Reconstructing My Character

Posted: June 9, 2010 by Salvatore Otoro in MV-SL-Tutorials, O.O.C.

Salvatore outside the Brood Bookstore/Cafe

Salvatore with Winter outside the Brood Bookstore/Cafe

Sometimes a character gets stale.  Sometimes they fall in a rut and it feels like they need a rebirth or an awakening.  My character is currently in this state in its existence and it can make for a boring time and a lack of enthusiasm in the role play.  I think a reboot is in order to get things running again. As you may tell from my post titled, The Nature of the Beast, Salvatore was somewhat saddened and not in the best of moods.  This could be a catalyst for change.  The issues, as of last night, have not been resolved and are taking a toll on his demeanor.  As it stands, a change will be needed regardless.

I’ve started to work out the plans for the change, with a few others because honestly, it can’t be done alone.  My plans involve getting killed, not as a perma-death but as a means to an end in refreshing my character and atoning for my mistakes.  After the death I am to be reborn though with some changes.  As an officer of the Brood, I should have one or two officers there to at least be witness to the demise, get word out of what’s happened, and or save me from the impending doom.  Besides that, an NPC will be necessary to perform the kill, mainly because allowing another faction to do it, would start a an ill-advised war among other problems that could be worse than death itself. The end product of the death and reemergence should be a completely different Salvatore.  Different appearance and motives while still retaining the memories and attempting to recover the love he has lost.  In the end though,  I can only do this for me because I definitely need it.  If I recover the love that was lost, I will be victorious, and if I don’t recover it, then at least I have new motivations and a different outlook on my future.  I need to be excited about playing my character again and this will push me in the right direction and with a desire to evolve.

The basic premise is written and so it unfolds.  With the principal players chosen and notified, it is now up to the story to take its course and produce the desired end result.  Watch for forthcoming posts about the story about to take place.  I won’t reveal it all now but I promise it will be good.


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