Good Interaction 2

[23:26]  MG leaned against the bar window and sighed. The pain in her hip gradually increasing but she tried not to care about it as she looked up and down the street again. She disliked greatly thinking so much of the pain but she wasn’t sure what to do. Her thoughts jumped from having someone yank on her leg to trying to fall off something to try to fix it. It only resulted in her sighing again.

[23:27]  Salvatore Otoro looks at the woman he had noticed again “hello there….are you in need of assistance?”

[23:30]  MG turned her face abruptly his voice interrupting her thoughts but she was grateful for it. Even though he might not be able to see them her eyes looked into his own and she tilted her head as she had done before, remembering earlier what she had noticed before. A grin etched across her lips and she tried to bluff a little, “Hello. Generally speaking, no.”

[23:31]  Salvatore Otoro smirks a bit “you don’t seem to be doing too well, can I direct you to a hospital or medic?”

[23:33]  MG shifted her stance back and forth to help with her circulation hiding a wince, “I’ve just been to the hospital, it’s pretty empty.” She shrugged, she knew she was a horrible liar. She added, “But thank you.”

[23:34]  Salvatore Otoro arches an eyebrow “what where you there for?”

[23:35]  Salvatore Otoro: was it for what is making you limp around?

[23:36]  MG had been holding her left hip with her right hand trying to hide her inury from being seen, or at least as best she could. She removed her hand and revealed the dislocation of her hip. It was slight but there wasn’t much she could do about it, “This.”

[23:37]  Salvatore Otoro: hmmm…..maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement?

[23:38]  MG raised her eyebrow at him which could probably seen above the frames of her dark glasses, “Oh?”

[23:40]  Salvatore Otoro: I’ll get you healed up in exchange for a favor

[23:41]  MG tilted her head to the side, looking at him suspiciously. She already had what she thought was an idea of what he might be but she humored her curiosity, “Favor? I’m listening.”

[23:42]  Salvatore Otoro: I’ll get you fully healed and you owe me a favor in the future

[23:45]  MG itched at her skin, it was almost a character trait of hers to do. She thought for a moment, adding only to her suspicions, “And what would a favor of me do for you?” She was maybe too curious about what he could give this male in return. She studied his body not truly convinced it was his.

[23:45]  MG: (( she could** damn lag))

[23:47]  Salvatore Otoro: follow me and I’ll explain

[23:47]  MG nods and follows behind him cautiously.

[23:48]  MG looks around the room after entering it. Even with the boarded up windows it still had its charisma about the place. She smiled, “I often wondered what this place looked like inside.” She mused as she glanced about.

[23:49]  Salvatore Otoro: it’s very simple. I cure you and you owe me a favor in the future. I don’t need anything from you right now.

[23:49]  Salvatore Otoro looks around….”this used to be a coffee shop”

[23:51]  MG pursed her lips at him, looking him over again, “I’m very doubtful you could.” She wasn’t sure of it but she was pretty sure.

[23:53]  Salvatore Otoro looks her over “why do you underestimate yourself? I know what I speak of. ”

[23:56]  MG resisted the urge to move closer so she could touch him. The curiosity burning in her mind. She wanted to know what he was. She grinned at his words, “Underestimate myself? ” She caught on that he could read her thoughts and closed off her mind to him. She was sure that he didn’t know what she was and instantaneously as she looked him over, she thought “this will be fun.” as a more definite thought than a fleeting one.

[23:59]  Salvatore Otoro: It can be done if you agree to my terms…otherwise you can continue with your limping and your pain….lest you love the feeling it causes you

[00:00]  MG laughed softly, “No I don’t enjoy pain. Tell me what other conditions this arrangement includes. Your eyes tell me theirs more.” There she was trying to lie again, but she did believe there was more even if she didn’t really see it in his eyes.

[00:01]  Salvatore Otoro smiles “it is what it is…you agree to this and we shall mutually benefit. Do you agree to this?”

[00:02]  MG grinned at his smile, “And if you fail?” She found this question amusing but didn’t react, the feeling stayed caught in her eyes.

[00:03]  Salvatore Otoro smirks “the agreement is contingent upon your healing”

[00:05]  MG tilted her head to the side thinking about what he might do. “Alright. I agree.”

[00:06]  MG wondered suddenly if he’d actually touch her and that seemed to interest her further. She raised her eyebrow at him and wondered if he knew somehow what that might do to her.

[00:07]  Salvatore Otoro pulls a parchment out from his cape, unfurling it and placing it on the counter beside him. ” to bind the contract, you must sign it in blood”

[00:09]  MG raises an eyebrow looking to examine the parchment but from the corner of her eye. “And how do I know, I can trust that this document states what we’ve agreed on?”

[00:12]  Salvatore Otoro smirks “you see this before I store it…:”

[00:13]  Salvatore Otoro: if you decide to reneg on the contract your soul or life essence will be mine

[00:16]  MG was overly suspicious of him and tilted her head to the side, continuing on in her thoughts, “And besides. A contract is a contract. As far as I know you could still hold me to a favor even if you don’t succeed. ” She shook her head, biting her lips together, the urge to touch him was strong again but she remained in control of herself. She shook her head. “I don’t know you, I certainly don’t trust you. And there’s only one type who exchanges favors of this nature. ” She grinned, “I thank you though…” She hadn’t bothered to ask him his name, then again, he wasn’t actually offering it either nor did she.

[00:17]  MG: (( eep, I meant to say that she actually said that not thought it :/ bah ))

[00:18]  Salvatore Otoro: [[which part?]]

[00:19]  MG: (( all the quoted parts are actually said…if I typed it correctly it probably would have said continuing on in her thoughts, verbally she said, “And besides..etc))

[00:21]  Salvatore Otoro smirks “very well then” as the parchment catches fire on its own burning but leaving no ashes or burn marks in it s wake “as you wish” smirking again as he watched her

[00:23]  MG clearly wasn’t desperate yet but the pain in her hip was gradually increasing. She watched the parchment disappear as she shifted stances again. Her eyes refocused on him, looking over his frame again as she had done before.

[00:26]  Salvatore Otoro smirks again “have a good night then…” as he turns and walks to the back towards the a door

[00:27]  MG watched him leave and smirked herself, turning on her heels and exiting the way she came in. She winced as she turned, limping back out into the street, biting down on her lip to hide the pain

  1. Hera says:

    I’m sorry for my late comment, maybe it’ll be noticed (or not). So, (as a starter RP-learner who is very grateful for this site) I enjoy this scene very much, but I don’t understand an essential thing: we can see what MG is thinking.

    I don’t understand it. How can my character know exactly what is in the other character’s mind? Is it possible in a “good interaction”? Aren’t only the physical emotions (face expressions, behaviour, details of movements, look at-s, voice, etc) allowed to be expressed? Where is the point where I start to over-explain my character’s doings?

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