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Salvatore and Feles on the bridge near Holly Bay.

It has been about two weeks since Sindee’s consciousness has been ripped from Salvatore in a move that Nova helped achieve with a promise of a new host for her.  The new host is a cyber genetic body capable of being possessed by one such as Sindee as well as performing other tasks including shape shifting.  It will take her some time to learn to manipulate that body as she has done so with Salvatore’s body.   (more…)

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Japanese Sindee

Dateline:  October 16, 2039

Lately, Sindee had been getting more absorbed into her Japanese past.  She was starting to mix more Japanese with her English and her latest morph had turned her into a petite Japanese woman.  This was worrying to her Brood family as the events in the last few days were quickly accelerating towards a disturbing end that no one could figure out.  It has now been over a year since Salvatore was cursed with this affliction and though a temporary cure had been found, it did not last as long as expected.   (more…)

Role Magazine Closing

Posted: October 18, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Misc.

I am sad to report that Role Magazine will be closing after it’s November issue is published.  I have been a staff writer for them since the July issue and have grown fond of what was my first paid writing assignment in Second Life.  Though my time with them was short, I learned a lot, got to interview some terrific people, and got to write some great articles that helped the readers know more about role play from mechanics to places to play in.  I have made some good friends which I will never forget.  At least now I can say I did more than just role play in Second Life.  I got to write for a well known and well published magazine and I got to see my work in print; something that was sort of a dream of mine.

I’d like to thank Ofi for taking a chance on me and hiring me to be part of the staff, based on the recommendation of Stacia Villota, whom runs Virtual Neko and is my mentor and friend.  Without her encouragement, I would never have started this blog.  I would also like to thank Ofi, Leeza and Ro, whom I’ve yet to meet, for all the work they’ve done for the magazine.  It was an honor and a privilege to work with you all and be part of the staff.  I wish you all continued success in your future endeavors.

– Cue Music Carl Orff – Carmina Burana (my favorite battle music of many movies including my personal favorite Excalibur).  My thanks to Michel Morane for suggesting I explain this in my blog.

Battle in the streets of Lost Angels
Battle in the streets of Lost Angels

Everyone likes to win.  Victory is savored by all while defeat is desired by none.  What do you do when you are defeated and it is the other player’s turn to celebrate victory at your expense?  Just as victory can be played with much satisfactions, a defeat that is well planned and executed will result in some magnificent role play.  Even a torture scene can be fun for all the players involved.  It takes some imagination and some OOC (Out of Character) contact in IMs (Instant Messaging) to work out what will be done and how it will be executed so that you, the victim, are given the opportunity to do your part. (more…)

It’s All About The Props

Posted: October 11, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Character Development, MV-SL-Tutorials, Roleplay 101
Demons Left to Right: Fran, Orchid, Avian, Sakura, Sindee, and Unwordly

Demons Left to Right: Fran, Orchid, Avian, Sakura, Sindee, and Unwordly

Recently, my role play character took a turn for the worse.  My character is having an identity crisis as the one host splits into two hosts; the original host Salvatore and another more sinister and much darker host Sindee.  Sindee is the part of Salvatore that spent most of the time as Jyorogumo, the Oni spider demon, in Japan.  It is why she speaks Japanese.  At times when she is present, she will start speaking in Japanese whatever it is she wants to say.  If you are a Japanese speaker you will understand what she is saying because it is not gibberish but real sentences and words. (more…)

October issue of Role Magazine is out…

Posted: October 1, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Misc.


Be sure to read my latest article A Difference of Opinion about the ‘little things’ that bother me and many others when we are role playing.  Only in the October issue of Role Magazine.