A Good Roleplay Experience

Posted: April 13, 2009 by Salvatore Otoro in Examples of Role Play, Good Role Play
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industrial area of Aracadia

industrial area of Aracadia

As I wander the streets of Lost Angels I encounter people that I have never seen around.  They may be new players or they may be seasoned veterans that created an alt to start fresh and do something different from what they usually do.  In any case, I like to approach the ‘new players’ because it’s a chance not only to meet new people but to work other role-play angles that I may not usually use.  Last night I met two such people in my time in the sim.  The following is my encounter with two role-players by the names of KB and MG.  They appeared to be a new players but were very good with her RP and a pleasure to do so with.  After we parted ways, I IM’d MG in OOC and thanked her for the great RP.  Regardless of the outcome, I like to go up against someone that will challenge my expectations.  Here are two excerpts of the RP as was played out last night:

Click here to read Scene 1

Click here to read Scene 2

a street in Little China

a street in Little China

A few things to learn from these RP.  Don’t be afraid to be descriptive of your situation, your surroundings, and/or what is affecting you because it makes for a better storyline for everyone involved.  The more descriptive you are the better one is able to ‘see’ what is being portrayed.  Another good thing is to emote your facial expressions because that will help others decipher your mood and your stance.  Most of us are not playing robots and we would react in certain ways depending on the situation so facial expressions are key to good RP.  Another good thing is to play with possibilities.  Her character was wondering what would happen if she touche me.  Things like that are not something you could react to however you might sense them.  In any case it is like reading a book and the added thoughts give you background to the character.  If you are a new character in the sim, no one really knows you yet and you probably don’t have friends or foes yet.  This is a good time to get to know people, size them up, and see where the threats lie and where the allies are.  Just like in any book or movie, a new character needs to show or take their place in the sim by letting people know who they are or what they are about.  This does not mean that you tell everyone everything about you from the first encounter.  Be mysterious and don’t give everything up so easily.  Don’t share your name if you don’t wish.  Your character has personality and attitude which defines how it will act in different situations.  If everyone knows too much about you the first day, there will be less to work on for the future.  I will write more about this in the Character Development section.


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