How the Tides of Change Came to Be

Posted: May 15, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Inside a sewer drain below Tempura

Inside a sewer drain below Tempura

The following is based on events that occurred August 8th of the year 2038 as recounted sometime in November of the same year.

Where to begin?  Honestly sometimes I really don’t know.  Sometimes I don’t even know if this could have been prevented.  Perhaps it was fate that was my mortal enemy that night but the details are hard to forget.  She was extravagant, beautiful, and at the same time enticing.  I had not seen her in town before and since I pride myself in getting to know as many of the newcomers as I can, it was only natural that I use my charms on her.  I don’t think I had to try too hard as everything fell into place so nicely.

How was I to know I would be so vulnerable to her?  During our tryst, she bit into my neck and tore at my flesh.  In the throes of passion, the last thing on my mind was the danger this vampire possessed.  However, after I finished feeding, she had changed slightly.  Her physical appearance was different than when I had first laid my eyes upon her that very night.  Her manner of dress was different as well from what she was wearing moments before.  She spoke of wanting more as if her appetite has not been satisfied.  She started to rant and rave about things that perplexed me at the time.

She spoke of ruling the Brood and wanting to be crowned as our Queen.  I told her she was mad and that talking like that would only get her killed, yet she continued.  At the time she said that, I could not understand why she spoke such nonsense.  For a moment I thought she had gone insane.  Did she think any member of the Brood would ever consider bowing down to a vampire as a replacement for both our Archdemonesses?  Thinking back to that moment, there is a possibility she could have been part vampire and part demon though I could not be sure.

I don’t know why I did not act and take her down while I had her trapped and alone. I had my weapons at my side and we were two floors up inside a demon owned building.  It was a great place to avoid the perils of the open street where she would be able to call for help if she felt it necessary.  I however dismissed her talk as foolish banter.  It is curious that before our encounter she seemed the epitome of beauty and sensuality but afterwards appeared to be bordering on madness and insanity.  I don’t know if my blood had something to do with her change in demeanor, though I know it that the blood of a demon can be very addictive to a vampire.

This happened about three or four months ago.  At least that’s when I think it occurred.  Then again the details are not quite clear.  I do know that the bite marks are still fresh and oozing blood, as if the event had happened moments ago.  The changes began a little over 2 months ago though they could have happened even earlier than that as time and space are a bit hazy as of late.

I started with sharp pains in my side as if a sword had been thrust into me.  The pain was unbearable and with the pain came the first changes.  Changes I would normally be used to, were coming at me fast and without me being in control.  The first changes were just pigmentation loss, which later was accompanied by gender change.  Each time the change came, I was powerless to change back on my own.  I needed to wait for my body to change back.  I have been a natural shape shifter my entire existence; however this was more than I could handle.  Being unable to change back was dangerous.  Dangerous because I did not know when it would happen or what would happen if I was not recognized.  I did not know how long the effects would last.  They would come and go as they pleased.

I can honestly say that had it not been for close members of my family such as Lucilla and Sakura, I would be truly at odds with this occurrence.  I can’t remember the last time I reverted to normal, but I do remember that every change left me weak and powerless to change back.  The changes lasted longer every time until eventually the reverting stopped and I gradually changed, little by little, bit by bit to what is left of me now.

My mind is intact as is my thought process.  The sensations, however, are quite different.  I am once again Jyorogumo, the succubus.  My body as attractive as it was a long time ago.  I am unable to change back and I have been this way for longer than I expected it to last.  My last change produced the tentacles that sprouted from my back just days ago.  My greatest fear is that my mind will be changed or manipulated by these occurrences; something I don’t think I will be able to control if and when I get to that stage.

Though I hope to be able to change back, as do my close family members, I don’t know when that will be. I hide my real name and purpose from those around me that are not family.  I fear that if someone were to find out about me, my family may be at risk as well.  Why should I be the catalyst for someone that wishes me and my family harm?  Only time will tell what is to become of me.

As I wait for the Overfiend to find a cure for me, I grow more and more comfortable in this body.  True, many centuries ago I was comfortable in my role.  I did what was required of me in service to Lilith.  Now, however, I have grown to a position of some power and counsel.  I am Archon of the Brood in service to my two Queens and I fear my position in jeopardy if I fail them in any way.  For my protection and that of my family, I have taken up the name Sindee Devlin, lest I let the rest of the world know what a vampire was capable of doing to a demon.

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