The Origins of Salvatore Otoro

Posted: May 7, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Diary of a Roleplayer
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Salvatore and Winter stand upon a ledge overlooking the city

Salvatore and Winter stand upon a ledge overlooking the city

This is a brief but simple biography about the origins of my character.  This biography is also posted at my page on  You should note that this biography uses a combination of real life events, folklore, fable, myths, and events I created myself.  As I explained in my previous post regarding Character Development, your biography is all your own but flexibility is the key to doing more with your character than you had previously planned.  This is by no means finished and continues to be a work in progress.

Salvatore is an old demon, one of the many offspring of Lilith and Cain. During many centuries he roamed the earth spreading the sins of lust along with his many brethren of the succubi, incubi, and kitsume nature. In the bowels of hell, he learned to hone his skills as a seducer and became a formidable shape shifter. Because of his success in various missions and his arrogance, he made some demons envious causing them to think of ways to stop him from bragging.

It was during this time that he received a challenge from Queen Lilith. He was to travel to Japan during the Nara period of the 8th century when Chinese influence was strong in the region. His task was to use his shape shifting abilities to create a creature that would bring more souls into hell. There was a catch though. It had to be done in a female form. Thus began a small training period with several succubi that were close to him. They advised him on many things he was not aware of and helped him develop a formidable shape and appearance. Lilith did not allow him to take in much instruction and she cast him to the Earth fairly quickly. She was confident though that he would be able to complete the task regardless of how little instruction he had received.

Thus was born Jyorogumo, a Japanese Oni  demon which had the form of a spider and dwelled in caves, also known as Jorogumo.  It was a demon so terrible that centuries later, tales were being written of its exploits. And so it was that Jyorogumo began to rip the souls of male victims from their bodies as they slept. At times, though far and few in between, he would become the male version of Jyorogumo and do the same to female victims as they slept. Some books did record the exploits of the male version of this horrid beast. This wave of terror that added many, many souls to the coffers of hell was limited strictly to Asia, most notably Japan.


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