Role Play Market

Posted: June 17, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay Review, Roleplay Shopping
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Role Play Market

Role Play Market

Role play shopping has just gotten a little easier in Second Life.  Today I visited Role Play Market, a full sim dedicated to everything about role play.  I spoke with owner and manager Anjelica Baxton about the sim and got a little tour as well.  It is in reality, one stop shopping, for all sorts of genre or role play.

The Pirate shop at Role Play Market

The Pirate shop at Role Play Market

The categories included are HighFantasy, Medieval, Gothic, Steampunk & Victorian, Neko & Anime, Sci-fi & Futuristic, Pirates, Furry & Tiny, Industrial & Post-Apocalyptic, Ancient Civilizations, and Miscellaneous & Accesories.  In addition, they are planning on having role play classes, weapons training, and instruction on how to use the various HUDs and meters, among other things.

Walking around the sim, you notice that this is not your ordinary mall.  It is quite different in many ways.  Most noticeable is the appearance of the stores.  Upon arrival in the landing area, you look around and notice that all the stores’ exteriors are decorated according to their genre.  As an added touch, each of the store interiors are also decorated accordingly down to the music that is playing within.

Role Play Market Gothic, Tinies & Furries, and High Fantasy Shops

Role Play Market Gothic, Tinies & Furries, and High Fantasy Shops

This is definitely a place to visit and take your time in.  There is plenty to see and buy at the different stores.  Two floors of Pirate shopping, four floors of Medieval shopping, and four floors of Gothic shopping will take some time to go through.  After shopping, stop by the free advertising room.  It’s an entire room dedicated to advertising role play related sims and blogs.  It’s not only a good way to discover a role play sim you haven’t been to before but a place to also discover blogs dedicated to role play.

For a sim that has been open for less than two months, it is quite impressive.  The sim includes Merchant Hightlight kiosks and Midnight Mania free to to their merchants to get them more exposure of their products and brands.  The merchants are rotated every four days so that everyone has a chance to use them.  Anjelica added “because of the new Second Life adult restrictions, we’re opening a second sim for adult and gorean roleplay”.

Seeing the work that has been done here, I can’t wait to see the adult version when it finally opens.  For additional information check their blog page at  Check the RolePlay Shopping page for the SLurl direct to their store.

  1. uialom says:

    So happy to see the RP market has a blog as well! Your biggest fans are now online ❤

    < Queen Sorcha irelund

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