IMs, OOC, and IC

Posted: April 17, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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the streets of Little China

There are vast differences between IMs, OOC, and IC.  Learning the difference in these 3 types of communication and how each one is perceived by others is key to good roleplaying. 

You’re minding your own business at some rp sim when you get an IM from someone admiring your outfit.  You are fighting someone and after being defeated, you receive an IM telling you it was a good fight.  You are about to start a scene with someone, and you get an IMtelling you what they will or will not do with you.  You are roleplaying with some people when suddenly someone posts ((be right back)), another answers ((kk)) and when that person posts ((back)) everyone around posts ((wb)).  All these conversations have one thing in common; they are all OOC.  At any point, when you are contacted in IMs you should consider these conversations OOC.  In that regard, if you IM someone,  when in an RP sim, be it another character, a GM assisting you with a problem, or a vendor that sold you a item, you should make sure this is conducted OOC.  Vendors and GMs especially do not have the need to deal with you IC since they are providing their services OOC.

There is a reason why this avenue is kept OOC.  This is the only safe place to conduct an OOC conversation that would keep it out of the ears of others around you.  Most RP sims do not like it when players are having long extended conversations of OOC matters in public chat.  OOC in public chat is highlighted by surrounding the OOC text in brackets such as ((I’m still rezzing)) or [[gimme a second]].  Because everyone is IC, it become very disruptive when you pass by or are nearby OOC conversations.  Be conscious of how you affect others and move your OOC conversations over to IM’s or group chat.  It allows others to think clearly about what they will say and avoid issues and/or misunderstandings. 

Another major thing to keep in mind is going off on or threatening another character in OOC speak or IMs.  Most if not all sims will swiftly penalize you anything from a few days or weeks ban up to and including permanent expulsion from the sim.  Do not unleash your anger at another player in OOC comments or IMs.  If you have an issue with another player, work it out in a civil fashion or call a GM to assist.  If you don’t know the rules, read them carefully before beginning to RP.  Failure to be knowledgeable about the rules does not mean you will not be punished if you violate a rule.


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