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Posted: November 25, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in Misc.

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Feles in full demonic form

Feles in full demonic form

It was another late Monday night at the City of Lost Angels.  I had just left the Zodiac Lounge after hearing Overfiend Sloan’s DJ set.  The night was quiet and tranquil and so I walked into the Bookstore to have a chat with one of the members of my family, Domina.  I called her inside and was about to speak when Un and Gogo arrived as well.  There was nothing serious to discuss that required privacy so the presence of other family members and some patrons to the bookstore was not an issue. (more…)


My Battle with Myself

Atop a Rooftop in the City of Lost Angels


Lately, I’ve been having a vision.  It’s a recurring vision and one that haunts me daily.  I’m on a rooftop watching something or the denizens below when suddenly I sense someone (more…)