Fantasy Faire 2011 is open to the public and hoping you’ll stop by.  What better way to buy all the new items available from these stupendous creators than now when your Lindens go to a great cause, the fight to live in a world without cancer.  Lourdes and I will be showcasing some of the great items you can purchase during the faire.

Today we’re highlighting the work of creators BelenosStormchaser Magic of DragonFox Designs, Titania Halasy of whatz, Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve, and Hawke Mai of Arsenic Lace.

DragonFox Designs – Ruined Babylonian Temple

Lourdes is wearing:
Adam n Eve – Ebony skin
Arsenic and Lace – Elvtyrr outfit

Salvatore is wearing:
whatz – growling man 3 and growling boots unisex 3

Pose: EssentialSoul *ES* Blades

DragonFox Designs – Romantic Wisteria Gazebo

Lourdes is wearing:
Adam n Eve – Astrelle Fae Special skin and Sana silks

Salvatore is wearing:
whatz – real men wear skirts 3
Pose: oOo Hush available at Pose Fair 2011

More to come from Salvatore Otoro of Second Life Roleplay and Second Life Resident and my partner Lourdes Denimore of and Shopping Cart Disco

  1. Awesome pics! Be careful with those swords though! *lol*

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