Avoiding Conflict in Role Play

Posted: May 12, 2012 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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Ophidia and Domino spar

Ophidia and Domino spar

Any type of role play can eventually lead to conflict that will be not neccesarily be IC but OOC.  Learning how to manage these conflicts is needed if you plan to continue the role play with these individuals.  If the problems are not resolved, they could fester until they spill into IC situations or the role play will no longer be fun.  Conflicts with other players in the role play should never become OOC conflict.  Besides affecting your role play, it affects the play of all the others as well.

Today I stumbled upon this forum posting that explains clearly How to role Play with People and it refers to a funny piece titled Internet Drama and You.  Both of these explanations refer to forum-based role play though it can be useful to anyone that role plays in any different venue.  I highly recommend these and I hope it helps with any kind of drama you encounter anywhere in cyberspace.

  1. GothGirl Demonia says:

    Without posting drama on drama, what should be asked is how to deal with an Admin who is creating Drama. I played in NoR years ago, and briefly put I had a resident take OOC Im’s IC and create drama, the admin said it was okay at first, and then later on the drama explodes very big, and the admin, and the player start sending around all these rumors they can’t prove. The question that should be asked is how to deal with an abusive manager when the owners don’t give 2 cents, and they refuse to even look at anything but point the finger Your Guilty. You get ruined from participating in a big community, or with friends all because of one person’s little grudge. RP drama sure it happens shake hands be done with it, but intense griefing, No Thank You, I don’t want it.

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