Good Interaction 3

Morgan Veloce in Lost Angels

Morgan Veloce in Lost Angels

[18:35] MV watches the happy couple
[18:36] SH Anything eh.. exciting going on out there tonight?
[18:36] RN Not that I’ve seen Ma’am.
[18:36] Zir feeling MVs gaze upon her she moves over to the table and plops down on the chair
[18:36] Sal: I heard there is a zombie hunt to take place
[18:36] RN raises an eyebrow.
[18:37] Zir: what’s up MV?
[18:37] SH rolls her eyes…
[18:37] SH Zombies…
[18:37] MV: I need to talk to you….in private
[18:37] SH Wonderful.
[18:37] Zir: oh?
[18:37] Sal laughs
[18:37] SH walks outside…
[18:38] MV: yes….I saw something last night that might be of interest to you
[18:38] Zir raises an eyebrow in curiosity
[18:38] Sal: so quiet night huh?
[18:38] RN nods, “Too quiet”
[18:38] MV: somewhere else
[18:39] Zir: alright, lead the way then
[18:39] MV: too many ears here
[18:39] RN chuckles
[18:39] Sal: hey love..where are you going?
[18:40] Zir: this better be good MV. I’d rather spend time with Sal
[18:41] Zir: I’ll be back Sal. just some “MV thing”
[18:41] Zir: shrugs
[18:41] MV: ((gah…the lag))
[18:42] Sal laughs

At this point Zir and MV head across the street to a liquor store to talk.

[18:43] Zir: alright, what is it?
[18:44] MV: last night I overheard our mutual friend RM….having a good time with Sal
[18:45] Zir: is that so?!?!?
[18:45] MV: I could hear him saying that she already had 1000 so she should take it all off
[18:46] Zir: you don’t mean………
[18:46] MV: I walked in on them and she was dressed but it looked like she did it in a hurry
[18:46] Zir: that little bitch!!!!!!
[18:47] MV: the stripper pole was warm…and sticky….I danced on it while she bitched at me
[18:47] Zir: she just can’t keep off Sal.
[18:47] MV: and Sal….well he’s a guy…what do you want
[18:47] MV: last I heard he gave her 1500 to strip
[18:48] Zir: after you’ve caused already trouble i shouldn’t believe you, MV. but i’ve been suspicious or her already
[18:49] MV: well…I was outside but I can hear many things… when she was drinking…..she told Sal she had spilled some and he should clean her up
[18:49] Zir: and did he?
[18:49] CCS – v0.4.7 – METER whispers: MV has leveled up!
[18:50] Zir: ((congrats))
[18:50] MV: I don’t know….I was outside as I said….I did hear him say one time that he might consider it
[18:50] MV: ((thanks))
[18:50] Zir: well, he’s only a guy. but she’s a conniving bitch.
[18:51] Zir: do you know how long she was alone with him?
[18:52] MV: it was a while
[18:53] Zir: well, if getting fucked is what she seeks, she will get her wish. but maybe not the way she thought
[18:53] MV: I’ve been keeping an eye on her …..Sal is a good friend….I don’t want him to fall into the wrong hands
[18:54] MV: whatever he is….sometimes he can be swayed
[18:55] Zir: i do appreciate you telling me. and as i said, i believe you because I’ve come to dislike her much for her bull she keeps coming up with just to hang around him
[18:55] MV: I would be careful with her….
[18:55] Zir: ohh, if he gets swayed any time, I’ll have my ways to correct that with him.
[18:56] MV: it seems she’s making many new friends quickly
[18:56] Zir: I’ll bide my time with her. she will pay for making a move on Sal.
[18:56] Zir: but it will be my pleasure to see her squirm
[18:57] MV: it is best to watch her carefully….she’s up to something but I haven’t found out what yet
[18:57] Zir: new friends my ass. she’s probably just fucking her way around with guys she thinks are important
[18:58] Zir: yes, i know she’s up to something. and she will reveal it soon enough
[18:58] Zir: that’s when it will backfire on her
[18:59] MV: I know she will betray you sooner than later….it’s all a matter of time….I can see the future and for her it is not a good one
[19:00] Zir: of course not. when i’m done with her she won’t have a future
[19:00] MV: I think others have an upper hand in that department
[19:01] MV: I would leave it up to the professionals
[19:01] Zir: I’ll be watching and will find my time of revenge
[19:01] MV: I don’t see you getting that
[19:01] MV spots someone enter
[19:01] Zir: ohh, revenge has many faces
[19:02] SH walks quietly, and silently.. into the LiqourMart…. “Hello girls.”
[19:02] MV: hello
[19:02] Zir looks around and nods
[19:02] SH Whom is this… girl… you’re speaking of?
[19:03] Zir: you were eavesdropping on us?
[19:03] SH chuckles softly… “That wasn’t an answer.”
[19:03] Zir: never mind, it’s to be expected in this city
[19:04] MV: why do you want to know?
[19:04] SH Because…
[19:04] SH Anything..
[19:04] SH That concerns Sal…
[19:04] SH Concerns =me=-
[19:04] SH ..and when it concerns me…
[19:04] SH It concerns =my= superiors…
[19:04] MV: and you are?
[19:04] SH I..
[19:05] SH Am none of your business.
[19:05] MV: oh…..very nice…
[19:05] SH My only concern .. is the safety of those under my care.
[19:05] Zir: well, i for my part keep my business private
[19:06] MV: hmmmm……
[19:06] Zir: especially since I don’t know you
[19:06] MV: give me one good reason to share information with you
[19:07] SH chuckles softly.. “Well… Zir. As you know Sal… quite well.” … sounds mischievous ….”You should know by now he often answers to me.”
[19:08] Zir: well these matters are of a personal matter
[19:08] SH Personal matters… in my family….
[19:08] SH Are family matters.
[19:08] SH and believe me..
[19:08] SH =my= family…
[19:08] Zir: and unless I see a threat against Sal where it is imperative to talk to you for his safety, I’ll keep it private
[19:08] SH Is far more efficient at dealing with individuals..
[19:09] SH who =fuck=.. with our own.
[19:10] SH Let me guess…
[19:10] SH RM.
[19:10] MV: I have told you what I know……….
[19:10] Zir: MV, I need to walk off my anger a bit. see ya later
[19:10] MV: this conversation never happened
[19:10] Zir walks toward the door and whispers to SH to follow her
[19:10] MV: you did not hear it from me
[19:10] Zir: of course not MV
[19:10] Zir: see you later
[19:11] MV turns and walks out the side door
[19:11] SH nods briefly at them both..


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