The Devil is in the Details

Posted: January 21, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Ophidia at the bookstore with a few demoness

Ophidia at the bookstore with a few demoness

It has been little less than a month since I returned from the fires that engulfed me upon visiting my mother, Lady Lilith, in Hell.  It was something I should have done long ago, but my stubbornness and the feelings I held at that moment told me to stay where I was, work things out in other ways, and I would get my way.  I was so wrong.  How was I to know that all would change in mere moments and that I would end up feeling like the void within me was draining the very life that coursed through me.  My only option was to descend into the depths of Hell and face her.

Being one of the first born of Lady Lilith brings with it more responsibility than the other incubus or succubus, whom I call brothers and sisters.  When you are one of the oldest, you are expected to render proper homage above all and set and example for your brethren.  I had failed, not once but many times over.  I was overzealous and my thoughts were on another.  The first time she came for me, I balked;  disrespectful and unwavering in my position.  I believed I was right even though every day that I denied paying proper tribute to her, I was forsaking myself to a harsher punishment.  A punishment I had no way of knowing when it would arrive or how much of an impact it would have on me.

I was wrong, I had to admit it.  After weeks of dealing with the changes imposed on me, I need to break free of the bonds; bonds that were severe and restrictive.  Shape-shifting had been taken away from me and that alone was punishment enough.  I needed to go see her.  My only hope was that she would allow me an audience so that I would be able to explain myself and ask her to change the terms to something more amenable.  I only wanted the ability to shift again with the promise that my work and my tribute would increase my devotion to her.  She agreed, sort of.

Salvatore shortly after his return

Salvatore shortly after his return

The day I went to see her, she had cleared her chambers of all others.  As I entered the room, I noticed that her back was facing me.  I stood just inside the entrance as the doors closed behind me.  She had been overlooking a project and turned around to face me.  Her eyes blazing red with fire that could be seen clearly from where I stood.  I bowed and stepped closer at her behest.  Standing just a few feet away, I knew her anger was great but I had to overcome my fears and stand up straight as she explained the error of my ways.  I listened sanctimoniously to her words and when allowed to speak, explained my ideas and why they would work this time.

Had I known that my mother was capable of being reasonable, to an extent, perhaps I would have been more compliant in her demands to meet with her.  Though seething with anger at my insolence, she was willing to listen to my ideas and relished at the possibilities I presented.  However, she didn’t fully trust me and I couldn’t really blame her.  It’s not like this is my first time here answering for my lack of tribute,  yet at the same time she humors me.  In the end I was able to strike a deal with her to allow me to shift at will.  This allowed me to return to my male form, however, it was not without a deal of her own.  I was to wear a halo of fire atop my head to remind me constantly of the work I was to do and the consequences that would follow should I fail to heed her words and our agreement.  With little fanfare I was allowed to return to this plane to continue my work and fulfill the promises that were made.

Questions remain, but only time will tell.


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