Till Death…

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The following role play is posted in it’s entirety, however because not all players had given consent to have this posted, their names have been changed.  Only Farah Corral’s name shows fully in the text.

Looking out to sea

Looking out to sea

H the dragon and his sister T find Farah at the beach and take her in a rush to the hospital after having injected her with a special drug to make the bleeding slower. H grabs Farah’s comm device and calls for help through it

Farah Black Fury barks out on the Comm: grabs the little comm Device and screams into it “HELLO UHM A GIRL NEEDS HELP!”

PS yells into it again. “We are in the ER uh…. Hopspital”

A barks out on the Comm: “Where are you, Farah?”

KD barks out on the Comm: whoa shit what happened? where?

Farah Black Fury barks out on the Comm.

Farah Black Fury barks out on the Comm: it’s a male voice speaking “We are in the ER uh…. Hopspital”

A barks out on the Comm: “On my way. Hold on, Black Fury.”

KD barks out on the Comm: coming too

PS Looks at the comm then looks over at Farah. “Is your name Farah…?” Then looks back down at the comm. “Yes yes, she’s in the Hopspital!”

TA stands back, seein that H is handling things quite well on his own for now.

V barks out on the Comm: I’m on my way.

KS ran in panting “Da fuck happened?”

PS looks “Hiya…. Are you the one I talked to on the Comm thingy?” H was acting like a kid. That didn’t know what to do.

KS: “One of them”

RoRoLionMan69 barks out on the Comm: *mocks a funny sound with his cheek, sounding like someone fisting a mayonnaise jar or well, masturbating*… im coming!!

KD barks out on the Comm.

KD barks out on the Comm: laughed.

PS points to Farah. “She hurt…”

TA shrugs. “No idea. Found her like this. Gave her an adrenaline derivative, something for the pain, and something to help her heal.”

Farah Corral was laying on the bed still bleeding from the hole not fully healed in her stomach she squeezes her eyes in deep pain moaning and grinding her teeth “head’s burning, stomach too!”she rawrs and wiggles

aB arrives in the ER and makes a bee line to Farah’s bedside, looking at her with a worried look and trying to evaluate he medical state as soon as he arrives. He also takes great care that his tentacles behave and don’t try and caress every girl around. He gently takes his friend’s hand and says in a soft voice. “That’s ok, Farah, we’ll take you out of this. Let me have a look.” he says,

PS and Tessa were talking over his head. “My Sissy helped her get better.” He beams. “I helped her get to the Hopspital.”

KS sat down on the nearby bed ready to assist if needed, which probably isn’t likely, but just in case.

MZ walks quickly down the street, heading straight for the hospital at a jog. She nearly slips on the slippery tiles as she rounds the corner, but manages to grab a stretcher and catch herself before she wipes out on the floor. M heads straight for Farah, her eyes scanning her to see what the problem was. “Hey Farah.. What’s up, hon?” M says, taking a look at Farah’s hands, her own moving to try to move them out of the way to see the problem.

PS would resemble a striking resemblance to Phoenix, the Hell Dragon. He beamed up at them. “I helped.” He pointed to his chest, excited to see everyone around. He was so excited. “Sissy Helped too She hurt, but Sissy helped to make her all better.”

CC wandered in with a nosey look around but didn’t say a word, just one eye going wide with a “Woah” as she saw the doc look like some terrible tentabeast

TA pulls paperwork out of her bag for the drugs she gave Farah, giving it to the doctor. “Come on, H, let’s back up and let them work…”

aB nods at the two people who have helped Farah and he doesn’t know. “Thanks for your help. Really. Was there anything else on the scene that would be of interest? “He says, grabbing some white disks and sticking them to Farah’s chest so as to plug her to the machine and read her vitals.”M, I want a saline there and an oxymeter. “He tosses her a small vial.”That’s morphine, my last one.” And then he leans on his patient, taking a better look at the horrible open wound on her abdomen.

City of Lost Angels

City of Lost Angels

PV’s face darkened as she walked into the hospital. She was really starting to dislike this place. Her gaze left her companions and went instead to Farah, then M and finally A… the tentacles a dark shadow behind him. She would turn and try to catch L’s attention while figuring out what happened

Farah Corral moans and growls lowly as blood keeps spilling off her mouth. Her hand hardly pressed against the bleeding hole in her stomach as she blinks trying to focus those unfamiliar faces “a doctor, I wanna…I wanna a doctor “she kept calling out

CM isn’t needed but she tugs at the ley lines under the hospital, she pulls on the healing energies, if they worked as she headed out those open might feel a bit of energy a boost of healing, but she didn’t want to stick around and be in the way

L(S): lifts her hands and shrugs at Phe… all she could see is blood, a lot of blood. Other than that, she had no idea what happened and couldn’t really see anything as she didn’t want to get closer and end up just getting in the way.

PS was pulled back by Tessa. “Hey!” He then noticed the Lei lines moving as he watched them. “Sissy Sissy Look!” He was awestruck. “Look at all the pretty colors!” He would be pointing at the lei lines now moving above them.

TA shakes her head. “She didn’t seem to have any idea where she was, how she got there, or what happened to her. Other than a puddle of blood, I didn’t see anything lying around that looked like it had anything to do with her. Check the dock at St. Monica’s if you want to see for yourself.”

MZ catches the morphine vial in her hand, luckily for her husband. Normally M is a notorious klutz, but with this last vial the luck of the Gods shines down on her today. She nods her head and starts setting up the things her husband needs. She wheels an IV pole close by and grabs a bag of saline, hanging it as she reaches for a catheter pack to insert the thin tubing in Farah’s hand. “Shhh… it’s OK, Farah. You have two of your very own physicians here to treat you now, you lucky girl” she says, her head bending down to concentrate on finding a vein plump enough to house the IV catheter. M swabs the top of Farah’s hand and approaches the IV needle to the vein. “This’ll pinch a bit” she murmurs, though she doubts Farah will much notice the prick of the needle with the stomach problem. If unopposed, the needle will find its way smoothly home in the vein and M will start to add in a morphine drip with the vial A tossed her.

L(S): hucked at skittle at K2 after hearing where Farah was, “That’s why I don’t want you going there by yourself.” she said firmly. L had also been there when she was attacked both times, once before she joined the Pack.

aB nods at the information and passes a hand on Farah’s arm. “I’m a Doc, Farah. I’m your friend. You cannot remember right now because you have a head trauma. Everyone in this room is your friend, you have nothing to fear. Just relax. M, the redheaded woman is also a doc. Relax and everything will be ok. “Then the doc looks at M and says; “Ok, first the head scan, and then the ultrasounds. Do you have finished with the oxymeter, so that I start with the head scan, love?”

PV whined out softly through her nose at the sight of her pack sister laid out on the table, injured and bleeding. For a minute she forgot pretty much everything else and shifted on her feet watching for a few tense moments

KS rubbed the area where the skittle hit hurt while looking for where it landed, once she found it, she ate it and replied. “Rarely go there alone, now, and the time I did go with a friend we became someone’s midnight snack.” she looked back to the three in front of her.

TA turns to H. “I think we’re just taking up space now, hun. We should probably go home now. I know where these guys gather, so I can check on her later if you want me to. We’ve done all we can though.”

City of Lost Angels Medical Center

City of Lost Angels Medical Center

MZ nods her head, slipping on the oxygen meter on Farah’s middle finger, the stats reading visible on the monitor. “Up and running, love” she confirms, her fingers reaching to adjust the flow on the IV drip so that the lost fluids are replaced more quickly into Farah, hopefully reducing the possibility of shock. “You’re all clear for the scans, love.”

VA sniffed the air and the scent of lycan blood filled V’s nostrils a low rumble erupted.

RR came in walking right in as usual like he owned the place, the constant expression the asshole wore was out in full bloom as he noted Farah on the bed and then saw some folks he didn’t know around, one he thought he did but he wasn’t exactly like Phnx… but not here to play remember the face… no he was here due to a distress call from the Fury and then he saw the Doc in all his tentacle glory and knew the man had skills with medicine and surgery… imagining each tentacle being able to contribute to a operation and well his mind slipped back to the invention of comic books and how awesome it would have been to name A… Doc Tentacle… but each villain needed a hero and now one was about to don red and blue spandex so, in turn the Doc would be the hero and well, there had to be a villain… oh how this was gonna turn from being an innocent tangent to a full blown brain fart… ceased he did… stopped thinking too much, his mum said -joo smell burning toast, you’ve gone too far my son-… her words echoed through his mind as he took to greeting the Doc and M as well in the attempt to take his mind off the happenings…”Doc…Miss M”… he said with a salute and a nod, as his moon colored eye arched to Farah and her bleeding, thinking of himself not too long ago in the same position.

Farah Corral ‘s inner organs were like on fire, she felt her abdomen, heart and lungs burning like hell. The pain was so unbearable that she felt like passing out again…she blinks slower and slower as her ears only pick up unclear noises around, an annoying echo would follow each word of theirs. She would shake lightly her head as the Doc addresses her not understanding why everyone kept calling her Farah “hmm I feel dying” she mumbles in agony grabbing M’s hand and squeezing it lightly before dropping her head back again and closing her eyes

PS looked to see what was going on. He would furrow his eyebrows. “Hey…. What are you doing to her…” He was such a naive little hell dragon He didn’t know what was going on. “You better not be hurting her!” He was seeing things that could be misconstrued to a little kid as being hurtful. Such as needles. He would move to attempt to move in front. Finally He would jump up and snarl at all of them as they all were ignoring him. He let out an extremely defiant Roar. “YOU HURT HER I KILL YOU!” He was only 4 days old and he knew nothing. All he knew was that she wasn’t this bad at first. He snarled out a rather Hell Draconic Growl Now on the bed straddling Farah not to claw or step on her just to get the rest away. The Child like nature would say he was trying to protect Farah. “I SAID DON’T HURT MY FRIEND!!”

TA grabs her brother and yanks him back. “They’re doctors; they’re putting her back together, get the hell away!”

CC chewed her gum with noisy smacks, seemingly entertained by the whole scene as she grinned and wrapped her tail around her narrow belly, petting its broad striped girth like a pet.

PS’s claws would instinctually catch up to T’s as he batted her hand away growling.

MZ’s hand is held inside Farah’s and she looks to the man freaking out in the ER room. Calmly she turns her head to him, speaking in a soothing low tone “I promise you. We are helping her. We’re giving her medicine to stop the pain and to find out what’s wrong. If you don’t move, you’ll be the one hurting her.” M attempts to explain as calmly as she can.

TA: Look, I gave her needles and you were fine with it. They’re just doing the same stuff I did, only better.

TA: And you weigh a ton and she’s already hurt. Get the hell off her NOW, or I’m telling Mom.

aB nods and types a few numbers on a control pad. “With the lots of people in there and the fact that I don’t trust at all this old scan’s insulation against XRays, I’ll go for the MRI first. So please anyone with significant amount of metal on you, such as a knife or sword, step back. Otherwise you’ll be attracted to this gurney faster than you’ll like it.” Then the Doc turns at the young man and looks deep into his eyes. “Farah is my best friend and M is my wife. Hurt my wife and I’ll have to toast you and Farah will die. So you just stop it now and leave us do the job, son.” he says, pointing his tranquilizer gun to the guy’s head.

PV turned to Phnxx, something a little lost in her eyes as he yelled and threatened M and Doc. It was in a way, a strange sense of de ja vu… This time however, she didn’t have a reason to try to be nice. She would reach out, placing a hand on V arm to calm him but soon her own growl was echoing his, her attention on the belligerent and half naked man

PV also tossed her sword away

TA walks up pushing the doctor’s hand away from her brother’s head. “Don’t touch him. He’s my responsibility, and if anybody is going to sedate him and kick his ass, it’s me.” She turned to her brother with fury in her eyes. “Let’s go. NOW!”

CC stiffened up a moment at the mention of metal and tapped her finger against her metal leg muttering one of her spells in a slow chant before she’d say above a whisper, “Deter.” tapping it with a little flash of energy hopping to keep the magnetic influence from her bad limb

aB nods at the girl. “Ok, sweetie. As long as he’s letting me cure my patients and you hold him, I have no problem. He helped Farah, so we owe you one to the both of you.” Then the Doc, trusting all the bodyguards around, focuses again on the MRI that starts making its loud Tack Tack sound, pulling to it anyone with metal on them. He looks at the screen, and searches for pathological traces in Farah’s brain, pointing with his fingers to some points of interest for M or anyone with medical background in the room.

Approaching the Medical Center

Approaching the Medical Center emergency room entrance

VA grumbled low but having Phe’s arm hand on his arm made him stand and watch vocalizing his anger for all of it. Farah injured and the idiot delaying the time the Doc and M could actually treat Farah. Trusting Phe cause she was there day one with Virgil he stood there like there was an invisible wall in front of him, but really he was prepared to jump and attack anything and anyone next to Farah should he be pushed to do such.

PS the hatchling looked towards M. His eyes very much juvenile. Though the benefit was that she spoke in small words for the little hell dragon spoke “Alright… but if she isn’t okay I am going to cry…. She’s my friend.” Tears already welling up in his eyes. He was so young; he only knew that this was a scary place. But feeling the Tranquilizer gun on his head. He growled. He was just a small Hatchling and tempers rose like tantrums from a child. He jumped down off the bed. He was just trying to help and it felt more like a scolding to the Hatchlings ears for doing the right thing. He would rush out in tears. Yes, they had scared the hell dragon hatchling into running out into street.

Farah Corral keeps wiggling like a beast in trap, a dying animal in deep agony stretching her legs and curling them up again slowly but continually as she lets out moans and whimpers. She was shivering as her lips reached a darker shade of purple again; her eyes would be wide-opened now as she stares entranced at the ceiling “It can’t be happening now” she would repeat and then “no!no!no!” as her heart races furiously “why?” she whines as if talking with someone in front of her

KS watched the man with furrowed brows. This would be hilarious if a packies life wasn’t at steak…hmm, steak. Anyway, she kept her eyes on Farah’s face as the weirdness continued.

TA shakes her head. “Fuck.” She chased after her brother, hoping she could keep up with her shorter legs and lack of supernatural speed…

RR watched H for a moment and then the woman who had sat on the counter as well, then M and then the Doc and well, the metallic objects thing was a bit of a ticket for him wasn’t it?, he hopped off the counter in huff as his tail slapped the side repeatedly in its initial sway, his arm was covered in a thick leathery glove, hence one wouldn’t see the robotic limp, but the leg was yet to be updated with it… clicking on the tiles as he made his way out he snarled out a grunt…”imma be outside iffem needs me fo’ sumfin”… he was no doctor, he had no experience in giving life at all… he was a taker, it’s what he did… but with this, he had deep respect for doctors and well a deep weakness for nurses.

aB looks at Tessa for a second. “Err.. Miss… if your friend is a bit special and emotive, perhaps it’s not wise to let him wander the streets of CoLA alone…”

MZ smiles softly at the young man, sensing his youth and feeling very much like he was a child. “It’s Ok.. We’ll do our best to help her, I promise.” she tries to tell him before he leaves. She sighs as he leaves, half in relief and turns her attention back where it needs to be. On Farah. M keeps holding Farah’s hand, her fingers softly stroking hers. “Shhh, Farah.. Hold still, hon. The scan’ll be over soon.” she murmurs, her eyes looking to the patches of light and dark A points out on the monitor, nodding as a frown blooms between her eyebrows.

KS took off her piercings and threw them behind her, wherever they fall, they fall. As long as she’d get them back, she wouldn’t care what happened to them.

PV would be right there with Virgil, ready to jump in and eat things if she needed to also. There as a vicious and violent little streak right through the core of the little lycan… However, as things ended up the nuance worked itself out and left shortly after… She would calm then and turn to V before looking back at the wounded Farah.. “Why… wh…why don’t we go out front too so?” she’d ask “Jus..jus in case that nutter tries somefin” she offered, thinking maybe it was a good idea for the windingo to get out of the same room as Farah

VA growls before a trail of drool slips from the right edge of V lips he’d shake outta the daze. “Oh you want to go outside Phe? Freaking nutters all over this city, I can’t even take a piss near the magazine stand anymore without some paparazzi trying to take a pic of my weiner.” He’d snort trying not to laugh before he’d nod agreeing with Phe maybe to check out outside.

aB frowns as he looks at the screen. Now the MRI has finished his Tack Tack loud sounds, and is hissing back into place. On the screens, image flicker and change as the 3D reconstruction is under way, giving a 3D model of Farah’s brain. Playing with the controls, A adds color so that arteries and veins would appear clearly. “Ok… The good news is that she doesn’t have any head trauma. The bad news is that she seems to be suffering from psycho amnesia, given the way she talks to no one. So please, love: can you stop the morphine and pass some benzodiazepines? I think there’s a bit left in the second drawer. “He sighs.”And, if she doesn’t recover in a couple of days, then you’ll have to work your hypnosis magic on her.” Turning to the Packers inside the ER room he adds: “Can everybody tell the other Packies to be very gentle with Farah these days? She’ll probably behave strangely and will head into lots of trouble. More than usual, I mean. So if you could all keep an eye on her?” Then he takes out the ultrasound and starts pouring gel over Farah’s lower abdomen.

PV just shook her head. Poor Phe. Was there any wonder that she had all the issues she did? “Yeah… me too” she answered before turning to L, CC and K2… communicating silently with them that she was going outside so Virgil doesn’t eat Farah. Because he’s an abomination like that. Also they could come too if they wanted. She also nodded to Doc, her gaze falling on the necklace around his neck, her fingers itching to snatch it from his neck, but she chooses to wait when… you know, he’s not saving the lives of someone she cares about

MZ nods her head, her fingers reaching over to stop the morphine and to add the other medications A asks for, thankfully finding just enough in the second drawer as promised. “I’ll do whatever I can to help Farah, my heart” she murmurs and she leans over, taking a cloth and wiping it over Farah’s forehead softly, blotting away the beads of perspiration that have dampened her skin from the waves of pain that have racked her. M watches as A starts the ultrasound, an icy ball of dread in her belly at what she fully expects him to find. She takes a blood pressure cuff and starts to note down Farah’s vital signs as she waits for those results to come.

aB starts passing the ultrasound head over Farah’s lower abdomen, while looking to a side screen. A triangle of random points suddenly starts to make sense as structures appear, stuff inside the lycaness belly. Suddenly, a head can be seen. A little head of a cute baby, looking human in his mother’s womb. The head is formed and his eyes can be seen. A little hand can be seen on the screen next to the head. A frowns. He changes angle. He changes again. Then he frowns again and exchanges looks with M. And then, in frustration, he suddenly stops the machine. “Fuck…” he just says

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    That was literally such a good roleplay, I can’t even handle it.

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