: ((see damn spelling))

[18:11]  DS: *speaks

[18:11]  AH: so if one of your subs killed an innocent, and you weren’t here, I suppose you wouldn’t discipline them for that either

[18:11]  XH turns and look to Dallas “you know something about this then?”

[18:11]  DS puts her head down

[18:11]  DS: Yes sir

[18:11]  XH: and you were looking after her then?

[18:12]  DS: She was topless on the corner, I and the other brought she somewhere warm and safe

[18:12]  DS: She was laying in the snow

[18:12]  EC laughs, “Told you, locked her up for her own good.”

[18:12]  XH: you see AH?

[18:12]  XH: there you have it

[18:12]  EC shrugs, “Honestly if I were drunk off my ass I’d not want to be out in the streets in this town.”

[18:12]  DS: You never know the weirdoes who walk these streets

[18:12]  XH: indeed

[18:13]  DS: And I agree with EC, I would hope someone would so the same for me

[18:13]  AH throws her hands up in the air “I give up…she was locked in that closet thing, you don’t lock up people you’re trying to help”

[18:13]  XH: I didn’t

[18:13]  DS: We were followed

[18:13]  DS: We didn’t know if they were going to fight us for her

[18:13]  DS: We had to hide her

[18:14]  Sal: I locked her in there

[18:14]  XH: AH you seem more stressed than usual.. Surely you have dealt with drunken types

[18:14]  Sal: she had passed out….we wanted to secure her safety

[18:14]  AH: so by hiding her you locked the door behind you, why?

[18:14]  DS looks puzzled, no one here locked any doors

[18:15]  XH: obviously they saved her from some horny male.. Perhaps the one that just took her hmm?? Now she may be in danger.. because of this.. what now?

[18:15]  DS: And would you have left her there ma’am or would you have locked her up in one of your cells

[18:15]  AH: I know the man that took her outta here, she’s in no danger with him

[18:16]  AH looks at Dallas, “I would brought her in outta the cold, sure, and given her clothing, and warmed her up, but I would NOT have locked her up for being drunk

[18:16]  XH: Oh so he allowed her to be taken then?? interesting that you accuse me of not taking care of her welfare yet your own friends do just that by letting her be taken away by strangers

[18:16]  Sal: she was never locked….we were concerned for her safety

[18:17]  Sal: she was in and out of consciousness so we put her there while we investigate who had followed us and why

[18:17]  DS: I remember being locked up for public drunkenness

[18:18]  AH turns to Dallas, do I look like an officer of the law to you?”

[18:18]  EC: ((afk))

[18:18]  DS: Well yes

[18:18]  DS: ((ok eiAHa))

[18:19]  Modesty Bury just giggles softly as she watches

[18:19]  CR clumsily pads up the difficult to navigate staircase and nearly falls backwards down them avoiding walking into AHette. There seemingly being a heated arguement he listens in for a moment. Circling the girl and noding to XH he moves towards one of the bookshelves where he quickly grabs a random novel and takes a confortable seat sighing softly as he relaxes

[18:19]  XH: well AH there is nothing else I can do.. I wish our chat had been more friendly.. unfortunate. And the result is the same.. the girl remains safe.. as she would have

[18:19]  FV smiles

[18:19]  AH: then maybe I should lock you up for unlawful imprisonment

[18:19]  XH nods to CR

[18:19]  XH: you don’t look like an officer of the law to me AH

[18:20]  XH grins

[18:20]  DS smiles, “see”

[18:20]  XH: I would have more to say but the mood hardly fits that right now

[18:20]  DS: You have the little earpiece thingy, and you want to arrest me for protecting someone

[18:20]  DS: There were people following us

[18:20]  Sal: I think that’s a bit harsh considering we saved her life…..she would be seriously injured or worse had a battle broken out while she was stumbling around

[18:21]  AH blushes, but her face remains hard “maybe you should talk to your people anyways, let them know how to respectfully handle these types of situations

[18:21]  XH: I will do that AH

[18:21]  AH nods

[18:21]  DS narrows her eyes, “Then I guess we will leave any naked drunk women on the street”

[18:21]  FV smiles and nods too just for the hell of it

[18:21]  DS: That way the others of this city can handle her

[18:22]  EC: (backehs)

[18:22]  DS: ((wb))

[18:22]  XH (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ r’lyeh rathuul’ne Gruuth’neeah

[18:22]  XH said: I will do that when hell turns white and faries rule it

[18:22]  Sal: ((wb))

[18:22]  DS (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ thu lorh’chaka Kruth’nuul

[18:22]  DS said: Is she serious

[18:23]  XH (in Brood): Sorgh’dah shuukah rathuul’ne Kruth’nuul

[18:23]  XH said: there is nothing more to be said dont worry about it.. just dont bring one here again

[18:23]  EC: (thankehs)

[18:23]  DS (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ thu lorh’chaka Ju’taka

[18:23]  DS said: yes sir

[18:23]  Sal said: yes sir…..

[18:23]  Sal(in Brood): Karmon’geaah naar’kuul rathuul’ne Un’thaneah’

[18:23]  XH (in Brood): Karmon’geaah r’lyeh nyar’lah Karmon’geaah

[18:23]  XH said: i am not your commander .. but its better i tell you then one of the exalted

[18:24]  Sal said: agreed

[18:24]  Sal(in Brood): Ju’taka r’lyeh rathuul’ne Sorgh’dah

[18:24]  DS (in Brood): Ic’tine thu morh’thuul Sorgh’dah

[18:24]  DS said: I am just being respectful of my elder

[18:24]  XH: ill buy you a drink some time AH.. When the moods are better

[18:24]  Mel Setsuko looks back down and continue to lick his hands clean

[18:24]  AH looks around, uncomfortable at all the brood-speak so she turns to leave “well, I’m outta here, thanks for not drawing weapons and all tha jazz, I’d hate to have had to go Rambo on all you guys”

[18:24]  DS smirks and waves

[18:24]  XH: now AH you know I wouldn’t do that to you

[18:24]  XH smiles warmly to her

[18:25]  AH giggles “I know”

[18:25]  XH: ((nice grammar XH))

[18:25]  DS (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ cha’pakazuul morh’thuul Sorgh’dah

[18:25]  DS said: ya just leave her naked and drunk on the street

[18:25]  DS: Goodbye miss

[18:25]  XH: be well AH

[18:25]  AH waves

[18:25]  DS: ((as you melt into the floor))

[18:26]  AH: ((*gets stuck*))

[18:26]  XH (in Brood): Kruth’nuul naar’kuul lorh’chaka Gruuth’neeah

[18:26]  XH said: if you have the urge to play.. dont let others see you and take them to the water works

[18:26]  FV waves to AH as she passes by

[18:27]  Sal said: ok XH….will do….

[18:27]  Sal(in Brood): Ju’taka cha’pakazuul lorh’chaka Karmon’geaah

[18:27]  XH (in Brood): Un’thaneah’ r’lyeh nyar’lah Ju’taka

[18:27]  XH said: we don’t want attention drawn here

[18:27]  AH waves back

[18:27]  DS nods, “ok”

[18:27]  XH: right.. now.. what to do

[18:27]  EC yawns and cracks her neck once more, she sighs afterwards.

[18:27]  XH: ((go afk and get a drink :P))

[18:28]  Sal: ((lol))

[18:28]  DS (in Brood): Gruuth’neeah thu morh’thuul Un’thaneah’

[18:28]  DS said: I can go get grunk and lay in snow on the street naked

[18:28]  XH (in Brood): Karmon’geaah r’lyeh morh’thuul Gruuth’neeah

[18:28]  XH said: just get drunk and come see me

[18:28]  XH laughes

[18:28]  Sal said: but you’ll get save by those guys that AH says she ‘trusts’

[18:28]  Sal(in Brood): Ju’taka cha’pakazuul lorh’chaka Sorgh’dah

[18:29]  Sal said: *saved

[18:29]  Sal(in Brood): Un’thaneah’ naar’kuul nyar’lah Karmon’geaah

[18:29]  XH (in Brood): Sorgh’dah cha’pakazuul morh’thuul Un’thaneah’

[18:29]  XH said: indeed there was hypocrisy there

[18:29]  XH: Greetings Lady *nods to NM*

[18:29]  DS: ((what does no one read the boards how no one really likes a hero))

[18:29]  DS: Hello ma’am

[18:29]  XH: ((brb for real now))

[18:29]  DS: ((ok XH))

[18:29]  Sal said: I think that guy just wanted all the fun for himself…BASTARD

[18:29]  Sal(in Brood): Ic’tine cha’pakazuul rathuul’ne Ic’tine

[18:29]  EC moves from the wall where she was leaning and saunters towards the couch, she bows to NM as she passes, and flops down.

[18:30]  Sal: greetings NM

[18:30]  NM: good evening everyone

[18:30]  NM: I saw one of the Syn officers come down the stairs.. What was that about?

[18:30]  DS nods

[18:31]  CR waves to NM, “Evening.”

[18:31]  EC yawns, “Sal and Dallas were clumsy about grabbing up a girl for a night.”

[18:31]  DS: A drunk naked girl on the street

[18:32]  NM: she was drunk and naked?

[18:32]  DS: Yes ma’am

[18:32]  XH: ((bk))

[18:32]  DS: well topless

[18:32]  DS: ((wb))

[18:32]  Sal: ((wb))

[18:32]  XH: and of course AH decided I was to blame for it all

[18:32]  EC laughs, “Poor XH.”

[18:32]  XH chuckles

[18:32]  DS puts her head down

[18:33]  NM chuckles softly…”ahh.. I see”

[18:33]  XH: I bailed them out NM

[18:33]  NM chuckles

[18:33]  DS: and we have now learned the correct place to bring our toys

[18:33]  XH: they understand what not to bring here now.. but if you feel there is more of a lesson to be taught well.. nothing i can do about that

[18:34]  EC shrugs, “What not to bring, and what not to be caught TAKING….”

[18:34]  XH: Indeed

[18:34]  DS: Well those damn humans, always have to be a hero

[18:34]  NM: just for future reference, next time you intend to take advantage of some drunk naked slut you find in the street… there’s a perfectly good abandoned gas station kitty corner from here and a convenience store with some handy dandy bathrooms across the street… this is a place of business, so keep the naughty stuff over there

[18:35]  NM: ((looks like I’m a little late with that))

[18:35]  DS bows her head, “Yes ma’am”

[18:35]  EC: Hell, there’s even the alleyways.

[18:35]  Sal bows his head “yes ma’am”

[18:35]  EC grins and laughs a bit, “Backstage in the Zodiac, too.”

[18:35]  XH: I told them they can use the waterworks .. down below if they feel the need as well

[18:35]  DS looks at Sal and frowns

[18:36]  XH: I do suggest locking the trap door if you do though

[18:36]  DS laughs

[18:36]  NM curls the corner of her lip s into a wicked grin.. “that’s a nice place to play too”

[18:36]  EC throws her head back in a wild laughter, “Not that I would know, of course.”

[18:36]  XH: Greetings Fran *bows his head*

[18:36]  NM sighs wistfully.. “I do miss the old boiler room though”

[18:37]  DS makes a mental not to visit said water works place with lockable trap door

[18:37]  DS: *note

[18:37]  XH: I built that place in a small attempt to bring that back NM

[18:37]  XH: I have room to expand it

[18:37]  FV nods “Hello XH” then looks at NM “Aah… the boiler room…”

[18:37]  EC grins, “But if I were to have some experience back there, I would have to properly….thank the person who loosened me up.”

[18:37]  NM purrs.. “the look on their faces.. the way they cry.. It’s priceless when you throw their clothes into the furnace”

[18:37]  XH: hmmmmmm

[18:38]  DS smirks and her eyes change to fire

[18:38]  Sal thinks back to the days of the boiler room and smiles

[18:38]  NM once again grins viciously

[18:38]  DS has no clue what the hell these people are talking about

[18:38]  XH: I have some additions to make to the place I see

[18:38]  CR: I’ve never had a problem doing it right in the middle of the street so the change of scenery never bothered me. But I do miss having the Hellgate in the sewers… It will be a shame if the coffee shop ever turns into such a warzone…

[18:39]  Sal: this is a bad place for a warzone….too confined

[18:39]  NM turns a bit to address EC..”that would be a kind gesture”

[18:39]  CR waves to Don

[18:39]  XH (in Brood): Karmon’geaah r’lyeh morh’thuul Ic’tine

[18:39]  XH said: I will approach the arch demoness’ about an alternate site.. one better hidden and not as accessible

[18:40]  DS nods at XHs comment

[18:40]  EC smiles back to NM, “Oh, but how to properly thank someone for helping me along…”


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