Sindee’s Past and Present

Posted: June 17, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Japanese rendering of the Jyorogomu demon

Japanese painting of the Jyorogomu demon

In my past, centuries ago, I was Jyorogomu, the spider demon of Japan. My work took place at night where I, in a female form, ripped souls from men as they slept. Sometimes I would assume the male form and perform the same ritual on women though for the most part I remained in my demoness shape, looking pretty much the same as I did now. This was all due to the will and challenge from Lilith, Queen of the incubi and Succubi.

Sindee Devlin was the end effect of a tryst gone bad.  We demons can be arrogant at times regarding cause and effect.  We think we’re pretty much immune from being hurt or harmed.  In that respect I am just the same.  How was I supposed to know that a chance encounter with a vampire would lead to me changing into this semblance of beauty, lust, and sexuality.  I can’t think of anything I could have done differently that would have brought about different changes.

The end result of this encounter was multiple physical changes that caused me to end up looking like this.  It was not an immediate result.  A few months passed before it hit me hard and fast.  I had really forgotten about it all except for the bite marks that mysteriously stayed present and seeping blood since that fateful day.

Being an Archon of the Brood and stuck in this form presented issues that I had no idea how to deal with.  It was becoming hard to maintain my authoritative status among the lower ranks with some of them unable to recognize me and at the same time having to explain myself to them about why this happened, how to address me in public, and when I expected things to get back to normal.

It was during that time that things just seemed to get worse and worse.  I walked around the city at times trying to be inconspicuous but knowing full well that everyone saw me as fresh meat.  I started to avoid the city fearing that I would be harmed by others or by my own family because the changes were coming faster everyday.

I tried to limit my outings to [Rampart] where my apartment is.  There, the demoness Veyron trapped me in a moment of weakness and I submitted to her will.  In effect I became her slave and was under her care and protection, though at times I resented not being allowed to move around of my own free will and being restricted from wearing much clothing.

Sindee at DeSatanica Cafe

Sindee at DeSatanica Cafe

I was now a succubus and as such made to assume that role fully in dress and behavior.  Mistress got me dressed in silks, horns, and attachments that ensured I was ready to accept my duties at any time.  I was also branded to make sure all knew who owned me and what they faced if they were to bring harm to me.  Mistress was good to me.  I was able to get my needs met only after, of course, meeting hers. And even though there were some times that I doubted my decision to submit, I have to admit that it did take a lot of weight off my shoulders.

I am thankful for friends that helped me during and after my transition.  Friends like Joia and Kalli who helped me through it all and were there for me.  Luci and Sakura, my close Brood family members who kept me sane and watched over me even when things seemed like they were out of control.

As time passed, it became clearer that I was starting to split from Salvatore’s conciousness. It was like there were two of us inside the one body fighting for control. While I was enjoying the power and the freedom I enjoyed in my position, I was not about to jeapordize Salvatore’s position in the Brood. Our combined actions during a critical phase of an investigation brought about promotion to officer status. It surprised us both and even though it brought about many advantages, I was more willing to continue my work in my own way, while Salvatore looked forward to settling into his new position.

Several months ago, I wanted another host; one I could call my own instead of the borrowed body I had taken over. I was willing to give Salvatore, his body back in exchange for a body I could have as mine so I would be able to continue my work or play. I wanted to be free to do as I wished without worrying that the body I currently inhabited would revert back to male form and once again cast me off into the darkness. I was worried that it would be a long time before I would be able to return and I was having too much fun to go now. As I tried to negotiate for a new host, I was approached with a novel idea. Nova, a fellow officer, offered me a host that I would be able to shapeshift in and do much more than I could now. I jumped at the chance of what an offer like that could do for me. As such, with the promise that no trickery was involved, I entered Nova’s laboratory accompanied by Avian and Tari.

Upon Nova’s explanation of all the benefits and advantages I had in this new body, I began to think of all the possibilities for me and my deeds. I then jumped from Salvatore’s body, to this new form; an endoskeleton submerged in a cylinder filled with a special fluid. Nova told me I would have to learn to manuever this new body, but once I got the hang of it, I would be capable of many things. As I made the leap and entered my new body, Salvatore’s body dropped to the ground looking lifeless. It lay there till his spirit took over. Once that happened, his body reverted back to it’s male form. I could not see much more, as Nova had locked me inside the cylinder and closed it up, restricting my view. I remained in the lab learning to control my new body and soon afterward, continued my work far from the City of Lost Angels. I have yet to return; perhaps one day.

*Japanese Jyorogomu painting, courtesy of

  1. Speyeder Farina says:

    Well this was an interesting read 🙂 It is interesting to read the past of people in the City, I hope Sindee returns someday as I was unable to get to know her and of anyone in the City I really should’ve.

    • Sindee pops in from time to time and I’m sure she’d be happy to meet all the new blood in the family. If you ask some of the older members of the Brood like Tari, Nova, Sakura, or Feles, I’m sure they can tell you plenty about her doings in the city. She may not be around much anymore, but she is still fiercely loyal to the Queens.

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