The End of the Road?

Posted: December 9, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in O.O.C.

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What’s new with me and where am I?  Easy and hard questions to answer at the same time.  I’ve been going through a metamorphosis…a change so to speak.  Some of the things that used to be fun are no longer fun and some of the things I used to do so willfully, bore me to tears now.  Yes this is an odd time for me.  I guess three weeks of vacation from RL work and engrossed in SL can cause burnout.

The End of the Road

The End of the Road

So here I stand at the proverbial crossroads of my SL existence, the fork in the road where there are no signs and no  indicators that say veer left or veer right.  But in reality there is no fork.  Instead there’s the road behind me, and the road ahead.  The road behind me is where I’ve been and what I’ve done.  I’ve done a lot; some good, some bad.  I’m not perfect it just it is what it is.  There are things I regret, just as in RL.  There are people that have crossed my path and I cannot forget; some very near and dear to me still.

As such, my demonic character in the City of Lost Angels is having family issues; mostly issues that need to be cleared up with his mother.  That role play scene is in the works and pending the availability of certain players .  It will be covered in a future blog post.  That is where I have been, so let us move to where I am now.

I know plenty of people take SL breaks by heading to play World of Warcraft.  I, personally don’t play WOW but I have Guild Wars Trilogy which I think is pretty fun.  It is however not the type of break I need now.  There is a time for full SL breaks but this is not one of them.  A side note to my Brood faction leader: Don’t worry Chari, I’m not going anywhere…just taking a break before the grand opening…I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Lately though my break has taken me from 30 years in the future to the present.  I have stopped being the purveyor of evil and malfeasance to enjoy the spoils of everyday life.  Sure, I’ve been told by some that it’s boring for them or they have tried it but gave up on it because it was not exciting enough.  I, in turn, have found it a refreshing change. I think it’s partially the players you interact with as well as the stories that involve you and drive you deeper into the storyline.

No longer do I stalk prey, convince others to do my bidding, or rip their souls from their body.  Now I hang with a much different crowd.  In the past week:

  • I have been stoned or high more than once.  Well, for the record, just about all the time.
  • I went to a party that could have ended up been a major drug bust.  More drugs in one room than I’d seen a long time.  Thank God for friends with huge stashes.
  • I threatened a police officer for insulting me who in turn threatened to toss me in jail and beat me senseless just because.  The same officer told me that I should watch my back because the people I was with were a bunch of backstabbing crooks.
  • I defaced a property and planted evidence to point the finger elsewhere.
  • We were treated to a tour that ended  with us ice skating the night away as it snowed.  Yes there are nice things to do here too.

I will say that last event was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.  It was different, fresh, and fun.  I guess I’m starting to like a life on the edge where the stakes are high and the penalties are worse.

I could reveal the location of all this fun role play, but even if I do, I doubt anyone would ever find me.  Hopefully my next update won’t be from the tombs of jail cell, or having my mug shot taken.  We’ll see where all this leads.

  1. Daana Kira says:

    Good luck for whatever you’ll do if you finally decided to leave. Thanks for all the articles you wrote.

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