Gotham City is looking for Role Players

Posted: November 14, 2012 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay Sims
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Gotham City - Wayne Enterprises

Gotham City, a long time Batman superhero role play sim is looking for players.  Posted below is the actual notecard you can get at the landing point that explains what roles they are seeking to fill.  As always you can create your own character instead.  If you have any questions you can always IM a GM about it.

Contents of the Notecard:

Cast List
** Many Heroes, Villains, and Civilians are available, not all are listed. If they pertain to Gotham, please check with a GM about playing them in the roleplay.**
Setting: Our current setting takes place during a few years after Batman began his war on crime. Many of the characters listed are in their formative years prior to notoriety or fame. Fleshed out origin stories are extremely encouraged and will enrich your roleplay experience.
*Characters with super powers will be allowed to apply, however, only if there is a well-defined weakness for the character and a lowered power rating so you don’t spank Batman too hard*

Available Heroes:

Harvey Dent
The Guardian/Jim Harper
Roy Harper/Speedy
Robin/Dick Grayson
Cyborg/Victor Stone
HawkMan/Carter Hall
Hawkgirl/Shiera Sanders
Wildcat/Ted Grant

Available Civilians: (Please note you can create your own civilians if you wish, this just a cast of support characters from the canon)
Detective Harvey Bullock
Dr. Thomas Elliot
Dr. Jeremiah Arkham

Available Villains:

The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot
Prof. Hugo Strange
Mad Hatter/Jervis Tetch
Ventriloquist/Arnold Wesker
Solomon Grundy
Black Spider/ Eric Needman
Catman/Thomas Blake
The Archer
Toyman/Winslow Schott
Clock King/ William Tockman
Cupid/Carrie Cutter
Calendar Man
The Mask

Available League of Assassins
Talia Al Ghul
Ra’s Al Ghul
David Cain
Lady Shiva

Carmine Falcone
Sofia Gigante Falcone
Alberto Falcone/Holiday Killer
Salvatore Maroni
Tony Zucco
Rupert Thorne

Cast Heroes:

Batman/Bruce Wayne – DavidHawk Actor
Green Arrow/Oliver Queen – Maoulduin Hammerer
Black Canary/Dinah Lance – Tamora Daviau
John Constantine – Theo Forder
Batgirl/Barbara Gordon – Koumori Amaterasu
Raven- EvilZuzu Resident
Helena Bertinelli/Huntress- Etherea Serendipity
The Question/Vic Sage- captainamerica.allen
Zatanna Zatara- jetta.bentham

Cast Villains:

THE Catwoman/Selina Kyle- charic.uladstron
The Joker – kristoff.jameson
The Riddler/Edward Nigma – Frenchie89 resident
Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries – Silante Blackheart
Cheshire/ Jade Nguyen- NVRandolph Resident
Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley- Aiwa Gertler
Roxy Rocket- Koumori Amaterasu
Victor Zsasz- Francis Constantine
NightJar Bloodmoon/Ziyou Yin Niao- Jedrek Leodhais

Cast Civilians:

Harleen Quinzel – kayla.fenstalker
James Gordon- NVRandolph Resident
Cast Mobsters:
Kaoru (leader of the Yakuza) – Kayla Fenstalker
Rei Rei (member of the Yakuza) – NvRandolph Resident
Suzuki- dreiburg.gurbux

Gotham City - Gotham University

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