Good Interaction 1

[21:54]  OA bows to all with a small smile, “Greetings..”

[21:55]  MG limped to her usual spot and leaned against the building as usual. She looked up and down the street as she always did, her eyes hopping from one interesting thing to the next. The only thing that was different about today was she had a nagging pain. She shrugged it off as she focused on the group of people standing nearby. She brings her left hand to her right forearm itching slightly as she observed.

[21:56]  Brood Hive Mind: NS (Hivemind): (despite what her avi looks like, we should be cool and say hi or something to KB. We were all new at some point)

[21:56]  VPN speaks in a demonic tongue.

[21:56]  Brood Hive Mind: VPN (in Brood): (I agree, Nova))

[21:56]  OA: ((Who is KB?))

[21:56]  Salvatore Otoro taps into the Brood Hivemind.

[21:57]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (Hivemind): I will introduce myself If I can get unstuck))

[21:57]  XL grumbles softly to herself wishing she knew what they were talking about but keeps silent as always

[21:57]  OA taps into the Brood Hivemind.

[21:57]  Brood Hive Mind: OA (Hivemind): ((Who is KB?…oopsie))

[21:57]  KB: Many answers to that question. ))

[21:57]  Salvatore Otoro: Greetings, welcome to our fair city

[21:58]  OA watches Sal walk over to a person she’s never seen, “Uhmmm…” She struts over…

[21:58]  KB blinks as she would snap from her daze, her pulsating orbs would seem to scan the male rather intently* Hm, hello. You are? *her head tilting slightly as a pop would emit from her spine sending a delightful tingle*

[21:59]  KB: Lagging insanely, brb if I crash))

[21:59]  Salvatore Otoro: pleased to meet you, and you are ? ((ok))

[22:00]  Avrilia Jewell: mm i suppose ill roam

[22:00]  OA softly smiles at the girl, but stands quietly but rather fidgety, next to Sal.

[22:00]  MG turned her face slightly to what seemed like sarcastic comments coming from the two bickering. She watched intensely noting their mannerisms within her mind.

[22:01]  KB bites her lower lip, the crimson coating her supple lips would press against her teeth as she spoke rather distorted however understandable* I am KB… *Her eyes seeming to trace the woman’s form rather quickly taking in her features before nodding to the man*

[22:02]  Salvatore Otoro: It’s nice to meet you KB….what brings you to our fair city?

[22:02]  XL stands in a guarded stance, keeping a eye on the demons around her as if to watch for trouble

[22:03]  OA watches the girl intently, giving her the head to toe.

[22:03]  XL thinks the girl was too white…

[22:03]  MG catches interest in what Salvatore says and snickers at the mention of “fair” and “city” in the same sentence. She doesn’t hide the mocking reaction on her face but then again, she knew his attention wasn’t on her anyway and couldn’t possibly see it. She turned back to the two bickering with renewed interest when it seemed to become what looked to her, a pissing contest.

[22:04]  KB: Hm, well I have come here a couple weeks ago… was actually passing through and decided to stay. Not so bad, diverse and entertaining to say the least. *As she spoke her voice seemed to clear up a bit, her body seeming to keep a fluid movement, her hooves lightly dragging along the concrete as her hip jutted outward she shifted slightly observing the two not clear of their motives* I take it you have lived here long?

[22:06]  Salvatore Otoro smiles “yes we have been here for some time….a long time in fact….so what do you think of this place so far?”

[22:06]  XL shrugs and nods to VPN, her eyes sliding to Salvatore

[22:06]  OA still waits for Sal to lead the conversation for she’s still sizing up the girl. She rather likes her interesting look. Too many cookie cutter people walking around…this one is unique. She tilts her head and gives her a half grin.

[22:08]  XL walks over behind Orchid not really looking at KB…all that white hurting her eyes, plays with orchid’s tail to let her know she was behind her

[22:08]  KB silken locks would tumble over her shoulders, her porcelain skin seeming to glisten a bit as she would focus her eyes on Orchid rather intently noting her grin, a grin of her own painting her own lips as she slowly pulled her gaze to the man* Ah, well, i have made it home …per-se. *Cackles softly as she nodded to his words* So, yes I have found this place rather entertaining and delightful. *It was evident this woman was quite the enigma as the changing in her voice would set one off a bit*

[22:11]  OA knows that X is back there as she shifts around for two release energy and to keep an eye on her surroundings. She flicks her tail back at her playfully as she continues to gaze at the new girl. She finally speaks in a soft, hoarse voice which some may consider sexy while others may find threatening, “…I’m Orchid. Welcome.”

[22:12]  Salvatore Otoro looks her over head to toe. Yes, she was unique and interesting looking. She seemed to have more about her that he wanted to discover “I’m glad you like it here, except for the occasional stray bullet, it is a pretty exciting and ‘fun’ city at at times. Do you have any plans for your stay?”

[22:13]  XL winces and looks over at KB and nods in greeting averting her eyes again muttering a curse softly about white…

[22:13]  MG turned much of her attention down the street to the group there and scanned her eyes over the people standing there. She flashed her glance to the female standing in front of her occasionally, paying particular attention to the defining features of what she figured to be her race.

[22:16]  KB cackles rather softly as her head shook, her lips would seem to move rather slowly however her words came out at a slightly faster pace, however not really noticeable* Mhm, a pleasure OA. Very much so… *Smiling as her brow arched sharply, her pulsing orbs focusing on Orchids eyes before fixing her gaze back upon Sal* Indeed, the stray bullets are much of a pain indeed… I simply observe most of the time… better than trying to peel myself off the ground, anyhow I still have quite the bit of training to do till i can truly do as i wish *As she spoke her voice would seem to crack a bit, her eyes shifting to XL she nodded and simply ignored the statement*

[22:17]  Salvatore Otoro begins to release a bit of lust in the air that surrounds all 4 of them….”forgive my manners, I am Salvatore”

[22:18]  XL flexes her claws on the asphalt in agitation of the scent, shifting side to side looking down the road trying to ignore its affect

[22:18]  KB smiles slightly* Pleasure Salvatore. *Nodding a few times as she seemed to scan the area once before locking her eyes with each surrounding her*

[22:19]  OA’s grey eyes redden slightly as she girl stares into them momentarily and she nods to her slightly, “Pleasure as well…indeed.” She glances at Sal for a second then shifts about again.

[22:19]  MG gripped her side with her hand, the pain was beginning to wash over her again and she gritted her teeth to show any of it. She forced the feeling out of her mind and tried to distract herself by continuing to listen and observe the people in the street. She didn’t seem to find anyone wearing interesting colors today, just the usual black, white, gray, red she was used to. Though she couldn’t really complain, she was dressed no differently.

[22:20]  OA flicks her tail at X again and giggles softly.

[22:20]  Salvatore Otoro releases a stronger dose of lust which begins to waft down by the girl next to the dumpster

[22:21]  XL growls in agitation…folding her arms over her hard nipples, her metal claws on her feet scraping the asphalt slightly , her tail swaying side to side from the scent in the air unable to top her damn tail from showing her pleasure of it all!

[22:22]  KB lip would twitch slightly as she watched the “master” call upon his slave, her eyes glaring a moment before inhaling rather sharply, her chest would rise as the metal casing seemed to shift about , her heart pulsing at a calm pace as she blinked once , her nose would twitch as she looked to Sal* Hm…. I do appreciate the welcome… *Seeming rather confused now at the diverse actions seeming to take place*

[22:22]  OA speaks in a demonic tongue.

[22:22]  Brood Hive Mind: OA (in Brood): The girl is actually adorable in a unique sorta way.

[22:22]  Salvatore Otoro smiles “KB, I’m glad you are making yourself at home in our city. We like to see new faces around, it helps maintain a balance of power in our cities”

[22:23]  Salvatore Otoro nods to Orchid

[22:24]  KB glares watching the male* Hm, seems pussies exist here as well? *It was very seldom KB would speak in such a manner however she found the male highly distasteful* Oh, forgive me.. that man surely has no control over what he “owns” *Grinning as she then looked to Sal* Indeed, is it a fine city… although I have not seen every bit of it as of yet

[22:24]  KB head would tilt as she watched Orchids lips as the odd language slipped from between them*

[22:24]  OA glances at Sal again and grins as she winces cause X is driving her crazy with the scraping of her claws…sounds like nails scratching on a chalkboard. She swats her tail back at her and whispers, “Stop that…you are hurting my ears darling.”

[22:24]  MG itched at her arm again as she felt the wave of lust seem to edge around her. She took a deep breath and shifted her weight against the wall. Her mind tried to compel her legs to move closer to him but she railed against it. She wasn’t anyone’s sheep and she’d fight it with everything she had no matter if she wanted it badly or not. Her eyes scanned where she believed to be was the source and she narrowed her eyes behind her glasses, intent on narrowing it down further.

[22:26]  XL grins stopping “well its a good distracting then the other things I’ve scented around here” glances at KB but none to comfortably “I am X……why are you wearing so much white?” tries to ask as kindly as physically possible for her character

[22:26]  KB quirks a brow as her head shifted, her lip would curl slightly as she responded* Why are you wearing so much black?

[22:27]  XL grins “it’s my nature…”

[22:27]  OA notes X’s kindness and almost chuckles for she knows the exertion that little comment must have taken.

[22:27]  KB smirks as she spoke* Pleased to meet you then, maybe. *Smirking as she shifted her weight slightly* It is mine as well.

[22:27]  Avrilia Jewell: what is she? angel? Demon? crack head?

[22:28]  Salvatore Otoro intensifies the secretion of the aura of lust as it now heavily fogs the whole street from Avrilla down to the quiet girl by the dumpster

[22:28]  XL: looks like a angel to me…..too much white

[22:28]  KB glared looking at the woman whom has just approached* Well, seems the intelligence has dropped… perhaps I will take my leave *Winking as she looked to Avril before nodding to the others*

[22:29]  Avrilia Jewell: you haven’t a clue obviously

[22:29]  XL blinks and looks at orchid’s back “did I say something rude again…”

[22:29]  Salvatore Otoro smiles “I have an idea but I would rather discuss that privately”

[22:29]  KB: Not you dear.. .*She would nod her head in Av’s direction before smiling to each*

[22:30]  OA yawns, “Well…I really must retire to my quarters now. Nice to meet you… do you prefer to be called dear?”

[22:30]  KB: KB is fine.. *Nodding before letting her gaze fall upon Orchid*

[22:30]  XL leans forward and whispers very softly in orchid’s ear “snowwhite”

[22:31]  XL leans back and looks at Avrillia curiously, since she cannot stand to look at the brighter kind of white any way

[22:31]  Avrilia Jewell paused a moment still trying to decide who she was actually talking about “clarity would be nice.. but no matter”

[22:31]  OA turns to X, “I rather enjoy you rude hun…makes you fun.” She nods to all, bowing slightly to Sal and disappearing into the shadows as a “Good evening…” is heard in the same sultry voice.

[22:32]  XL grins slightly at orchid’s comment

[22:33]  MG noticed her hand reach up and begin to slowly glide down her side in a more seductive nature but she gritted her teeth as she closed her eyes, pushing the influence from herself. She planted her feet steadfast on the ground and clenched her hands into fists, drawing the intensity of the lust that hit her inward to her being. She opened her eyes and peered down the street. She was sure now who it was coming from she just needed some confirmation of her suspicions.

[22:33]  KB would clench her jaw holding her tongue as her finger began to drum along her forearm, her gaze shifting to Avril noting her features before turning back to the three* Well, it was rather nice I suppose. Be well.

[22:34]  Salvatore Otoro: it was nice meeting you KB

[22:35]  Salvatore Otoro: I hope we meet again and discuss more, I’d love to hear more about you

[22:35]  XL looks right hearing gunshot, sliding a dagger out from her right thigh staring down the road

[22:35]  KB: You as well… *Nodding a few times before shifting upon her hooves she would flick a few silken locks from her features as she made her way down the street* Perhaps… be well for now.

[22:36]  Avrilia Jewell: hmmm I need more information

[22:36]  XL sees the damn newbie playing with guns and puts her dagger away

[22:38]  MG gripped her hip with her hand as she felt the urgency to protect herself lessen. She watched the group break up and go their separate ways. Her eyes roamed the street looking for a new subject to focus on.

[22:38]  Salvatore Otoro looks around but sees little of interest except…

[22:40]  Salvatore Otoro taps into the Brood Hivemind.

[22:40]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (Hivemind): I think someone needs to collar X….she follows us around like a stray puppy

[22:41]  Salvatore Otoro scans the streets and the passerby watching one in particular from across the street

[22:41]  Brood Hive Mind: VPN (Hivemind): I need a pet…*laughs*

[22:42]  Salvatore Otoro taps into the Brood Hivemind.

[22:42]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (Hivemind): grab X then

[22:44]  Salvatore Otoro watches the girl by the dumpster and analyzes her from afar

[22:44]  MG was distracted by a thought for a moment and reached into her pocket to find a piece of paper she was holding there. She brought it out, looking at it as she spanned her finger, hovering, across the page. She folded the small piece of paper in half and replaced it in her pocket. She felt eyes on her and darted her glance across the street, now scanning the male’s body, tilting her head to the side as she did so in a curious nature.

[22:46]  MG raised her hand up to rub across her neck and follow through around the back only to reverse the action after playing her fingers across the stray hairs at her hairline.

[22:48]  Salvatore Otoro decides to play for a while by sending some lust over to her just to see what happens

[22:49]  Salvatore Otoro sends the aura and walks into the boarded up coffee shop

[22:51]  MG lowered her hand back down to her side. Her glance interrupted by a what appeared to be a male walking by clothed in blue. Her eyes followed him down the street. The color a welcomed change from the usual dark colors of the inhabitants of Lost Angels. She feels the aura envelop her but this time she was more on guard for it. She closed her eyes and didn’t let it affect her, it was all she needed to confirm her earlier suspicions. She contemplated his intentions and just merely grinned a response as she saw him walk by.

[23:04]  MG limped down the street, stopping at the coffee shop door as if contemplating another route but continues forward after all.


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