Your First Time in a Sim

Posted: April 19, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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Landing Point in Lost Angels

Landing Point in Lost Angels

You’ve arrived at the main landing point of a RP sim that you’ve never visited before.  What do you do?  The following points will help you with what you need to know.

  • Most main landing points at sims are safe zones or OOC zones.  This means you cannot get attacked there, OOC conversations are ok, and no roleplay is conducted there.
  • Make sure you rez fully before leaving this area.  Some sims will give you a notecard about the rules of the sim as soon as you arrive.  Others sims will have something posted somewhere in the landing point that will give you the rules when clicked on.  Make sure you read them so you know all the important points before heading into the sim.
  • In most sims, a titler or HUD is required to enter the sim.  These usually serve several purposes including but not limited to showing your status, health, damage taken, and/or race/faction.  Failure to attach/wear this attachment could result in violation of the sim rules.
  • Some sims will have freebies which are not necessary but are good to have to enhance and get you started with your RP.

Keep these points in mind when first visiting a sim, and you’ll have most of the things need to start to RP.

  1. Great stuff Sal, I think this will help lots of people!

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