Bitter End

Posted: February 24, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Editor’s Note:  The following storyline is actual role play dialogue, edited slightly for better comprehension.  It is posted in it’s entirety with the permission of Farah Corral.

Prologue:  A few days had passed since I had seen Farah.  It was odd that she was not around as often as she had been but I attributed that to her work and her faction keeping her busy.  It was a day like any other, and I was at the bookstore, speaking with the Overfiend regarding Brood matters when she arrived.  She appeared harried, nervous, and scared.  I asked her what was wrong, but she told me she would talk but elsewhere, far from prying ears.  I opened a portal and took her to the gardens of Aracadia where we would have peace and quiet and where we would be able to talk with no interruptions from anyone.  Upon arriving at the gardens, the conversation began.

TIn the Gardens of Aracadia with Farah

In the Gardens of Aracadia with Farah

Farah Corral rubs her hands against each other sweating badly out of anxiety, she doesn’t even dare to look up at his eyes as she keeps walking back and forth nervously but then she simply stops and still shivering starts to say “Sal…Ah…Ah, I’m pregnant…”she trails off waiting anxiously for his reply

Salvatore eyes Farah curiously, “wait! You’re what?? Pregnant?” looking her over and recalling the last time they were together, though they had yet to consummate their union. In an exasperated fashion he demanded answers, “who did this and when did it happen?”

Farah Corral shivers and parts her lips soundlessly trying to give him answers that simply don’t come out “Sal..Sal..”, she covers her eyes with both hands and then takes them off abruptly to call out exasperated “A lycan claimed me and breeded  with me when I was in heat impregnating me, you understand? Now I can’t keep being yer mate since I’m pregnant of his child, I can’t do anything but remain by his side by now ‘cos its up to him to take care of me and my pup…I know it sounds brutal, feral and wicked but it aint, Sal…that’s just the lycan world, that’s just how things work by us, I won’t demand you to justify it but I hope at least you will understand” she claims exasperated making a sorry face as she takes a step forward to try and lay sweetly a hand on his chest while she looks up at him with her touched, upset eyes “I’m so sorry for how things went between us, ‘cos I really cared about you and still I do…”she trails off on a broken voice as she barely holds in a single tear drop.

Salvatore Otoro shakes his head as she steps closer to him.  He feels her touch and her feelings from it, yet, there is anger within him about why their world and their way of being had to destroy what they shared and what they treasured about each other. “So you let someone else impregnate you because you were in heat?  What about being faithful to your mate?  Are those just words until you are in heat?”  He tried to contain his anger as he realized that she was lost to him and that there was not much he could do at the moment…or was there?

Farah Corral shakes her head hanging it in shame and sorrow “No Sal…it’s not that…I knew you’d never understand” she says as she steps back and locks her gleaming eyes on him. Her eyes would look as if they’d lost their natural brightness, that ardor and pride that had made him fall in love with her. She was devastated in the inside, because the events had simply took their way without them being able to stop the Fate “I struggled at the beginning, I ran away from him when I got the first signs of his arousal, but he stalked me and forced his hands on me till when I gave up, I had to ‘cos its just the way supposed to be. I had warned you I was in heat but you are a demon and didn’t understand how important it was never to lose control over me to protect me from the other males. We’re driven by instincts, Sal…we simply dun think like you demons do…Griff didn’t do what he did cos he is a criminal but just cos he is a lycan and followed his own instinct, that’s why I aint angry with him, you left me alone right when I was more fragile…but it aint your fault…you are what you are and couldn’t know the way of the wolf….maybe, maybe it’s just the Fate who warns us we aint meant to be together” she ‘d say sadly dropping her eyes to the ground before raising them up again and stare at him sorrowfully.

Salvatore remembers that day clear as if it had just happened.  True, he was no expert in lycans or their ways so he had no idea this would happen.  Yet at the same time the anger within him begins to seethe.  He cannot contain his feelings and these thoughts that another had taken what was his and had claimed it for himself.  “Perhaps it is the lycan way…much different than those of a demon…and it is true I am not schooled in your ways and means.” As he spoke, the anger seethed stronger and mightier as if Lord Abaddon himself had taken hold of him and infused him in the wrath and fury that so made the demon lord much feared.  His skin began to change.  It took on the hues of red, orange, and yellow as flames appeared to take over his body.  HIs clothes faded from view and his true form came to light. Fiery skin and red silks adorned his body as he showed her his true face.  The one he kept from view, the one he kept at bay to keep his prey from running in fear.  His serpent-like tongue slipping in and out of his mouth as he exhaled fire from his nostrils shortly before speaking, “I have one last favor to ask of you”, his hand moved to his blade as he smiled large and wide, the rush of power that came from the wrath that was being infused in him was strong and frightening. “Give my regards to Griff”, and with that he pulled his blade and thrust it into her stomach, wracking her a few times to grab what he could of her soul.


Salvatore in his true demonic form

Salvatore in his true demonic form

Farah Corral was still looking down to the ground when after a few minutes of painful silence she lifts up her chin to gaze at him again. His form was changing and she would notice that as terror started to send shivers down to her spine. She had never seen him in this frightful shape nor had she ever had a taste of his true nature. Yet she knew who he was, she just had never fully realized how dangerous and evil her mate could be. Terror and dismay lingering in her dilated, frightened eyes as she shakes her head backing off “No no it can’t be happening now” she mumbles horrified at that disturbing sight. His snake-like tongue darting into her direction and the flames spreading from his body were terrifying enough to literally stop her breath as her feet keep falling into backward steps. She is unbelieving and incapable of any reaction as words seem to arrest in her throat, frozen, mute…and then his words…oh yes, the mouth that used to profess his love and bless her lips with that touch of quiet passion and sincere love, those lips were just letting out sounds from hell, infernal words of wrath and wickedness. She sees the hand grabbing the sword and aiming it at her stomach as if in a slow motion; the movement too fast to be avoided. It’s matter of a heartbeat and she squeezes her eyes in deep pain as the blade pierces though her harmless body. She yelps and it’s like the earth stopped moving, her lunges stopped to pump air, like her own heart stopped beating. No sound around, just the creepy noise of the blade wracking her in the inside grabbing what it could tear off of her soul. She grimaces from the pain and opens her eyes again, slowly, twitching her eyelids some as she gradually focuses better on the monster inflicting his punishment standing right in front of her. She slowly reaches down to grab the blade as her torso leans slowly in. It’s as though life is leaving second by second from her limbs and she feels weak, terribly weak. Blood starts to drip off her mouth as she lets out in a whisper of despair “why?” she mumbles as her body falls back down to the ground limp.

Salvatore would not answer her question as a cruel smile formed on his lips, his blade gleaming with her blood as he stands over her pulling the blade from her dying body. The blood pool was forming and he started to think about dumping the body elsewhere. He looked her over, she seemed numb and her color was fading. “That child should have been mine!!”, he yelled furiously as he paced around her body, deciding to dump her body far from where they stood and hopefully in an area that could be accessible to anyone from anywhere. With that, he opened a portal, bending down to grab her limp body and tossing her over his shoulder to carry her as he stepped in and portaled to Saint Monica’s District. Upon arriving there he looked around and not seeing anyone in the vicinity he headed for the beach. There he looked for area near a campfire, dropping her still bleeding and motionless body on the sand. He stood over her and watched her. He still head feelings for her, but stronger feelings were in control now. Wrath, death, and destruction are all he could feel move through his body, as he breathed fire from his nostrils.

Farah Corral would knock her head hard against a rock as she falls limp to the ground. A pool of blood starts to frame her head as she moans in deep agony spilling blood off her mouth and blinking slowly as she sees the unfocused frame of the monster pacing around her and staring down prideful at his masterpiece. This was the last dramatic act of a big love story which consumed itself in murder and hatred. She blinks a few times more as her heart beats slower and slower till it would seem to stop. She feels the grip and the jerking as he picks her up carrying her on his shoulder. Silence was all around but the creeping sound of the flames burning his immortal body and then the sound of waves which agitated and furiously crashed against the shore. A thump and then nothing more, just her apparently lifeless body lying on a bed of bloody sand.

Salvatore watches as the sand around her begins to seep with blood.  The waves are nearby but they wouldn’t be up so close to her body for many hours until high tide rolled in.  A warm campfire nearby keeps her body warm as she lays there motionless and unconscious, the cool breeze of the shoreline blowing gently.  He looks around, the area still quiet and serene; no one around; no one but him and his love.  What had become of their relationship?  Blossoming one day, destroyed in pain and anguish the next.  As he stood above her, the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks blocking out any other sounds, he thought of what could have been.  He truly did want her to father his spawn.  But those wants and desires were gone now.  He sighed at what had become of their short lived romance, bending over to kiss her forehead, “see you on the other side, my love.  I’ll be there with open arms” he would say trailing off.  Then he turned to the sea, sensing its calming effect as he opened a portal and stepped inside, his back turned to her.  His words were meant to welcome her in Hell.  But that was a hope more than a desire.  He truly desired a better outcome than had transpired. Not all that is desired or wanted comes to fruition. He turned to look at her one last time and closed the portal, moving to another realm as he left her to her fate; a fate yet to be determined.

Looking out to sea

Looking out to sea

Farah Corral ‘s eyes were closed as her head rests on a pillow of soft, golden sand which slowly gets the print of their violently consumed passion. What she had warned him against the first day they had met was just this; strong passion and with them dramatic twists of the events were the dangerous frame that made her life so special and tormented at the same time. Her lips were still keeping their vital blush making them look like a rosebud, her face was still lightly tan and soft and her eyes were closed so gracefully that one could say she was just resting on the sand. Just one thing would betray the slow and cruel decay of her fading beauty and that was the small stream of blood running down her cheek; a disturbing preface of death intervening to interrupt and upset the sight of her limp, motionless body. She had warned him, people around her were destined to get hurt in one way or another because she was simply life, vital passion, and unstoppable passion. She had loved him, oh yes she did and she still did even after the Fate had revolted the events against that hard love story, fought and hindered by the world. Her soul was still trapped halfway between hell and earth and would be heading eventually towards the last dwelling place of mortals if no external help intervened.

  1. Farah says:

    awesome choice of the songs..they perfectly fit the highly tensed moment. Great job, Sal;)

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad we were able to play this out regardless of how it turned out. As we both agree, role play is constantly evolving and what’s done today may resurface tomorrow. Thanks again for making this role play not only memorable but a wonderful experience for us both. I consider it a work of art.

      Of all the role play I’ve done for over 4 years, this scene was the one that really got to me. Finding the music to accompany it was just as emotional because the words being sung were very close to what our characters were feeling at those exact moments. As you so eloquently said yesterday, “if the scene shook our hearts so intensely it means just one thing, that we are extremely sensitive souls as well as skilled actors.”

      I hope we get the opportunity to face each other again in role play.

  2. Farah says:

    we will Sal, don’t doubt of that. I’m kinda addicted to our deeply emotional rps by now!

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