Arrival of the Messengers

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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A Messenger

A Messenger sent from Hell

My sadness and despair could not compare to the recent turn of events that were going to pale in comparison to his.  In the black church, where I sat pondering the future, I called upon Lady Lilith to give me strength through these difficult times. In times past, I would summon her and she would appear showing the true face of the mother she was to me, refilling me with energy and strength to continue my work and my path.This time, though, something was different. As the apparition appeared atop the main altar, the temperature began to rise steadily and quickly.  She was wrathful and angry and her appearance was that of a human-like succubus, with a large green snake that wrapped around her body and slithered upwards.  Her own forked tongue slowly slipping in and out from between her lips in quick fettered silence. She extended her left arm and pointed at me as if sending a signal, then motioned me closer. “Come closer Salvatore,” she said in a disembodied voice.  I had seen her at her worst on many occasions in the past but today I felt she was directing her full wrath at me alone.

I rose from the bench, slowly and carefully, moving to the center aisle where I would be able to kneel before her.  Upon kneeling, I kept my eyes on her, out of reverence and respect.

Salvatore: “Mother, I called you only to help me recover my energies and recharge me so I would be able to proceed.”

Lady Lilith: “Have you no shame?  Calling me when you follow another?  My patience has run out!”

Salvatore: “Mother, I have not betrayed you or our kind.  I still see you as the light in my path towards the darkness.”

Lady Lilith: “Do you dare call me a liar when I have see the turn your life has taken since SHE has returned to your life.”

Salvatore: “I have lost her and I want her back.  I am doing all I can to show her that we can be together.”

Lady Lilith: “You are one of my first born, yet you have decided to defy me in the most public of ways. You shall return to Hell with me at this moment and then I shall decide where and whence you will return to continue the work you should be doing instead of following Abaddon.  Forgot the daughter of Naamah and return to our family.”

Salvatore: “I will not return to Hell.  We can talk here but I will not leave.  I will not lose her a second time.”

Lady Lilith: She laughs sarcastically, “Do you think you have a choice in the matter?  Have you ever?”

It was at that moment that my eyes darted around sensing movement and I spotted the Messengers; one at each corner of the church.  The Messengers took three steps forward in a diagonal direction from where they appeared towards the center.  The air thickened and the lights dimmed within, then fire began to engulf the church.  If anyone were to walk by the outside, they would notice a strange and eerie glow that blasted through the bricks of the structure. The hooded figures remained silent as they held their swords down to the ground. I  realized Lilith had brought them along to show me she meant what she had said.

The Messengers are the best soldiers of the Elite Guard of Lucifer’s army.  Only the top one percentile of the Elite Guard are called to be Messengers.  Much like the secret police of many countries, their identities are secret from the rest of Hell’s Legions.  Their attire is simple, yet functional for their work.  All Messengers wear hooded cloaks to hide their appearance, even though they are all shapeshifters capable of manipulating their appearance to allow their target to let their guard down.  Each carries a long sword of solid gold ornate with the insignias of the Legions of Hell, and on their feet they wear leather sandals which allow them move about wherever they go in silence.

Their main task is to retrieve demons that have been called back to hell by the various demon Lords.  Some of the reasons that a demon would be called back to Hell may include those that have strayed from their path, those that are needed in Hell to answer to a Lord, as well as those that attempt to turn back to God.

Long ago, when I was young, I was told stories of fierce battles where the Messengers were sent to retrieve very powerful demons and had to work in coordinated groups to battle the elemental beings, the traps, and the black magic used to try to stop them.  Because of all the different scenarios possible, only the best were selected to undertake those missions.  Their clothing and demeanor indicated how important they were in their tasks.  Now I was the one being hunted and I had to find a way out.

The Messengers are no fools and they are well equipped to deal with all sorts of trickery.  I turned back to Lilith in an effort to reason with her.

Salvatore:  “Mother, I beg you to keep our conversation to this sanctuary.  I’m sure we can work out anything here, without interruption.”

Lady Lilith:  “Salvatore, you will come down to Hell with me whether you like it or not.”

At that moment, I knew I had to think fast because the only way to escape would be to rely on my wits and my knowledge of the area.  The gate was down because I had closed it upon arrival, but now I needed to open it and escape.  I mouthed the words neccesary to open the gate and I took a step back as it came up.  I looked around for movement but saw all four messengers hold their position.  I found it odd and perhaps I was tempting fate so I took another step back.  In that instant a felt a slight breeze as the four Messengers raised their swords and stood at a combat ready stance.  Oddly, they remained in their position.

I did not draw my sword because it would have mattered little in a battle of this magnitude with four against one.  Taking another step back, I saw all of the Messengers turn to face me.  The wind picked up as the fire within the church roared louder and hotter.  Lady Lilith stood atop the altar, watching and waiting.  Her ire was no less and her wrath strong as ever.  Then she shouted “HALT!  Do not touch him!”, and I froze where I was, not sure what to do or what was about to happen.  The four Messengers lowered their swords, once again placing them to the ground.

Lady Lilith: Salvatore, time is running out for you!  You have very little time left to come to me, before I return for you.  Heed these words for your time on this plane is about to come to an end.  Do not take this as an act of mercy.  You are one of my first born and as such, I’m giving you time to reflect on your actions and come to me willingly.  When that time comes to an end, YOU WILL face me in Hell for your insolence and disrespect and you will not see the daughter of Naamah again.  I am watching and the next time we meet in this plane will be most unpleasant for you.

Upon her last words, she disappeared as did the four Messengers and the roaring fire, which had not even singed the slightest piece of wood in the church.  With it all disappearing as if it had never been there, I looked around and saw nothing out of place.  I turned and headed out the doorway into the street.  Everything was normal outside the church and the area was as empty as it has usually been.  I mouthed a few words and closed the gate behind me.  Walking back to the city, my mind was riddled with questions.  How long did I have till she returned?  How bad could it get?  Would I find a way to convince Lady Lilith that I have not disrespected her?  The most important question remained, though.  After all was said and done, would I see Feles again?  Losing her again, was not an option I considered.


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