Swapping Gender or Race

Posted: September 22, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Character Development, MV-SL-Tutorials, Roleplay 101

Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas

Crossing the gender or race divide in your role play can be an interesting experience and enrich your character as well as add more role play to it.  Depending on the type of role play sim you are in, this may or may not be possible.  Gorean role play is one that I can think of where these type of changes would not be possible.  However, in a free form role play, anything is possible just as long as you write it and treat it as such.

As always, drastic changes should be role played to where it would fit your character and your story.  You can always do what you want when you want, but how do you explain these changes to everyone else.  Sure, it’s easy to say, “Today, I’m going to be a vampire”, but evolving to another species, gender, etc. requires some sort of process.  Something has to happen, or you have to be affected by something, or there have to be mitigating circumstances by which you say, “This happened to me because of this circumstance, which brought about this change, which to my knowledge is reversible/irreversible/status unknown.”

A perfect example would be a city-wide role play event in Lost Angels where an explosion of radioactive waste had left puddles of it around the city.  Its effects were causing interesting changes to the populace.  Some had their bodies switched while others had unexpected consequences.  Some characters in the game decided to use this for their own role play to continue after this event.  A little imagination will go a long way in creating some fun role play during a citywide event and long after it.  That’s part of the fun of joining these events.  By taking bits and pieces from these events you can formulate something that will work for you after the event has finished.

You can always write your own changes which is fun in of itself though you must keep in mind a simple phrase; “In character actions beget in character consequences”.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you belong to a faction and wish to remain there, your best course of action before undertaking a change is to talk to your faction leadership.  Discussing it with them prior to enacting the role play will ensure you do not end up being demoted, or kicked from the faction.  Those discussions usually lead to how you should configure your play, or what to do and not do.  Mainly, these will be suggestions for how to go about it.  Remember that everything you do in role play merits a response.  Free form role play has no script and because of that, you may do something that would merit corrective action.  Preplanning is always best to avoid pitfalls.

One last thing to keep in mind is that these changes will need to be seen, so it may become necessary to acquire skins, shapes, clothing, appendages, etc. to show your change.  If you’ve turned neko, you’ll need ears and a tail besides the clothing appropriate for that race.  If you’ve become a male and were female, you’ll need a whole lot of things.  In summary, you’ll need a whole no avatar from with everything from head to toe to show your change.  The interesting part of this will be how long you stay with this change.  Depending on the time you spend as this character, you may need to update your clothing for example.  If this is a short duration change, you may not have to delve into it too much.  It all depends on how you steer the story and where it takes your from there.  These are things to think about if you decide to make these types of changes.

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