Roleplay Limits

Posted: April 18, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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Aracadia industrial area

Aracadia industrial area

Whenever you are participating in RP it is very important to be aware of roleplay limits also known as RP limits.  This is one of the major issues that divides roleplayers.  Some have decided that they do not want to participate in certain aspects of roleplay such as permanent mutilation, capture, or will place time limits on regular roleplay.  The matter is a problem for both supporters and opponents of RP limits.  There are some points to be aware of whether you have RP limits or encounter someone that does have them.

  • Roleplayers are not required to check your profile for RP limits.  Some will do so but most will not.  It is your responsibility to inform others of your limits.
  • If you have informed the other players of your RP limits and they are violated, you may call a GM to assist.
  • If you have roleplay limits you may find yourself with little or no interaction from other players.
  • Some roleplayers have chosen to adapt the RP limits of those they interact with, thus if a player states no mutilation, they cannot perform it on the other player.
  • In some sims, a long list of RP limits will be seen by other players as a sign of a Camper.
  • If you have RP limits, consider joining an RP sim that better accommodates your tastes.  Dark RP sims like Lost Angels and Crack Den have activities ranging from odd to extremely bizarre.  Think of this as a movie; if you don’t like slasher flicks don’t watch these types of movies.  You may not be actively participating in these limits but you will encounter players doing RP about it with other players.

Hopefully, these tips will help you gain a clearer picture of RP limits and what to expect.


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