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Editor’s Note:  The following storyline is actual role play dialogue, edited slightly for better comprehension.  It is posted in it’s entirety with the permission of Farah Corral.

Prologue:  A few days had passed since I had seen Farah.  It was odd that she was not around as often as she had been but I attributed that to her work and her faction keeping her busy.  It was a day like any other, and I was at the bookstore, speaking with the Overfiend regarding Brood matters when she arrived.  She appeared harried, nervous, and scared.  I asked her what was wrong, but she told me she would talk but elsewhere, far from prying ears.  I opened a portal and took her to the gardens of Aracadia where we would have peace and quiet and where we would be able to talk with no interruptions from anyone.  Upon arriving at the gardens, the conversation began.

TIn the Gardens of Aracadia with Farah

In the Gardens of Aracadia with Farah