The Secondary Effects

Posted: May 25, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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By now you can see from my previous post, Demons Versus the Unknown, that something strange is going on at the Pack’s den.  We still don’t know what it is but it can be felt as far as the Dark Bindings bookstore, which is just a block away.  This is affecting everyone differently and thus it’s hard to tell where it will end and what the consequences will be.  A few of my brethren are starting to feel it affecting them in ways they did not expect, and they are not alone.  Though I knew that the serum I took some time ago was not a cure-all, I thought I had some time to make ammends and find something that would clue me in to how it was that one vampire was able to infect me to such a degree.  Last night while speaking to Morgan Veloce in the Black Church, his body shifted albeit a short time but yes it did shift to Sindee Devlin.  It was a surprise to Morgan, mainly because we were just casually conversing when it happened.  There is a very distinct difference this time and that is what most concerns me at the moment.  The times it happened before, I felt a sharp pain in the abdomen region which indicated that the change was imminent.  This time the pain was much less, perhaps indicating that in the future I would have no warning of when this would afflict me.  I don’t know whether the Overfiend’s serum is wearing off or whether the influences from the Pack’s den is bringing about this change at a faster pace.  In any case, I watch myself at all times and hope that my concerns are just an overreaction, then again…


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