So You Want to Join a Faction

Posted: April 24, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Picking a character, Roleplay 101
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Another smoggy day in Lost Angels

Another smoggy day in Lost Angels

You’ve decided on a place to RP but you’ve been there a few days or weeks.  You see that certain groups are hanging together doing roleplay while you’re alone trying to meet new people and get some RP of your own going. 

There are several things to think over carefully before joining a faction:

  • Check the sim website or the sim itself to see if they have a list of the factions and a brief summary of their roles.
  • Speak OOC with the faction members or leaders about what is required to join.
  • Some faction leaders appreciate that you look the part.  Make sure your dress and appearance fit the group you’re joining.
  • Some factions will let you join right away while others will place you on probation while you prove your loyalty and dedication to the group.
  • Tailor your character’s background to the faction you are joining.  You may not need to change everything but some things may need to be adjusted so they make sense.
  • Check the faction

There are several advantages to joining a faction:

  • It’s the easiest way to meet new people and make friends in an RP sim.
  • Being in a faction gives you more chances for RP not only within the faction but interacting with friends and enemies.
  • A faction gives you a common purpose with other players.
  • Some factions involve their members in tasks and missions to create further RP.
  • Some factions train their members for combat and take active roles in helping member be prepared for battle.
  • Some factions will reward their members with XP for certain RP or mission completions.
  • Being active in the RP and in the activities may get you promoted to higher positions within the faction.
  • You may be able to suggest a RP to the faction leaders that, if approved, could result in additional RP for your faction and/or other factions as well.

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