…Do Us Part

Posted: March 8, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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The following role play is posted in it’s entirety, however because not all players had given consent to have this posted, their names have been changed.  Only Farah Corral’s name shows fully in the text.

Inside the Medical Center emergency room

Inside the Medical Center emergency room

KS brows raised and eyes widen.

Farah Corral blinks slowly as she seems to be chilling now; her pupils would look dilated and lost in the contemplation of the blank ceiling. She had even stopped the moaning as her mind seems trapped into a different dimension. Her body would still lay limp and motionless on the bed as A checks her abdomen

L(S): shook her head quickly, “No….. no… it ccan’t be…. it’s not….. it’s not gone is it?” she asked as she felt her pupils dialate, she grew anxious.

MZ’s head shakes as she lifts her eyes to her husband. “Oh no… ” she murmurs and then she squares her shoulders, knowing that whatever heartache she’s feeling right now it will hit Farah that much harder later. M needs to be strong for her friend and so she will be. “Will it come on its own?” she murmurs quietly to her husband. M slips the stethoscope around her neck, and slips a warming blanket over Farah, noting her chilled skin. “Should I run a blood bag, love? See if there’s something to be seen there too?”

aB looks down at the ground, fists and jaws clenched. He stays silent for a second but he knows M knows. The heart of the baby is there, but it’s not beating anymore. He face palms. “No, love. We’ll have to suck it out. And perhaps fragment it. We’ll need lycan blood from the blood bank.” He turns to K2 and L. “Can you get some O negative lycan blood from the bank, please? I don’t know how much she’s lost already.” Then he shakes his head. “Just fuck… How can we tell her she lost her baby when she doesn’t remember she had one…” he sighs. “We’ll have to sedate her.”

aB then nods. “And yes. A blood bag can’t do any more harm. You’re right. It’s more cautious to do it.”

KS hopped up without saying a word, she looked back to L hoping she would come along, she hated being alone with vamps but she’d do it when it comes to such matters as this. She took a deep breath putting on her brave face and headed in to the blood bank.

Farah Corral blinks slowly as her lips part some to let out a barely audible whisper “it can’t be happening now” she repeats obsessively as silent tears drop out of her eyes”

MZ nods her head, her face paling at the atrocious task set before the doctors now. Her hands shake slightly as she prepares a syringe to draw some blood from Farah’s inner elbow. She swiftly ties a piece of tubing around Farah’s arm and snags it tight, using her fingers to palpitate the soft skin of Farah’s inner elbow. She swabs the spot with an alcohol wipe and bends close, her thumb flipping off the safety lid before sliding the needle under Farah’s skin and releasing the tubing to allow the blood to well into the tubule.. If Farah doesn’t move too much M should be able to withdraw the ampoule of blood and remove the needle, taping a gauze ball over the puncture wound. She then starts to gather the macabre instruments that will be needed to perform the most unpleasant abortive task. Wordlessly M wheels the prepared tray to the end of the gurney and moves to run the tests on the blood ampoule.

L(S): sat there, non responsive after hearing what Doc had just said…Farah lost the baby. L started to cry, and not for herself, but for Farah as she remembered the day she’d kneeled on the ground and pressed her ear to Farah’s tummy, trying to see if the baby was making sounds of if she could feel it moving. After a very long moment she shook her head again, “N-n-n-no….. Th-there’s no w-wway to s-s-s-save it?” tears were streaming down her face now as she got up and walked towards Farah, hearing the lycanesses words, “Farah? You gotta stay with us…” if M and Doc allowed her to, she’d place her hands on top of Farah’s head, petting her hair, much as K2 had done for her.

MZ looks sympathetically over at L, remembering the very short while that had passed since L had been on this very gurney, so grievously injured herself. “Keep talking to her, L” M murmurs softly. “She’ll need all of our love and support to help recover from this.”

SF made his way into the hospital, and to his surprise having found a load of pack within… he would sneak his way through and pressed himself against the wall listening in on what would be said…..

L(S): bent down and rested her head next Farah’s as she continued petting her hair, “Farah…. you have to stay here… quit talking to whomever it is you see and we can’t and talk to me. Talk to ME Farah. It’s not time yet.” she whispered in Farah’s ear hoping the softer tone would draw her back into the world around her.

aB of course leaves L’s hands on Farah’s head for a while, as he prepares the instruments, hating his job as a doorkeeper to Death on this moment. His heart is full of pain but his gestures are efficient, precise, and clinical. He doesn’t say a word. Every instrument is neatly at his place. He takes the time to arrange the alignment of the pincers so that his meticulousness helps him forget what he’s about to do. He’s about to stick a speculum in his best friend’s vagina, pass a tube inside her, cut her little unborn baby in several pieces, and suck these pieces into a vacuum jar nearby. She won’t even be able to say good bye to the dead baby. .. “The day I die, I hope I’ll be given the opportunity to head butt God a good time.” he just says, once again correcting the grim alignment of his cold inox instruments.

Farah Corral would hear M speaking and flick her feeble gaze towards her. She wasn’t herself anymore, those around her were just strangers taking care of a limp, motionless body. She would sense somehow L’s affectionate presence behind her and would close lightly her eyes as she pets her hair. Her eyes trail now up to the Doc’s face. She studies him for a while trying to understand what was up with her thru his facial traits. He didn’t seem to be pleased at all with her current state but she didn’t feel anything by now just a burning hole in her stomach, the wound of a long, sharp blade thrusted with wrath and violence thru her harmless body. Her memory had got lost together with herself in an endless abyss of darkness

Inside the Medical Center emergency room

Inside the Medical Center emergency room

MZ finishes running the tests on Farah’s blood gas and brings the printed results over to her husband for him to see and read. She just nods her head at his words, very much agreeing with them herself. She feels so cold right now. So cold and so sorry for poor Farah. She prepares a sedative for her, her hands inverting the ampoule of medication as she slips a razor-sharp syringe into the rubber stopper. She withdraws the amount she’ll need for Farah’s height and weight and looks over to her husband, waiting for his next order. “Ready, love?” she asks, her fingers finding the port in the IV to inject the sedative on his command.

L(S): moved her hands to Farah’s temples and began rubbing in a small circular motion – it was something that always made her feel better and hoped Farah would like it as well. “Farah…. stay with us hunny. Open your eyes for me.” L lifted one of her hands to wipe the tears out of her eyes, “Oh God… please Farah, open your eyes, listen to me. It’s not time yet! You’re too young.” she looked at Farah’s face, desperately hoping she’d open/keep her eyes open. “We love you Farah, stay with us.””

aB passes a hand on Farah’s forearm and, with his most gentle words, he says. “Ok, dear. I’m A. The Doc. Your best friend. And this is M. My wife. She’s also a Doc. You have been badly attacked and hurt. We are here to help you. So what we’re going to do now is to put you to sleep, so that we can stitch your stomach. and…” he pauses, wondering if it’s really the moment to talk about the baby, but the Doc is all for speaking the truth. “And you were pregnant, but the baby didn’t survive your injuries. We’ll have to remove it, dear. That’s why we’ll have to put you to sleep. “Then he looks at M and, in a whisper meant only for her, he says : “There’s always a O negative bag in the fridge, love. Please make the compatibility tests and start the bag. But I do hope that P And K2 come back soon : one bag is enough to start.. but I don’t know how much we’ll need in the end.”

DZ Came to see what was happening.

SF poked his head out to one side of the wall, looking over into the room briefly to witness what was being said….. to him it all seemed rather kept in the dark, untill finally the Doc spoke out, was near whispers but Leon had been able to pick up on what was shared….. “huh…” the sound he made was upon a breathless exhale, he then veered himself back behind the wall as if to ponder upon the events….

MZ nods her head and she moves to the fridge to get the bag, indeed making sure that the blood in the fridge is compatible with Farah’s blood type. The very last thing they needed was for Farah to have a severe hemolytic reaction. She brings the bag back to the gurney, warming it first on the machine that also rocked the bag back and forth, remixing the plasma with everything else. Once it’s ready, M attaches the bag to the IV stand and finds another vein to house the IV catheter. Poor Farah.. M has treated her as a pin cushion in the last bit here, as much as she was loathe to it was needed. M starts the blood flowing and tapes down the tubes, her hand slipping inside Farah’s as her husband prepared to abort the dead fetus.

MZ: *loathe to do it

Farah Corral blinks a few times as she is addressed by unknown people but her mental faculties are too weak and dizzy to even try to understand their words. She simply blinks as if it was a nod of her head to say -yes- but wait yes for what? they were talking about a baby, what baby…they had just dropped names she was sure she would not remember 10 minutes later. She simply lets out a sigh opening her eyes as a gentle voice coming from behind her head calls after her and then closes them ready for whatever cure they had in mind for her

aB looks at the blood pressure, checks that it stays at a good rate, and then nods. “OK, dear. You can push. I’ll insert the tracheal tube and put her under the respirator. Then we can start.” he says with a sigh, unaware of the presence of someone else in the hospital. Going to the head of the gurney and requiring taking for a while L’s place, he holds a laryngoscope and a transparent tube. “Ok, love. When you want.”

L(S): brushed her fingers against Farah’s cheek happy she was still responsive in the sense she could hear and did what she asked. “You’re gonna be fine sweety. Doc’s gonna get you all better.” Well… except for the baby. L blocked out the Doc’s words when he explained what he was going to do to the dead fetus. She didn’t want to hear it. L moves over to let Doc work and just stares down at Farah’s badly battered body swearing she heard someone other than themselves exhale but as she looked about she couldn’t see anyone else but them through her watery eyes.

The Medical Center emergency room

The Medical Center emergency room

MZ’s fingers reach for the sedative and she slowly starts to press the plunger, the medicine seeping swiftly into Farah’s veins, the cocktail designed to stop Farah from breathing as she went under. “Ready, love… the medication is all injected now” she murmurs as her thumb meets her fingers and she withdraws the empty syringe, tossing it in the sharps disposal. She moves to A’s side, ready to ventilate Farah on his command.

KS slipped on a tile as she ran back in but managed to get it together. She held out the bag of blood. “They said it hasn’t been tested yet, from some dude named braxton.”

MZ nods her head toward the counter next to her. “OK.. Just put it there for the moment, hon. We have one bag on the go right now. I’ll type and test that when I can.” she murmurs, her eyes fixed on A and Farah.

KS gently placed the cold blood on the counter and sat back to her she was before.

Farah Corral attempts to lift up her torso some but her limbs were too weak to even bear such a movement. She turns to her right hand side as she senses the needle piercing thru her skin, she drops her head back again limp, burnt out as she shakes lightly her head “why? Why?” she asks weaker and weaker as the sedative kicks in and she falls in a sleep full of nightmares and disturbing presences which she would feel grabbing her by the feet and the hands to drag her down to hell. One moan more and she rests apparently peaceful in the outside

aB seems to separate into two entities, his heart screaming in pain and numb to the point of madness from the suffering he feels for his friend, his head cold and efficient, full of figures, and computing the time he has. With a swift gesture made perfect with practice, he inserts the laryngoscope into the sleepy lycan’s throat, passes the tube inside, inflates the small balloon, tapes it to her mouth, and starts the respiratory machine. “Braxton ? Anyone has any idea who that may be? Ah bah.. we’ll run tests and trust Farah’s resilience, then.” he says, leaving that to M to take care of as he goes down and installs surgical fields around Farah’s stomach an vagina, both got cleanliness and privacy. “Ok, love. I’ll do it. Just keep her alive while I’m doing that, ok?” he says, not wanting to let that horrible task to anyone else, and not wanting to hurt M : he knows how she is sensitive about pregnancy.

L(S): shook her head, not knowing who Braxton is or was – who knew, he could be dead or something. “W-w-what t-t-t-type bloo-ood does F-farah haave?” her voice was trembling as she stared down at the now lifeless Farah, hoping she’d wake up again later even if she wasn’t the same person she’d once known her as.

MZ nods her head and does the best she can to ensure that Farah does stay alive. M monitors Farah’s heart rate and blood pressure and temperature, the machines in the room taking on more presence as beeps, whirs and hums fill the air. The mood in the room is decidedly sober and sad as one lost life is mourned and another struggles to be saved. M gloves up and slips on a surgical mask, no time left to do more than that really, other than to wash her hands in a bottle of saline before gloving. “I’ll start to stitch her abdomen, love” she murmurs, moving to test the blood bag K2 had brought back against Farah’s compatibility. “I”m not sure, L. We may have to chance it.” M says as she waits for the test results, ripping open a suture package to start the stitching needed to repair Farah’s abdomen wall.

aB starts his horrible and grim task to remove what could have been a wonderful life to grace Farah’s existence. He doesn’t say a word, but his mood is so dark that even the lusty soul prisoner in the jar on his chest knows better than to tease him into lecherous actions. She just bows her head and stays sat in her prison, trying to make herself forgotten. The Doc works. His gestures clinical and efficient, often complementing his healing or M’s with a bit of magic, that he uses sparingly, for fear of tinting Farah with demonic energies. For other people, they would hear disgusting and organic sounds. The snaps of the clamps, the chilling sound of tiny bones snapping, the revolting sound of flesh being sucked away, the heady smell of blood, the bell like sound of surgical instruments… Then, finally, the Doc stands up and removes his gloves. He goes to take another pair so that he can clean Farah’s wounds. “Done.” he says, with a closed face, hoping that no one sees the tear rolling down his black cheek.

FR walked intot he emergency room to see how the injured pack member was doing, but noticed K2 in a trance of some sort, just speaking to the group “is that blood going to work for her?”

L(S): brought her hands to her ears and covered then as soon as she heared what sounded like small snapping. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, not wanting to see or hear what was going on. The tears started to flow again, feeling so bad for Farah and everything she was going through. L hadn’t even heard Doc say he was done, she just stood there quiet, hands over her ears and eyes shut tightly.

aB turns to the man and makes his best attempt at a smile. “It will have to… Lycans are tough, that’s our major hope.” he says, his face seeming tired, sad, angered and utterly disgusted at life at the same time. He lets his wife work on the stomach, ready to help her if she would want to.

SF poked his head around the corner, turning to see that even more seemed to be drawn to scene that would play out before them he remained silent, watching for a moments time before sneaking his way back towards the entrance of the hospital… hopefully not being caught by any of them…..

MZ’s heart aches as she hears the clinical cold sounds that emanate from the grim work A does between Farah’s legs. M closes her eyes for a moment, doing her best to block out the sickening sound of the suction machine as it does its terrible work. M’s eyes open as A stands, her green eyes moist as she looks at him, indeed noticing the tear that runs down his face, her own eyes blinking back her tears as new people enter the room. M continues to thread her suture needle through the muscles of Farah’s abdomen, stitching up as neatly as she can the ruptured flesh. “If I find out who…” she mutters darkly under her breath, her voice thick with anger and emotion. M glances over her shoulder at FS. “Don’t know yet.. waiting for the typing test to complete.” and she turns back to Farah, her hands working steadily, her stitches small and as neat as she can make them to spare Farah the extra tragedy of an ugly scar to remind her of this terrible day.

Outside the Medical Center emergency room

Outside the Medical Center emergency room

FR nods to Doc, then to M “Let us know if you need more, or if one of you needs to donate more blood to help save them”

KS was lost in a trance of dark thoughts; a tear strolled down her cheek as she snapped back to reality. She looked to FS with pink eyes and watered face. “Thanks again.”

Farah Corral wasn’t aware of anything happening around, upon and within herself. She was simply drowning in continual nightmares, horrible, distressing nocturnal visions dripping of anguish and dismay where the constant presence of a tall, red snake darting its forked tongue towards her became the obsessive refrain of an endless oblivion

L(S): opened her left eye to take a peak and saw that Doc was done. She uncovered her ears and opened her other eye. “I-I-I’m RH negative.” she said softly after catching the tail end of what was being said by the stranger. She turns her eyes to Doc, “W-w-w-ould my b-b-blood help F-farah?” she asked. She saw a glimmer outside of the Doc’s eye, what looked to be a tear and it made her cry harder.

FR nods to K2, turns to head out, hoping that the blood was delivered in time to save them.

aB nods at FS. “For sure. We’ll have to think about that. Thank you again.” he says. “I hope we can make stuff like that happen more often.” Then he walks to Farah’s head, ready to wake her up as soon as M finishes her work, monitoring her vitals. “She’s tough.” he says, half to reassure himself. Then he says to L. “We’ll have to test your blood. We’d need your complete group and hers. I asked for O minus cause it’s the universal donor.”

KS looked upon the three faces in front of her, feeling a rush of tears poor down her face. “Oh gawd.” she hopped up covering her mouth and headed for the door, the tears slightly blinding her.

MZ finishes the stitching and she blots Farah’s skin with a gauze pad checking to see that the pad came away cleanly. M ties off the last row of stitches and snips the ends close to Farah’s skin. She puts the suture needle in a tray along with the scissors and sprinkles some antiseptic powder liberally over the wound, taking a fresh gauze pad and binding the stitched area. “There.. We’re patched here. Yes.. yes she is strong. One of the strongest lycans I’ve ever known. “Unspoken is the thought that she’ll have to be. “We’ll all help her.” M says, her head lifting to look at A. “She can be brought out anytime now, love.”

L(S): looked back to Farah and nodded several times as tears dripped down to the floor. There was obviously a lot she didn’t know about the medical field. L hadn’t even noticed K2 leave the building, all she did was stare down at Farah, hoping that if they needed her, she would be able to help in some way.

aB walks to Farah’s head and stops the hypnotics. As soon as she starts gagging on the tube, he removes it, maintaining the oxygen mask on her lips and nose for a while. “There, there, dear… It’s ok… it’s ok… You’ll be ok… It’s all right.” Then he nods to M “can you please pass that blood if the tests are good, love? Her heart beat is a bit fast.” Then the demon looking Doc makes a soft gesture, and uses just a tiny amount of magic to hook Farah on the hospital’s Ley Line so that beneficial magic would help her heal faster. After all, there’s a reason why this hospital was built here. Then he turns to L. “Ok, dear. I have to go. Can you pass the word to the Packies that Farah must be body guarded till she recovers fully?”

L(S): looked up through her fogged eyes and nodded, “Do we need to watch her here or should we bring her home?” she asks quickly in a much more calm voice as she wipes her eyes, pushing the tears away.

MZ nods her head and looks over to the blood typing test. It all looks clear, thank goodness, unless M botched the test or something. She hangs the fresh bag, the blood still warm from the donor and not needing to be mixed or warmed. “Another unit coming right up” she says quietly, removing the depleted bag from the IV stand. M’s fingers slip to Farah’s wrist as she takes her pulse indeed finding it a bit too fast. M then strips off her gloves and tosses them, clearing away the debris from the surgeries, rolling the suction machine’s canister to the next room to flush away the gory contents into the miasma that runs under the city in the sewers. She sighs as the bottom of the sink runs red and then pink and then clears as the tiny remnants of the life that never was slips away.

aB passes a hand in his charcoal hair, considering the question. “When she’s able to walk, you can call for a couple Packies to help you walk her back to the Den. She’ll be safe there. “And turning to his wife, he passes a gentle hand on hers and just says.”Thank you, love: you’ve been wonderful.” and he meant every word.

Farah Corral slowly wakes up reacquiring her mental faculties even though she still feels deeply dizzy and confused. Annoying noises around would make her moan altered “hmm..hmm” she mumbles some incomprehensible word looking about trying to focus the faces, the place. She hears the Doc using soothing words to welcome her back to her awakening and blinks slowly breathing thru the help of the oxygen mask

L(S): wasn’t ready to leave Farah to go find the rest of the Packies so she pushes the button on the Comm, hoping all would be able to hear her loud and clear.

S L barks out on the Comm.

S L barks out on the Comm: Can I please get all available Pack members to the hospital please?

R B barks out on the Comm: “On my way…”

S L barks out on the Comm.

S L barks out on the Comm: I mean… if you’re stable enough…

Ht barks out on the Comm: What’s going on?

MZ slips her hand inside her husband’s and silently squeezes his fingers. “So were you, love” she says quietly, well aware of the trauma he sparred her and took on his own shoulders, loving him all the more deeply for his bottomless care and compassion. M looks over to Farah as she starts to come out of the anesthetic. “Thank you, L for being so wonderful. Your help was invaluable too.”

Ldvg barks out on the Comm: Vhat’s vrongk?

KS walked back in shaking, and sat back down.

S L barks out on the Comm.

S L barks out on the Comm: Everyone available please come. I’ll explain when you get here.

KS looked at L as she spoke.

L(S): lifted her hand to dry her tears before everyone would show up. She nodded to both M and Doc, “And without you two around we’d all be dead. Thank you for caring for us so deeply.”

KS nodded agreeing completely and said softly, almost a whisper. “Thank you.”

R M walked in…she looked a bit…odd. At least, her demeanor was. She growled a bit softly, but managed to calm a bit to speak. “Sup? You rang?” she asked.

aB slowly removes the oxygen mask from Farah’s face and gently speaks to her. “That’s ok, dear. You’ll be ok. The family will be there and they’ll help you to some place where you can recover better. But we must wait for the last blood bag to be done, and then you’ll be helped to a secure place. “The Doc turns to L and smiles.”Without you warriors to keep us safe we’d be long dead or worse… So, it’s just the way a family works, dear: each one brings what he knows to do best.” he looks with utter sadness at the hole in the ground where the remains of the poor unborn life disappeared. “I so wish I would be an angel, just to have the power to make miracles…” he shakes his head.”Ah. I hear the family is coming.”

L D: “What the problem around here?”

R M heard hi mention being an angel and she snarled suddenly…Whether it was the fact that she used to be one or he just mentioned the word…no one would know. Instead…she moved to sit atop the counter and stared.

MZ completely agrees with A’s words and she stands close to him, running a soft hand up his back. She looks to L, letting her explain what needs to happen from the rest of the people gathered until Farah can get back onto her feet. M jumps a bit at R M’s snarling growl, her nerves now frayed after the emotional day.

L(S): nodded her head down towards Farah as she lay on the gurney, her clothes bloody and torn. “Did you two see anyone else out there that might not have heard the comm?” she asks quickly, “It’s sort of urgent and I don’t want to start explaining if I’m going to have to stop and start again.”

L P muttered in with a quiet grumpy look on his face “Vill somevone tellingk me vhat’s goingk on?” he barked, a bit annoyed to be called over without getting a reason why. He then blinked as he spotted someone with the same head and pulled his own off his head, ruffling his hair a bit to fix it before he gazed over to the beds, trying to get a grasp of what was going on.

R M shrugged. “People heard, I’m guessing…just don’t know if they think they need to come once they saw us coming this way…” she mumbled. She was extremely grumpy and NOT herself. She looked over at Farah and wrinkled her nose a bit, then over at Scar. “Mind explaining why we’re here?” she asked.

aB: Unfortunately, the Doc doesn’t have any time to explain. He is much too exhausted for that. So he just leaves it to L and takes M by the hand as he walks her home. “Come, love. We’ve done our best. That’s all a Doc can do.” and, with that, he would leave Farah to the good care of her family.

MZ offers a weary wave and heads home with her husband. “Take care of one another.”

KS looked down biting her lip again as L spoke of the tragic loss.

L(S): looked over all the PAckies gathered again, “WHEN she wakes, she will again not be herself. She doesn’t know any of us and Doc and M are afraid she will go off on her own again, like she has been the last week or so and end up more hurt. What Doc and M are requesting is that we body guard her here until she is well enough to walk, then escort her back to the Den and continue body guarding her there so she doesn’t take off and get into more trouble or get more hurt or whatever the fuck happened when she was off on her own. Do ya’ll follow?”

Epilogue:   After some day of amnesia Farah recovers her memories but they are just partial memories of the past. She still needs to fill in some black holes of her past. The last memory she has of Salvatore are his sad eyes when she breaks up with him. But it’s a confused memory like many other ones, so she is not even sure of it.

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    well done Sal;)

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