Chance Encounter – Part 2

Posted: January 23, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Standing at the corner bookstore with my sister on a quiet day in the city.

Standing at the corner bookstore with my sister on a quiet day in the city.

The next day had been pretty uneventful.  I arrived at the bookstore and found my sister Bridgette outside.  We chatted for a bit, noting that the day was pretty quiet and few were in and around the city.  Perhaps they decided to sleep in.  Regardless, it was quite solitary and tranquil, that was of course, until a blindfolded woman bumped into us both and then into a light post as she made her way down the street.  I found it pretty comical for someone to walk down the street so carelessly while appearing to be forcibly visually impaired.

Bridgette had decided to go rest and so I was by myself at the corner, looking across the street towards the blindfolded woman.  Curious about what exactly was her story, I made my way over, looking over her manner of dress and taking a moment to inspect the blindfold from afar.  When I stood before her, I asked about the blindfold and the reason behind it.  She told me that her vision was the same with or without the blindfold and she kept it on to keep from scaring people with her eyes.  I mentioned the possibility of having her eyesight issues resolved to better her life.  I was of course thinking of making a deal to grab her soul in exchange for better vision.  She appeared to be somewhat offended at my offer but I told her I meant no harm in my suggestion.  As I spoke, I glanced down the streets around me and had to excuse myself quickly from the conversation..

I noticed Farah standing by the light post at the corner of the bookstore.  She was staring at me with a smile on her face, but she appeared very different from the day before.  Her chest was covered in blood and her eye was bruised as well.  She looked like she had been beaten badly and I was concerned about who and where all this happened.  I stepped closer to her and caressed her shoulder as she spoke, “Hello .  Sorry, it must not be a great show, I meant to come and visit you, juts got caught by some nuisance.” I moved to take her hand, “”we should go get you cleaned up…and checked…it looks like you’ve been through hell.  Follow me and on the way, you can tell me what happened”

It was a short walk to the hospital and the only thing she said was that she was fine, but I knew better.  As I ran my fingers through he long strands of hair, I let it rest on her shoulder, practically begging her to lay down on one of the hospital beds so that she would be able to rest.  “I’m not a medic nor a healer but I’ll do the best I can…please, just tell me what happened?”  She refused to lay down, stating that she was fine and belittling the fact that she was badly injured and bloody.  “Well just a group of wild beasts willing to get revenge on a Packie.  I was minding my own business when three of them attacked me from nowhere, they must have seen me around the Pack cuz they kept on insulting my family while they kicked me…bastards”, she smiled faintly, “Just help me get cleaned up with some gauze and I’ll be fine.  Just like new,” she said while looking at me intensely.

I began rifling through the drawers and the cabinets around me as I searched for antiseptic and gauze.  I was not sure what had taken place during and after the attack except that they were brutal and unwavering.  As my mind raced with different thoughts, I found a bottle and a pack of gauze.  Setting it on the bed behind her, I got ready to begin the clean-up. “This might sting a bit”, as I poured it right on the wounds. Hearing her wince in pain, I use my other hand to grab a large piece of gauze, using it to wipe away the blood and pad around the area chest, then I dabbed some antiseptic on a smaller piece of gauze and used it to wipe around the eye area, “you need to be careful…The last thing I want to see is you getting hurt.”

Tending to Farah's wounds.

Tending to Farah's wounds.

Her eyes were fixed on me and as soon as I was done cleaning her up as best I could, she took hold of my hand, opening my fingers to reveal the palm, and trailing the lines with her fingertips.  “Your hands are like you, big and gentle.  Why are you doing this, Salvatore?  One of your kind should only be happy to see a lycan downed and hurt.  Why are you taking care of me this way?” she would look at me with big and gleaming eyes.  Just as I was about to answer her, I noticed Chastity had walked in and was addressing someone called Doc whom appeared to have been standing there watching us for who knows how long.

I perked a brow as I looked up to them both, then noticed Farah turn, appearing surprised as she told them that her injuries were the result of a stumble and a fall.  I figured from her reply that this was someone in her family that she did not want to give too many details to.  I turned back to Farah, to answer her question and possibly put Doc’s mind at ease, since he might think I was the aggressor in this incident. “I am big and gentle at times and though my appearance is deceiving, I am partially driven by wrath”, moving to caress her cheek with the back of his free hand.  “I know our races have had their differences but I’m starting to change my thoughts on that line of thinking.”

As I returned my gaze towards Chastity and Doc, it appeared he was alarmed at Farah’s state and I started to think that all this could go pretty bad in mere moments.  Usually a Brood member and an injured Pack member meant that there was some sort of altercation between the two.  I stood cautiously by Farah’s side caressing her cheek with the back of my hand and hoping no one got the wrong idea about what happened.  Chastity then went into a drawer pulling out a couple of lollipops before walking over towards us to check on Farah’s injuries.  As she enjoyed my caresses, we both declined the candy presented to us, then she again addressed Doc, “well like I said earlier, I…I stumbled, yes I stumbled like a blind cat and knocked the face against the ground, that’s why I got my eye black purplish…you dun need to worry, Sal has been sweet enough to heal me and clean me up, I really need to get my eyes checked.”

Chastity handed her an ice pack for her eye, stepping back to let Doc handle the situation.  They both appeared incredulous to every word Farah had told them. He rolled his eyes, “OK, dear. Stumbling down the stairs is the number one excuse women give when their husband has beaten them to a pulp. Or slaves when a clumsy Master mistakes hurt and erotic pain. Or overactive warriors when they start looking for trouble without their leaders’ consent.” He pauses briefly and pushes his glasses up his nose. “Anyway… If I ever learn that some macho fucker did that to you, he’s dead. Like totally dead.”  Then he looks in my direction but says nothing.

Chastity must have figured out that everything was being handled so she left us under the ever watchful eye of Doc.  I nodded in agreement adding, “I’m glad I found you and got you cleaned up.”, continuing to caress her cheek sweetly and softly, “so where were we?”, I paused for a  moment, completely ignoring the fact that Doc was mere steps away watching and listening to us, “I think I’m starting to like you more with every passing moment. I think we can change things for the better, don’t you think so?”  Doc then proceeded to speak in lycan, most likely to make sure Farah was OK and to question her about me without my being able to understand their conversation.  I watched, wondering if I was going to walk out of this alive; for all I knew, a welcoming party might be waiting for me at the exit.

It was at this point that Farah decided to speak the truth of what had happened to her.  “Dun misunderstand me, Doc, I didn’t make that stupid story up cuz I think you’re easy to be fooled, I’m just a bad liar.  I’m surprised tho in your list there was no point number four, that is a quiet wolf is doing her own business and gets attacked by three, angry Hell Vikings” she seemed exasperated, raising her brow making an amused face, and adding “why you always think of me like a little troublemaker, I’m calm, very calm” turning back to me and smiling, “what about taking a walk in a more pleasant place than a hospital?” I was much more calm at this point and agreed with her, indicating I had the right place for us to go.  She turned back to Doc and uttered a few more words to him in lycan.

I grew concerned again as Doc frowned, wondering what was said and why he reacted that way.   “I don’t even start to understand why you would make up lies to cover the fact that you were attacked by assholes. There’s nothing wrong with that,” he looked us over then started foraging through the cabinets for medical supplies, “have a good walk.  Be cautious. No one can be trusted. Ever.”  As we headed towards the exit, she moved closer to him,  “because I love you and I would never want to have you worried about me, as long as I’m still alive everything is fine, you know bitching and I dun work good together.  I’ll be fine, see you later my friend” she says before backing off and looking back to me “shall we go?  Lead the the way Sal.”  I noticed another frown; the frown of disapproval coming from Doc.  I knew then that as things progressed, we would likely face such adversity with each other’s families.  “Nice meeting you Doc,” I tried to be polite as we made our way outside and moved North toward the bridge.  A place I considered pretty quiet and mostly peaceful since it was the path out of Lost Angels to distant lands.

Talking a walk together to talk, away from prying eyes and ears.

Talking a walk together to talk, away from prying eyes and ears.

Farah followed me, stopping next to me further down the span as she looked down at the water, then turned to look at me.  I stepped closer to her; one hand holding hers while with the other I ran my fingers through her hair, “so…I think you owe me something from yesterday,” I said with a smile, leaning in to kiss her lips, brushing against them softly before parting her lips with mine and moving my forked tongue inside her.  Upon finding her tongue, I intertwined them within, giving a slight tug,  My eyes closed as I embraced her, keeping her body close to mine.  At the same time, she raised her arms encircling my neck and pulling me down towards her.  Her eyes closed as the kiss became much more passionate than it was the previous day.  It was as if she was hungry; so much that she started to tug on my lower lip while grabbing the collar of my shirt roughly. “Sal..Sal…stop it, it’s…it’s full moon tonite.”  I remembered some in my family mentioning something about it, but I put very little thought into it.

I continued to kiss her, moving my lips down her neck to her shoulder, pausing a moment, “the full moon, what does that mean? I don’t understand.” continuing to hold her close to me as the lust within began to increase, my hands caressing her waist gently, nuzzling her softly while my lips travel across her chest and back up to her lips.  Farah began to moan with deep pleasure.  I opened my eyes just in time to catch her eyes glowing red as I continued to kiss her lips and her neck.  She gasped, “never mind, I’ll try to control myself” as she unbuttoned my shirt with one hand while the other grabbed my face forcing me to look at her, “I’m deeply aroused watch out” and with that said, she opened my shirt with a rough gesture of her hands and leaned in to kiss and lick my chest.

“That makes two of us”, as my lips brushed against her shoulders, giving her little kisses all around, before moving them to her chest and down her cleavage, my hands unfastening her top as I moved my forked tongue, up and down and then across her nipples, suckling gently.  My hands moved up and down her back blowing warm air on each nipple before slowly biting on them just enough to get them hard.  I then moved my mouth ever so slowly to her belly button as I am just about on my knees at that time, hands on her ass bringing her body close to mine.  I could literally feel Farah losing control as she spoke in between breathless panting, “aw Sal…..your kisses drive me crazy….I like you Sal, I like so much but please swear you’re not using any demonic trick on me, just be yourself when loving me” she would say looking at me with desperation.

I stopped kissing her, eager to answer her plea, “I only use that as a last resort and not on those I genuinely love”, pausing a moment as I noticed I had mentioned the L word, “those I care about, I don’t use my powers on. That is one thing I promise I will not do.”  She smiled shyly and innocently as I stood up after I had finished speaking, my hands moving to her waist once more as I brought her closer once more, leaning into kiss her deeply, sweetly, lovingly, and with a lot of passion. My free hand grabbed her ass and squeezed it a bit.  Suddenly she let out a suffocated moan “Sal…back off” she presses a hand tightly against her abdomen.  I stepped back, breaking away our kiss, “what’s wrong? are you OK?”, genuinely concerned about her well being and wondering if her attackers did more damage than she let on. “What’s bothering you…I’m sure we can find a solution to it, together, but let me help you” I said as I watched her facial expression and her body language.

At the bridge in North Gate

At the bridge in North Gate

Farah began to pant noisily and clearly had difficulty breathing, “It’s happening now” she gasped, as she fell down to her knees and dragged a long scratch on the concrete with her sharp nails which grew quickly before my eyes into long, sharp claws.  Her skin was sweaty and would get darker and darker as she groaned with apparent pain.  With one last possessed gaze she snarled, “dun follow me” before running away.  I watched her take off running and felt like chasing after her but figured she had a good reason for telling me to stay behind and so I did just that.

Watching her fade in the distance I realized that she had slowly become more to me in my life than he ever thought so after meeting her for the first time in the courtyard yesterday. She seemed to understand me more than most anyone he had met before, and that piqued my interest more than anything. Her sweet way of treating me and her piercing eyes were two things I could not forget. I longed to be with her again and hoped it was sooner than later. My gaze drifted from the road to the water and the setting sun in the sky as my thoughts wandered and I thought of my growing emotional attachment to her. I smiled and headed back to the city, content with her and with my life.


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