Chance Encounter

Posted: January 21, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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A view of Lost Angels from above

A view of Lost Angels from above

It was a day like any other day in the city.  The dusty haze lingering in the air as minute amounts of denizens roamed the streets at their leisure.  There streets were mostly barren and not much activity was afoot or even planned from the looks of it.  My boredom and the lack of willing or unwilling prey caused me unease and dampened my enjoyment.

It was that lack of excitement that led me to take a walk over to the Pack’s Den.  Perhaps they had some entertainment far better than counting the cracks of the pavement I stood on while pacing the corner.  Watching from the Syndicate base, I figured I had a great vantage point while keeping sufficient distance from the activities and those that inhabit the area.

Glancing down the street, I saw Cast speaking with someone by the newsstand that lay across the street from the Den.  She was talking to a petite bushy-tailed female, wearing a mask that hid her face.  The mask appeared to be some sort of helmet and as such it was hard to get a fix on her eyes or who she was.  Not much else was going on nor did it seem was going to happen so I focused on this female lycan.  Further down the street other lycans and some Archaic were around but the mood was dry and dead.

It was then that I was surprised by what followed.  Cast had moved further down the street and the bushy-tailed female was motioning me over to her with a nod of her head.  I obliged and walked over, not quite sure what to expect.  Our factions have been at each other’s throats for a very long time.  Though we are not at war, the tension still exists and it keeps each side acting in an overcautious manner.  Yet, I stepped near her pleased with her boldness in calling me over.

Though her manner of dress was in ways tribal and her attitude strong and fierce, I sensed nervousness behind the mask that appeared to be caused by my proximity to her.  I reacted by attempting to ease her nerves and make her feel comfortable around me.  She asked, “may I help you with something stranger?”  I replied, “Well, you could tell me your name and why you wear such an interesting headdress?”  I was being charming but I couldn’t help myself when trying to figure out who she was exactly. “Forgive my manners; I am Salvatore, Inquisitor or the Brood. And you are?”  I enquired as I stood before her, casually glancing down the street since I usually scan my surroundings especially within the city limits. “Your manners are fine, Salvatore. My name is Farah and I’m Pack”

That was the first time I heard her speak with such pride and strength in her voice.  It was like her entire being was moved by her announcement that she was with the Pack.  With that she informed me that her current attire, including the headdress was her combat armor.  I looked her over a few times and gave her an approving smile.  She appeared resolute in her speech now and asked me if I was some type of angel, being that she was able to see my halo.  I laughed at bit as the halo was a ring of fire above my head, but then again I didn’t expect everyone to understand the offerings that were given to us by the Seven.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you Farah. I can’t say that I’ve seen you as your face is obscured by that mask but I doubt we have been properly introduced in a previous time and place.  My halo is a gift from below.” I lied, but I figured it was not something worth going into much detail  “I’m not an angel or anything close to it.  I’m a demon and it is fact that most demons were angels previously.”

Farah after removing her helmet

Farah after removing her helmet

She looked at me with piqued interest and invited me to go somewhere less trafficked and more quaint to get to know each other better.  There was nothing going on and I thought nothing of it, short of finding out who was behind the mask and what the mystery was.  As she walked ahead of me, it allowed me to gaze upon her figure and catch her looking back at me. I followed her to the garden-like courtyard of some buildings, not far from the Den and we stood there to talk.

She raised her head as her eyes met mine, peering from behind the armor, “so you really wanna see what this war helmet hides from your eyes, Salvatore?” I smiled, “of course, and besides…we’re not at war…I’m sure you have very pretty eyes behind that which protects you”, watching her and hoping to help make her feel at ease.  She smiled back from behind the mask, “I’m always at war, Salvatore”, she said as she lifted  it off her head.  I watched with interest as the reddish-purple hair fell down to her shoulders; the strands gleaming in the light of the setting sun as she brushed a few from her face.

I smirked as the beauty behind the mask appeared asking her why she was always at war.  “War is me and I am war, Salvatore, I’ll keep on fighting enemies til the end of my days and when there are no more enemies left I will…”she pauses a few seconds before continuing “I will fight myself, I just cant help it, it’s in my nature”, her voice soft and melancholy, lowering her head as she finished speaking.  Being a demon of wrath and lust I knew that some were made to go the distance every day until the cause was no more. “I understand what war means to you. I can see it in your eyes. You awaken to fight, live to fight, and lay down to rest to fight. I admire your perseverance in continuing until the enemy has been vanquished. I do wonder though, who the enemy is at the moment?”  It was then that she explained a failed trip to a faraway land where a huge battle was fought after trade negotiations went awry and the possible retaliation they expected because of it.

She added,  “I am a militant in the Pack and I have responsibilities towards those around me. Besides that, I’m a rather particular creature, I’m not capable of little emotions, I just live and feed on strong passions and that gets often those around me to burn in my fire.”she looked up to me, canting her head as if waiting for my reaction to her confession “are you scared now of me, Salvatore?”  I shook my head and chuckled as I looked down towards her, “Not in the least. I actually like that you’re a woman of strong wills and passion, especially passion for war. I have similar passions so this is not in the least frightening to me. I have been around for many a long time and witness to war and battle on every scale imaginable. I am a demon dedicated to lust and wrath.,  You actually are or much interest to me and you are someone I’d like to get to know even more, surprising as that may seem to you.”

At the garden courtyard with Farah

At the garden courtyard with Farah

Farah’s attitude and composure changed as I spoke, peering into my eyes in an almost hypnotic state.  Her hand had moved to brush some of my dreads off my face as she spoke softly, almost in a trance-like state, “Your eyes”, she trailed off a bit, “that indefinable honey color, one could get lost in if they dare to stare too long…and you gaze…its a sad one, Salvatore..”, she trailed off once more as her head tilted to the side, “What is missing in your life, Salvatore?”  I perked a brow, unsure how she saw so deep inside me.  I was unsure how much to say but felt a bond I had not felt before in this new-found friend.  In many ways she was right about this sadness within me.  A millennial spent in service to his mother and the Seven, there were things definitely missing in his life.  “I would say it is the lonely or solitary nature…”, I trailed off thinking I may have said too much.

She appeared lost in thought as she stared at me, nodding in approval of what I had said, her fingers trailing across my lips then dropping to rest by her side, “You say you would get to know me, even after I told you that I’m fire and those that play around me get burnt?  You are not afraid to get hurt?” She looked anxious, waiting for an answer.  “I live for the fire and bask in it willingly so there is no need to worry about me getting burnt. As far as getting hurt, well, it may well happen or maybe it wont. We wont know unless we take the first step. As I said, I would love to get to know you better and what develops thence, we shall see”, gazing into her eyes as flames lit up within them for an instant.  Her eyes lit up, “yes, the first step”, and she stood on the tips of her toes, as if wanting to kiss me.

I leaned in and our lips barely touched before she backed off in to the shadows, “I must leave, but I’ll see you soon” she said still staring at me from a few steps back while flashing a smile.  I was not about to let her go that easy, stepping forward myself and wrapping my arm around her waist as I pulled her into me, kissing her deeply, before releasing her, “I hope to see you again very soon,” I smiled as I saw her move away, vanishing in the haze of the night.  I knew I would see her again because I believed the fire she had spoken of had been lit within us both and it was not a destructive fire, but one of new beginnings.

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