The Road Less Taken

Posted: October 28, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Salvatore and Feles on the bridge near Holly Bay.

It has been about two weeks since Sindee’s consciousness has been ripped from Salvatore in a move that Nova helped achieve with a promise of a new host for her.  The new host is a cyber genetic body capable of being possessed by one such as Sindee as well as performing other tasks including shape shifting.  It will take her some time to learn to manipulate that body as she has done so with Salvatore’s body.  

This has left Salvatore, though, with much time to think and ponder on his situation and his loyalty to Lilith.  He was born an Incubus long ago, but now his devotion to Lilith was being called into question, something he had not felt before.  Sindee, was in reality, the vessel that held a good part of the lust within him.  Now she was gone and with her, much of his dominion and control over lust.  He was now looking for a new way to continue his path and servitude to the Seven.  His choice was to follow Abaadon, demon lord of wrath, and sharpen his skills as a warrior.  Though it is not an easy task for him, he is doing all he can to achieve that change within him.  He has worked in the service of Abaadon before and so it is a natural choice.

CoLA 102709_003m_resize

Feles at Lost Beach

Salvatore also has one other thing that has encouraged him to change paths as well; Feles.  Feles, though recruited by Sindee, had been travelling from place to place searching for Salvatore.  She and Salvatore had known each other during the Japanese invasion of China back in 1937 and had shared a love that lasted for a short period of time.  Salvatore was helping influence Japan with wrath along with other demons as they fulfilled the duties of Abaadon, while Feles, a follower or Naamah demon lord of greed, was in exile due to having used her skills with other demons when asked to.  This caused plenty of issues in Hell that infuriated some of those around her while pleasing Namaah greatly.  Because she needed to hide out from angry demons she exiled herself in Japan where she encountered many other demons, among them Salvatore whom he charmed the first time he laid eyes upon her.  When he was able to, he took Feles with him and showed her the ways of Abaadon and Lilith.  She was a good student but she was loyal to Namaah beyond all other demon lords.  Their time together was cut short when he was reassigned after the end of World War II.

  1. felesseitan says:

    Admittedly, I am a tad biased, but I like the new direction and will be interested to see how your character evolves. I would guess that reshaping your reputation and interacting in new ways will be a challenge with some of your longer-term RP partners. That could be an interesting blog topic sometime …

  2. gwen says:

    I am also really interested in where will your RP lead.

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