Metagaming Example 1

[2009/04/05 22:05]  Salvatore Otoro looks over to DemonX…

[2009/04/05 22:05]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:05]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): we have company

[2009/04/05 22:05]  SR looks at the two demons spotting the one she saw the other day.” Hey Foxie”

[2009/04/05 22:06]  Salvatore Otoro smirks as he looks over the visitor that has just landed on the roof

[2009/04/05 22:07]  DemonX turns back from watching Coven’s game and stares at the girl who just came. He then raises a brow at her comment ” Foxie ? ” he replies, seems DemonX didn’t really liked that comment from someone that he doesn’t know at all so he eyed her evily

[2009/04/05 22:07]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:08]  Salvatore Otoro licks his lips with his long tongue “and you are ?”

[2009/04/05 22:09]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:09]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): kicks the hivemind to hear Sal’s post ))

[2009/04/05 22:09]  SR looked around.” Im Rein, Im a Valkyrie and i just arrived in town.”

[2009/04/05 22:10]  Salvatore Otoro: Rein? hmmmmm….valkyrie….

[2009/04/05 22:11]  Salvatore Otoro: how did you arrive here exactly?

[2009/04/05 22:11]  SR looked at the inccubus and narrowed her eyes.” I drove here, she yawned stretching a bit before looking at the 9 tailed demon. [ How does she know we are demons? or even an incubus? these should not be used in the description either until you know ]

[2009/04/05 22:13]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:13]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): have you introduced as a Inccubus ? or do you have smthg that show it ? ))

[2009/04/05 22:13]  Salvatore Otoro laughs heartily “Drove? “and continues to laugh “that’s a funny story….how about the real story?

[2009/04/05 22:14]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:14]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): it’s above my head on my ccs

[2009/04/05 22:14]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:15]  SR shrugged and looked around.” Ok ok i walked, since my race dont need to eat or drink we can survive anywhere”

[2009/04/05 22:15]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): yeah so metagam title no? ))

[2009/04/05 22:16]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:16]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): unless she’s using it to describe us only …so far]]

[2009/04/05 22:16]  Salvatore Otoro: and what is your business in this city?

[2009/04/05 22:17]  SR: that my friend is my buisiness so i dont have to tell you.

[2009/04/05 22:17]  DemonX raises a brow ” oh .. ”

[2009/04/05 22:17]  Salvatore Otoro smirks “you seem to be very friendly for someone having just arrived ”

[2009/04/05 22:18]  SR smiled.” O so you can tell im being friendly, good most people think im rude.” Shruggs a bit.

[2009/04/05 22:19]  Salvatore Otoro looks her over from top to bottom and back up, “and a tad too talkative as well”

[2009/04/05 22:20]  SR tilted her head.” Funny comeing from a guy who keeps change from english to demon speak.” [another metagame event ]

[2009/04/05 22:21]  Salvatore Otoro: what do you know of that?

[2009/04/05 22:21]  Salvatore Otoro: [[how do you know it is demon speak?]]

[2009/04/05 22:22]  DemonX laughs ” i can use another language as well, nothing is about the language, tho, unless may be ignorance that is … ”

[2009/04/05 22:23]  Salvatore Otoro: [[how do you know it’s demon speak?]]

[2009/04/05 22:24]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:24]  Salvatore Otoro: [[how do you know we are demons…we could be vampires]]

[2009/04/05 22:24]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): seems that you closed her mouth lol ))

[2009/04/05 22:24]  SR: (( The race im useing are artifically created by gods, so they know how creatures work plus how many vampires have 9 tails ))

[2009/04/05 22:26]  Salvatore Otoro: [[I don’t know…I’m human in appearance and he’s fox-ish in appearance]]

[2009/04/05 22:26]  DemonX: (( human with tails in apparence ))

[2009/04/05 22:27]  Salvatore Otoro: so you know so much about us … please tell us more….we’d love to hear it

[2009/04/05 22:27]  SR: (( yeah but im educated to know that nine tails are that of a demon fox in mythology))

[2009/04/05 22:27]  SR walked up to the demons and smiled.” Buy me a drink and ill talk to ya all night” [again continuing to metagame]

[2009/04/05 22:29]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:29]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): this one is funneh

[2009/04/05 22:29]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:29]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): yes cause my tails could have been Lycans one lol ))

[2009/04/05 22:29]  SR scratched her head and sighed.” You know that gets really annoying, if you have any back bone, speak in a language i understand”

[2009/04/05 22:30]  DemonX sighs and speaks in a foreign language ” et là tu comprends ? ou toujours pas ? ”

[2009/04/05 22:31]  Salvatore Otoro smirks “backbone? tu viniste hasta aca….nosotros no fuimos hasta ti?”

[2009/04/05 22:32]  Salvatore Otoro laughs

[2009/04/05 22:32]  SR shook her head and sighed ” mon français est rouillé”

[2009/04/05 22:32]  SR: wait that is french?

[2009/04/05 22:32]  SR places a hand on her chin and thinks.” Damn it 300 yeahs and you forget a language”

[2009/04/05 22:33]  SR: years*

[2009/04/05 22:35]  SR slaps her head and looks at the demons.” I give i understoof like two words but the rest i dont know”

[2009/04/05 22:35]  DemonX glances over his shoulder and noticed Jenny. He gives her a nod before looking back toward the BloodBank

[2009/04/05 22:35]  DemonX speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:35]  Brood Hive Mind: DemonX (in Brood): that means Translator sucks lol ))

[2009/04/05 22:35]  Salvatore Otoro looks back to Rein “that was amusing ……….for a bit”

[2009/04/05 22:36]  Salvatore Otoro speaks in a demonic tongue.

[2009/04/05 22:36]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): [[lmfao]]

[2009/04/05 22:36]  SR shrugged. “What ever you say lover boy,” Turns and walks away.” Later Foxie” [ another reference to my incubus title and to my friends tail ]

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  2. jax says:

    mmm yes but meta gaming is a fine line too.. if we are ‘acting’ like the character, would we not know a gog if we see it with out having to rp with the dog to ensure it is in fact a dog?

    and if we a rp a vampire, for instance, would not a vampire character be able to ‘sense’ the difference between a human or a vampire – or any creature that is not a vampire? Granted, demons may not be so easily detectable, and not knowing your look is hard to say. And well, strictly speaking, in most stories of vampire, they do have esp abilities, so….

    but i do understand your post I just think sometimes we pick and choose what we think is rp and what is not. if it were ‘real’ we would ‘sense’ things like we all do every day, and in sl, that ‘sense’ may be in the form of just a little ‘meta gaming’

    • The form I had that day was completely human in appearance. The problem I had with this player was her direct reading of tags to determine everything. As a shapeshifter, I purposefully make sure to confuse and decieve others with my appearance. Sometimes you will be able to tell, other times not. Arriving in a sim your first day and telling everyone you’re psychic or have too much knowledge is cause for elimination at the hand of another.
      I agree that sometimes you can sense things but knowing it all is simply metagaming. The explanation she gave is not sufficient in my opinion.

  3. Jaden says:

    I find this one really enlighting for myself, for I can say that I know now that I am indeed guilty of the Metagaming. I know that in certian ways that this is done and I know how to avoid it. But there are others that as you pointed out in the above that I did not know. I have assumed the last few weeks that the Demon Tongue was spoken out loud so when someone speaks you can hear it, but maybe that was not so true. Need to stop having my character react with wonder about the converstaion. Just one more thing that I didnt know and I needed to learn about, when being new to a Sim.

  4. hey that was a great read . Thanks for the great post .Loved every part of it.

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  6. Sparrow says:

    I dunno, I think you are being a little hard on someone obviously trying to break into what would sound like an elitist roleplay sim.

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