Fantasy Faire 2013 with Trident, Whatz, and The Muses

Posted: April 25, 2013 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay Shopping
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It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged here due to being busy with work, school, and other things.  Fantasy Faire, though, is an event that I wholeheartedly support because it supports a great cause; the fight against Cancer.  Take some time to visit the sims, explore the sights, and buy some donation items to contribute to the cause.

Today I’m showing off the highly detailed work of Trident’s Alchemist Tables and Trays.  Trident prides itself in recreating medieval items of high detail and workmanship.  There are four Alchemist Tables, each with a different color and brew.  They not only come with poses but also the bottles to hold in your hands.  There are also four Alchemist Trays, each different as well and very finely detailed.


By now you’re wondering what that tiny dragon is doing on my shoulder.  My companion today is the Whatz Grisou the Dragon 2.0 which tends to blurt out the strangest things while it’s perched there watching me work.  You can have it say what you want and it will randomly blurt them out on its own.


I’m wearing the Alchemy Robe from The Muses.  It comes in several colors and is well suited for the task.  Around my waist is the Trident Alchemist Belt.  It has everything you need to keep handy when you need to carry more than your two hands will allow.  If you need to carry around books as well as a plethora of bottles with you, you will need the Trident Alchemist Backpack. Both come in male and female versions and are easily resized if needed.





Trident Alchemy Table I, II ,III, IV
Trident Alchemist Backpack I, II, IV
Trident Alchemist Belt
Trident Youth Elixir Tray, Deadly Poison Tray, Vision Essence Tray, Love Philter Tray
Trident Alchemist Backpack I [M],[Purple/Red]
Trident Alchemist Belt [M],[Purple]

Whatz Grisou the Dragon 2.0

the muses . Alchemy Robe . purple


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