Sayonara さようなら

Posted: October 27, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer, Roleplay Tales
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CoLA 101209_007m_resize

Japanese Sindee

Dateline:  October 16, 2039

Lately, Sindee had been getting more absorbed into her Japanese past.  She was starting to mix more Japanese with her English and her latest morph had turned her into a petite Japanese woman.  This was worrying to her Brood family as the events in the last few days were quickly accelerating towards a disturbing end that no one could figure out.  It has now been over a year since Salvatore was cursed with this affliction and though a temporary cure had been found, it did not last as long as expected.  

This was just another night outside the bookstore, though Sindee kept mumbling about some help that Lucilla had promised her.  Besides that very little was understandable since Japanese and English were mixed in together in the same sentences.  In one of her ramblings she spoke of a host body.   Slowly, those around her, Avian, Tari, and Bree began to figure out that what she was looking for was the host body she had been promised.  It was a promise made long ago by Lucilla when Sindee revealed her true nature and desires.  In the course of time, Sindee figured she would do better with her own body than with the borrowed one she was using at the moment.  Yes, she was wary of being tricked but thought it better to have more control over a body she could call her own.

As Sindee tried to strike a deal with Bree and Tari, Nova arrived and came up with a very enticing solution.  Nova took Sindee to her lab with Tari and Avian.  Herein follows the text of the role play that took place that night.

[18:33]  Brood Hive Mind: Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) (in Brood): so what have you decided?

[18:34]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): decided?

[18:34]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) smirks

[18:34]  Brood Hive Mind: Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) (in Brood): yes, about the host?

[18:35]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): Ooh! I thought you said lady Lucilla was taking care of that, my lady?

[18:37]  Ishtar Heartsdale waves to the Brood members as she passes blowing a kiss to Nova and Sindee

[18:37]  NS smiles at Ishy

[18:37]  TR waves back to Ish

[18:37]  Brood Hive Mind: Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) (in Brood): Lucilla has not been around much, you seem more predisposed to it, well you and Bree

[18:38]  TR looks a bit puzzled

[18:39]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): Tell us what you need of us, and I will do my utmost to do it.

[18:39]  BB looks puzzled too. Another blonde moment.

[18:39]  Brood Hive Mind: BB(in Brood): yeah. *agrees with Tari*

[18:46]  Brood Hive Mind: Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) (in Brood): you want Salvatore back? Get me a host body that I approve of and we can go our separate ways

[18:47]  Brood Hive Mind: BB(in Brood): *boggles* Oh… so you want us to find a sexy man? or a sexy lady?

[18:47]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): I would think a man would be preferred.

[18:48]  Brood Hive Mind: Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) (in Brood): Salvatore can have this body and reshape it as he wants, I’ll take the host, that is if you can find one suitable for me, female of course

[18:49]  TR nods

[18:49]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): I misunderstood, my lady

[18:49]  Brood Hive Mind: BB(in Brood): *thinks her and Tari are fucking slow!* Oh, any preferences? Hair colour? Species? Neko, maybe? You’d look cute in neko.

[18:50]  Brood Hive Mind: NS (in Brood): Heh I could always make a shell for you…or…I DO have a special project you might be interested in.

[18:50]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) smirks “she better look good, I will change her as I see fit after I posses it”

[18:51]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) perks a brow

[18:51]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): what project?

[18:51]  NS grins

[18:52]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): Yes. Wouldn’t a body created by Nova work?

[18:52]  Brood Hive Mind: NS (in Brood): A little something back at my lab

[18:52]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) smirks “suitable for me?”

[18:53]  Brood Hive Mind: NS (in Brood): Oh indeed. Something most appealing. It’s an experiment at the moment but…I have been looking for an excuse to test it.

[18:54]  TR turns to Nova lookin puzzled

[18:54]  Brood Hive Mind: Salvatore Otoro (in Brood): how soon can I see this?

[18:55]  NS shrugs “Soon as you like. Want to go see now?”

[18:55]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): Lady Nova, Is there anything I can help with?

[18:55]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) nods “very well, let’s see what you have”

[18:55]  NS speaks in a demonic tongue.

[18:56]  Brood Hive Mind: NS (in Brood): I’m not sure Tari. If Sindee rejects my offer she’ll probably still need you to find a host.

[18:56]  TR nods

[19:00]  Hand Scanner whispers: Access granted.

[19:01]  Hand Scanner whispers: Access granted.

[19:02]  Hand Scanner whispers: Access granted.

SG 101609_001_resize

In awe at Nova's laboratory

[19:02]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) looks around

[19:02]  NS: up here Tari

[19:03]  AD looks and wonders what this place is

[19:03]  TR looks really curious

[19:03]  NS: Sindee. This is my little project. The first natural fusion of android and demon.

[19:04]  TR looks stunned

[19:04]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) looks it over “seems curious from here”

[19:04]  NS: I was given embryonic demons by Naamah and using a bit of my technological skills as well as that of the Fungi from Yuggoth have created this prototype.

[19:05]  TR stands with her mouth open

[19:05]  NS: It’s both organic and synthetic with no tissue rejection, and it still have the ability to change its form.

[19:05]  AD can’t believe what she sees before her ….. Thinking she’d seen it all before … soooo wrong

[19:05]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) continues to look it over “sounds interesting” stepping forward to inspect it closely

[19:06]  NS: The Queens know about my little project. And until now I hadn’t done much with her.

[19:06]  NS: I had intended to finish her then download my consciousness into her. A vessel for the Other that lives within me.

[19:07]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) listens as she observes it

[19:08]  TR still stands silent, just watching

[19:08]  NS: She’s tabula rasa. Totally blank slate. She’s never even been awakened. Ready for anything I put into her. As strong and powerful as any demon with all of their powers, and as intelligent and technically capable as an android. Easy to repair also.

[19:08]  AD feels her mind spinning as she comprehends all the various possibilities

[19:09]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) turns to Nova, “so this would be my host?”

[19:09]  NS: Yes

SG 101609_002_resize

Sindee examines the new host body closely

[19:09]  AD lets out a low whistle and mutters, “Hoooly shit”

[19:10]  AD: “May I ask, is it hermaphrodite?”

[19:11]  AD  always concerned with sex, feels compelled to ask one of the most important questions that would naturally occur to her

[19:11]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) looks it over once more “these powers are for real? I will be able to shape shift?”

[19:12]  NS: The same way I do. The body’s mimetic structure is malleable. It has no set form.

[19:12]  NS: It can be a herm or a female or a male.

[19:13]  TR stands silent… mesmerized

[19:13]  AD: can’t even imagine how long this must have taken you …. Multiple lifetimes of work…..

[19:15]  NS: I am a machine and an Other fused into one body. We had lifetimes to complete this work. Fortunately it didn’t take lifetimes. Naamah provided much of the groundwork, and I merely tweaked the results into this being.

[19:15]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) nods “so I get all these powers, no catch? No tricks?”

[19:16]  NS: I made the body for myself. It was to be the receptacle for my Other. Why would I make a body with problems and limitations?

[19:17]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) nods “hmmm, what do I need to do? I’ll do it”

[19:17]  NS: Although, she is still an experiment. There may be unforeseen problems that the simulations couldn’t predict. Nothing like this has ever been done successfully.

[19:17]  TR finally finds words “It is beautiful!”

[19:18]  NS: You need merely invest yourself into the body. It has no will of its own, so taking possession should not be a problem. After a month or so the merging will be total and you and she will be one creature. She giving you the finest body I could produce but with no will or ego to fight you.

[19:20]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) smirks “very well, the body is much more than what I have now, and well worth the tradeoff”

[19:20]  NS: It’s what demon kind has always dreamed of: a source of physical bodies bound to this plane without the frailties of humanity. As you know possessing humans or the like, whether willing or not presents challenges on a constant basis. As far as I know I am the only successful complete merging of Other and a body of this world.

[19:22]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) nods with approval in her eyes “this is perfect for me, I want it”

[19:23]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) smiles “I’m ready

[19:24]  NS: Its yours. Just take control. Let your inner self be guided to her and take her

[19:24]  NS: I wil begin awakening her.

[19:25]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) closes her eyes and begins to concentrate, slowly sending her consciousness forward, little by little moving it forward till she gains entry to the body

[19:25]  NS begins to run programs and the demon-droid’s body begins to breathe and move about a little as its suspension stops. Its eyes flick open, staring through the amniotic fluid, with no mind to drive it, only mere instinct like an unborn baby.

[19:31]  Sindee (Salvatore Otoro) slowly takes possession of the android body, adjusting herself within it

[19:32]  TR realizes that strange things can happen with Salvatore’s body as Sindee leaves and moves a little closer

[19:33]  as Sindee sits in the android, the her physical body drops to the ground, almost lifeless

SG 101609_003_resize

Sindee's body drops to ground lifeless

[19:34]  TR tries to catch it but fails..Instead bends down to examine it

[19:34]  NS drains the tank and opens it, letting the body fall to the floor of the chamber

[19:36]   screams are heard within the chamber as Sindee is trapped and unable to go anywhere, the robotic body, lifeless and unresponsive to her commands

[19:38]  TR looks back over her shoulder at Nova before she returns to care for the fallen body trying to figure out what is wrong with it

[19:38]  NS deactivates the last of the controls on the demon-droid, forcing it to begin breathing and living, its natural instincts to survive kicking in, but with no will of its own to direct it, leaving the possession an opening to enter it

[19:40]  Salvatore Otoro hears screams and noises but is mostly unresponsive as his body begins to contort and reshape itself, slowly freeing itself of the curse that has held it for a long time

[19:41]  TR bends down to place her lips on Sal’s pouring some of her energy into his female shaped body…trying to give it the energy it needs

[19:42]  CCS – v1.0 – METER: TR uses Restore-III on Salvatore Otoro.

[19:42]  CCS – v1.0 – METER: TR uses Restore-III on Salvatore Otoro.

[19:43]  NS smiles, “welcome back”

[19:43]  Brood Hive Mind: TR (in Brood): Welcome back Lord Salvatore!

[19:44]  Salvatore Otoro nods opening his eyes “thanks, Nova Tari, it feels good to be back”

[19:44]  NS: How does it feel?

[19:45]  Salvatore Otoro: I’ve been cursed for far too long, I feel reenergized, like I have been reawakened”

[19:46]  NS: So now you have a body and so does Sindee?

[19:46]  TR smiles “I am glad to hear that”

[19:47]  Salvatore Otoro: finally, thanks to you both

[19:48]  TR looks down at her hooves scraping one on the floor.

[19:49]  NS: Well, it is something of an experiment. I hope it works though. If so maybe I can get the Queens to green light a whole research wing or something. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to summon all the other demons and have shiny new synthetic demon bodies for them?

[19:50]  Salvatore Otoro: sounds very interesting, Nova. I hope the Queens do give you authority to do this

[19:51]  NS: You’re my guinea pig.

[19:51]  NS smiles

[19:52]  NS: But I figured it was a good way to test my work, and it causes considerably less hassle than nabbing someone in LA and taking their body. Because inevitably they have friends who have friends and things get ugly.

[19:52]  TR nodnods

[19:53]  Salvatore Otoro nods “yes that is the case always”

[19:54]  NS nods

[19:55]  Salvatore Otoro: I’m glad we were able to find a solution, thanks to your work

I suspect it will be some time before we see Sindee around the city again, if at all.  For now the curse has been broken and Salvatore is back to continue the work that began the day he arrived in Lost Angels.

  1. felesseitan says:

    I’m impressed with the creative resolution, and your ability to guide the family into assisting in your side story. Seeing a little of how it came about, it felt very effortless at the end as a casual observer, but I’m guessing it didn’t feel so to you. I would love to hear more about that process itself.

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