About Me and this Site

Salvatore stalking his prey from a rooftop in Lost Angels

Salvatore stalking his prey from a rooftop in Lost Angels

My name is Salvatore Otoro and I’m an avatar in the Second Life metaverse.  My intention with this blog is to help others excel in role play.  If this is something you have never done before, you will find plenty of tips and resources to help you begin your journey.  If you have been roleplaying already there may be tips or resources here to help you excel and or improve.  Roleplay is a learning experience that takes time and patience.  It can be intimidating at first and can’t be learned in one day.  Constant practice and help from sites such as this one will help you improve your game.

I have been roleplaying since 2006 in Second Life in the City of Lost Angels sim and although I’m not an expert at role playing, I can say that I have seen a lot of good and bad things in my time there.  I learned to role play from the very start, on my own, and with little to no help.  I hope that through my tips and suggestions as well as through examples of good and bad roleplay you can learn and enjoy this pastime.

I am  a member of the Brood Demons of the Lost Angels.   I was a writer for Role Magazine for their role play section until their last issue in November 2009.  I currently have a new project in the works; a magazine I am self publishing called SLRP which highlights my best finds in role play sims.  Though I write mostly for myself,  sometimes I’ll post a tale or two to the Avatars United site or you might see my work on A Touch of Lace.  You can also find me on The Brood Website and ccs-gametech.com.  Follow me on my quest to make roleplay a better experience for everyone.  Welcome aboard.

If you would you like to contact me for any submissions, requests, news, or information related to roleplay you can email at:

salvatore.otoro at gmail dot com

Some other places you can find me:




  1. Zirayah says:

    Hey Sal,
    You made it possible for me to come out of my shell and actually have a great time roleplaying with you. Your guidance and patience gave me the confidence to really get into my character and explore a side of me that was hidden away until then.
    Sadly due to rl time constrictions on both sides we drifted apart, but I will always cherish the wonderful time we had together.

  2. Reina B says:

    That reminds me, I’ve been waiting for updates on the stories you post on AU.

    • Salvatore Otoro says:

      I think it’s best you keep an eye on this blog, especially the section called Diary of a Roleplayer which has a lot of the stories and adventures I am a part of. There are some stories from the past and some that are in progress. They are not as dark as what is on Avatars United but they are quite good.

  3. Hey Sal,
    A really unique new post-apoc RP recently opened up in SL, and the dedication that the owners have to it is unheard of. I was wondering if you’d be interested in maybe checking it out, or even reviewing it if you had the time. My SL username is Paringo.
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    -Ochs Paringer II

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