The Vision

Posted: November 7, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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My Battle with Myself

Atop a Rooftop in the City of Lost Angels


Lately, I’ve been having a vision.  It’s a recurring vision and one that haunts me daily.  I’m on a rooftop watching something or the denizens below when suddenly I sense someone behind me.  As I turn around, I’m kicked in the chest, sending me over the edge.  As I’m flying back, it’s as if all this is happening in slow motion, and I think to myself “why worry?  I’m not human and I’ll just pick myself up after the fall.  I’m dead already.”  However, as I glance into the eyes of my attacker, I realize it’s me.  At that moment it suddenly hits me that something is gravely wrong and I don’t know what lies at the end of my fall from this rooftop.  I reach out in a desperate attempt to grab the ledge, thinking that there is a possibility I might be able to grasp it and climb back atop the roof.  As my hand reaches out, suddenly I’m not falling anymore and I did not grab the ledge.  Instead the other me grabbed my hand and pulled me to safety.  Thereupon, the dream ends and I open my eyes trying to grasp the meaning.  What does it all mean and why do I keep having the same visions?

  1. ((Gorgeous picture – where was it taken?))

    I can only imagine you are in the grip of some deep, dark period of inner-conflict… what troubles you at the moment? What about the city and the people below catches your attention?

  2. I am suffering through a serious internal conflict and one that has to do with being pursued by my mother. Her will is that I return to Hell to answer for my failure to pay proper homage. If I return, there’s a chance I may not be sent back to the same time and place as I am at currently. However, if I don’t return, her wrath will grow stronger and much more cruel. I do know that time is running out for me and the messengers have not been back so this is truly the calm before the storm. I fear the worst is yet to come.

    ((The picture was taken in the City of Lost Angels))

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