Role Play Related Hunts

Posted: September 3, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay Fashion & Events

Three role play related grid-wide hunts started Thursday September 1st .  The Steam: The Hunt 5 hunt with the

Steam The Hunt 1

participation of  194 stores in the steam-punk genre, the Twisted Hunt 6 featuring the participation of 207 stores in different genres like Gothic, cyberpunk, and futuristic, and the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 2 which includes stores in the medieval and fantasy genre.  According to Pips Freebie Fantasy in SL blog, the Medieval Fantasy Hunt does not have a blog or list of participating stores but does have a starting point at United IrishCon Mainstore.  If I get any additional information on this hunt, I will post an update here.  All three hunts run till September 30th and include items that might be of use to you in your role play.

Steam: The Hunt 2011 – blog                                                         Twisted Hunt 2001 – blog and Flickr group


Medieval Fantasy Hunt 2011

  1. Cool. Thanks for the post.

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