The Wrath of Lady Lilith

Posted: November 10, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Feles in full demonic form

Feles in full demonic form

It was another late Monday night at the City of Lost Angels.  I had just left the Zodiac Lounge after hearing Overfiend Sloan’s DJ set.  The night was quiet and tranquil and so I walked into the Bookstore to have a chat with one of the members of my family, Domina.  I called her inside and was about to speak when Un and Gogo arrived as well.  There was nothing serious to discuss that required privacy so the presence of other family members and some patrons to the bookstore was not an issue.

As I greeted each of them, I noticed Feles walk in.   I had seen her earlier but at the moment she looked very different and somewhat calm and serene in her demeanor.  As a shapeshifter I know that we are able to change appearance on a whim.  However, having seen her earlier dancing at the Zodiac dressed very differently made me wonder, for a second, if something had changed.

I greeted her, complimenting the change and the vast difference in appearance, then turned to the others engaging in casual conversation, when she came closer to me and addressed me.   “Sal, you never told me how you avoided the messengers. Your mother wasn’t exactly pleased with that.” She was calm, perhaps too calm as she spoke those words.  I smirked at first balking at her question with some of my own.   “The messengers?   Wait why are you asking about that?  And what do you know about my mother?”  It was at that point that I became agitated with what she had said and I continued to respond to her, “I’ve been trying my best to steer clear of her and I really don’t care if she’s pleased of not. I’m not making the trip to see her. How I avoided them? I won’t tell, but I have friends in high places.”

The other family members in the room were confused.  They knew nothing of the messengers or what we were talking about.  I could hear them question some of the things we said.  Domina was advising me that I had made a bad choice in ignoring my mother and be is it was, I continued to disagree, “I’m not making the trip to see her on my own, she’ll have to come for me herself.”  As I finished speaking, Feles stepped closer to me.  The calm nature about her was unnerving and started to become cause for alarm.  “Why do you turn your back on her, Sal? You’ve always been her favorite child, she … misses you.”

Once I heard those words, I knew that something was wrong, yet I was not going to go without a fight.  “I have been subjected to her will for far too long, and I’m not going to make a trip that I may not return from. I have had this happen before and then returned to a different time and place. I don’t feel like leaving here with so much work to do.  I will decide when and if I leave here but at the moment I want to stay”

As we spoke, sirens went off very loudly in the city and that caused others to congregate in the bookstore to get away from the piercing sounds.  I was mildly distracted as Feles was standing closer every time and her words while calm had strangeness about them.  “You believe your will is stronger than your mother’s desires?”  I laughed mostly out of fear that her words were not her own, nor were they ones she would use with me.  “Of course her will is stronger; I should know seeing as I have been with her the longest of my siblings. Her will shall always be stronger than mine however she is not here, so I’m not too worried. The messengers have stopped making the rounds and while I’m not fully relieved, it does feel much better to have the pressure off.”

It was at that point that Feles closed her eyes and rested her hand on my chest, scratching and drumming her claws there as she whispered to me, “Though she has a message for you.”   In the time it would take to inhale a shallow breath between words, the demoness slammed her claws into my chest as she growls not of her voice, “It’s time, son.” A chanting could be heard by anyone standing nearby, an ancient spell that would be familiar to me from my early days, and the name Ophidia, which would be the shell Lilith has chosen I take until she is certain her son has returned to her service, rejecting the ways of Abaddon. The demoness’ hand would emerge just as quickly, no chance for error would be allowed as with the previous messengers. One would have to pay close attention to realize anything had happened at all. For now, the demoness pats my chest and takes a step back, watching.

An eerie night looking over the City of Lost Angels

An eerie night looking over the City of Lost Angels

I stumbled back, bumping into the counter with fear in my eyes as they go wide open.  “What the ..?” I could not finish speaking.  I realized something was going wrong.  “My magic will counter this, you are not as powerful as I.” I struggled to stay standing, attempting to create a circle of protection around me but it was fruitless.  I knew that the others would try to help and I stopped them, thinking I would be able to handle this on my own.  I was very wrong. I turned to Feles as I slumped to the floor, “why are you doing this?”  Then she pulled my soul from me in a parting shot.  I passed out and dropped to the floor.

Domino blinked as I dropped to the ground, confronting Feles about her actions and trying to grasp what had just happened as my body began to shift form.  It was the form Lady Lilith had chosen for me, the form of Ophidia the succubus.  As my male features faded and feminine features appeared, Domina stepped back, looking at me still on the ground and confused about what just happened.  “What have you done?”

Feles kneels down beside me, a protective stance as her wings hover about. Her head whips around toward Dom with a hiss before she turns back to Ophidia, whispering in her own voice now that the message had been delivered, “Who am I to refuse, Sal? Unlike you I don’t believe I am stronger than your mother, nor do I believe I have friends in such high places.” The demoness would hold her protective stance until the shift to Ophidia was complete.  Once the shifting has ceased, I opened my eyes and needed time to focus.  I had not only been shifted but infused with a strong dose of lust and energies common to succubi and incubi; energies that only a true Lilin would comprehend.

“What happened?”  I asked as I struggled to get up, still unsure what exactly had happened.  As I looked around and tried to get my bearings, I heard Feles hiss and reply to Dom’s questions.  “It is the will of Lady Lilith. It is not my place to question, Dom.”  I struggle to get up, still week in the knees from the potency of the magic spell cast upon me. “Why am I on the ground?  Did I trip or fall?”  I was still confused as Feles stood up, extending a hand to help me and explained in a soothing voice, “Clear your mind, you will remember everything.”

I finally got to my feet when I looked over myself and realized that I had shifted more than a bit.  I was now dressed very differently, my voice pitched much higher, my body completely female and made to spread the wrath of Lust.  Feles walked over and reached out a hand to smooth my long red hair. “You know what you have to do. It’s time.” Visibly drained now that the message had been delivered, the demoness took a step back and walked out of the bookstore.


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