The Three Phases of Sindee

Posted: July 11, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Sindee Devlin at the Dark Bindings bookstore

Sindee Devlin at the Dark Bindings bookstore

Sindee Devlin.  What do we really know about her.  Not much obviously.  We know that one day she was walking the streets of Lost Angels and Salvatore was not.  In fact, he has not been seen since.  What is clear besides the fact that she is back is that there has been a nefarious turn of events, one of which occurred just a few days ago.  According to previous events recollected in this post, How The Tides of Change Came to Be, Sindee appears due to the effects of a bite recieved from a vampire that is far from ordinary.  A cure has yet to be found though the Overfiend works to find a reason and a permanent cure for this malady.

Lucilla, however, recently confronted Salvatore about the extended length of his transformation.  She was astonished to find out that he was unaware of the amount of time that had passed due in part to temporary bouts of memory loss.  According to what he explained, those periods of time in which he blacks out, are recalled as recollections of a dream.  Recollections that he may or may not believe happened.
This conversation started in the bookstore but continued upstairs in one of the rooms above the bookstore.  Because not all members of the Brood were aware of the finer points of the changes they chose their favorite room of all.  A small private room that contained a fireplace and a picture of their mother Lilith.  Lucilla was key in this conversation.  She was there throughout many of the changes when they first happened and was always his support when he felt he could not continue as he was.  It was between Lucilla and Sakura that Salvatore was able to keep his head straight and work to getting back to being himself.
As they sat at the fireplace, the flames licking their backs, the continued they’re conversation,.  Lucilla suddenly noticed a change in Sindee’s attitude.  In fact, Sindee’s eyes had changed from their brown color to blood red and they glowed eerily as she faced forward still and emotionless.  Lucilla asked “what happens if you need to report something to the Queens or an officer, and you have this memory loss?”  Sindee laughed maniacally, “I’ll make sure he remembers what is important.  I will not let him fail at his Archon duties.”  Lucilla suddenly stood up, startled at the response and realizing that she was no longer dealing with Salvatore, but with another entity, an entity that spoke of Salvatore in the third person.
This changes the dynamics of it all.  Who is it exactly that is occupying the body is anyone’s guess at this point. Sometimes you can sense Salvatore is somewhere in there making decisions and being the puppeteer of this body. However, at other times it appears that he does not even exist. Salvatore, though a demon, is diplomatic and not easily riled up by the denizens of the city.  He does not easily fall prey to taunts and temptations that enemy factions may throw at him.  Sindee, however, is a different story.  Sindee is the complete opposite.  She is moody and resentful, to the point of growing extremely angry upon hearing Salvatore’s name or being asked of him.  Though she tries to maintain her temper under control, she is known to have mood swings ranging from pleasant to wrathful and back to pleasant all within a minute.  She is a succubus, for she is a child of Lilith, but she is also wrath, which belongs to the demon lord Bel’Al.
The 3 Phases of Sindee

The 3 Phases of Sindee

You can see the changes in her eyes.  Her eyes go to glowing red when Sindee takes over, and fully black when she seethes with wrath and anger.  When Salvatore is in control, the eyes are a brown color.  The changes along with the mood swings and blackout periods are starting to worry Lucilla, whom knows that these events are beyond his control.  It’s almost like the two sides of him are slowly splitting apart, each taking a part of his personality with them.
Lucilla is very worried because as an Archon he reports directly to the officers and Queens.  A blackout at the wrong time could spell doom for his brethren as well as for him.  She has tried to reason with Sindee and trick her by telling her that she wants to be with both her and Salvatore at the same time and so she would help her find a new body to occupy.  Sindee, however, is far from listening to reason or anyone for that matter.  She intends to stay and remain where she is for as long as she wants.  Lucilla’s main issue is that she is the only one that has been confronted with all this information straight from Sindee.  As she grows impatient with the situation, her desire to reveal what she knows increases.  We do not yet know who, if anyone, has been made aware of the events and what will be done about it.

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