Why Use an Alt?

Posted: April 14, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay 101
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Sindee Devlin at the Desatanica Cafe in Lost Angels

Sindee Devlin at the Desatanica Cafe in Lost Angels

Choosing to use an alt for role-play can be a crucial decision for a myriad of reasons and they are all positive.  The difference between your main account and your alt account should be noted.  The following are a few of the reasons.  Expect updates to be added as necessary.

  • Your Main account is currently involved in things completely different from role-play.  Maybe your main is a fashion designer, builder, or involved in other things that you would not want to mix up with role-play.  You may be well know in other circles and not want to mix business with pleasure.  It also affords you the anonymity of being able to play freely without others judging you are what you do based on the lifestyle that your main account has already established.
  • An alt account allows you to separate groups, inventories, outfits, weapons, appearances, etc. It can be a hassle on a main account that already has an extensive inventory as well as few if any group slots available.  When you role play, chances are that you will belong to as many as 5, possibly more groups.While I manage pretty well, others may find it easier to keep all their role-play items and groups confined to an alt so it does not clutter their main account.  For my role play in the Brood of Lost Angels, I belong to 3 groups for the faction, 2 for the city, 1 for events, 2 for the assistance with the meter, and 2 for the Brood club.Depending on whether you join a faction or how much involvement you want to be a part of, is how many groups you will have to join.
  • An alt account will allow you a separate friends list that will give you some freedom on both sides of your SecondLife existence.  When you are on your main account you will get your IMs and messages from your friends or customers that would be source of interruption and hassle while being in mid role-play.  On the other hand the roleplay messages ranging from account assistance to calls from friends or faction members may interrupt the day to day dealings of your main avi.  No matter how you look at it, it’s more convenient to have an alt that would have a friends list that is separate and dedicated to what it was made for.
  • By having different alts you are able to let each one have different personalities and or genders.  By creating different alts, you are able to decide on gender and personalities which would be harder to pull off on you main avi or main roleplaying avi.  It should be noted though that by creating an additional alt for roleplay you will not be able to share your meter among them.  For example in a CCS sim each alt would have its own meter and thus level up individually.
  1. […] The first thing I suggest would be to pick a look that is not like RL you in all aspects.  By this I mean choose a different hair color and a different look.  Make your character look like someone else.  This way, you won’t be seeing your RL looking avatar on the screen.  Mentally this will make a difference to you in disassociating yourself from your character.   A suggestion would be to get an alt.  More about alts here. […]

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