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The Role Player’s Creed

Posted: June 24, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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1. I will maintain the illusion of the game by staying in character whenever possible. I will withhold out of character comments until absolutely necessary and even then I will whisper or message them to the other players.

2. If I discuss the game with other players out of character, I will not allow my character to be influenced by this knowledge without express permission of the other players. I will take the time to allow my character to learn these things on his or her own during the course of the game. (more…)

Role Play Market

Role Play Market

Role play shopping has just gotten a little easier in Second Life.  Today I visited Role Play Market, a full sim dedicated to everything about role play.  I spoke with owner and manager Anjelica Baxton about the sim and got a little tour as well.  It is in reality, one stop shopping, for all sorts of genre or role play. (more…)