An Example of Vampire Roleplay

Posted: April 30, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Examples of Role Play, Good Role Play
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Abbey - Vampire's Asylum

Abbey - Vampire's Asylum

I happened upon this while wandering in Abbey, one of the CCS chain of sims connected to Lost Angels.  The Abbey sim is in the style olden England with cottages and homes.  I enjoyed this RP very much simply because of the language used by both players.  The player that was playing the vampire spoke very classically as if it were Victorian times.  The victim played her part very well too.

The scene is as follows.  I was wandering Abbey, which appeared mostly abandoned.  As I walked the narrow, cobblestone streets, I saw a large building that had smoke rising from the chimney.  I approached and entered happy to see an inn where two persons were sitting by the fireplace.

Click here for the RP

  1. chareniel says:

    this is a very nice play of vampire… thank you

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